17 Tampa Beaches You Can’t Learn About From Picturesque Books

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  • Does Tampa, FL have a beach?
    • Yes! Tampa Bay is home to ten of the most beautiful Tampa beaches in the world.

Looking for 361 days of sunshine? Of course, I’m kidding but Tampa beaches are perfect if you’re looking to get away from it all. 

Tampa is the second-largest city in Florida, and it has a lot to offer those who visit. One of the best things about Tampa is its beach life.

With such a wide variety, including a fascinating Public Beach Access, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re an avid surfer or just want to enjoy some sunshine with your family, Tampa bay has what you need! A visit to this list will give you a delightful experience.

If you have never visited the area, you must do so to enjoy the different beaches and visit the various attractions there.

With the world’s largest collection of public beaches, it is home to some of the most exclusive, best beaches in Tampa. The rich and diverse culture found in the Tampa Bay area makes it a great place for tourists to experience a different culture each day.

This is a great place to spend a lazy day with your loved ones or simply laze around and catch some sun. If you want to tour the more popular beaches in Tampa, you can do that as well.


The list of public beaches in Tampa Florida doesn’t stop here.

There are literally hundreds of Tampa beaches located right in the Tampa Bay area that offer almost the same features as the more popular beaches such as Holmes Beach. Tampa beaches provide great recreation for those young and old alike.

Tampa Bay has a multitude of family attractions as well such as the Gulf Coast Science Center, the Museum of Natural History, the Great Tampa Bay Park, and many other interesting places to visit.

These beaches provide some great benefits for visitors to the Tampa Bay area, so check them out when visiting!

Are there good beaches in Tampa, Florida?

Yes! Tampa Bay is home to ten of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Tampa is a great city for beaches, with a variety of different options to choose from.

Clearwater Pass State Park: Located in Dunedin, Clearwater Pass State Park has some excellent beaches

There are beaches for every type of beachgoer. Whether you’re looking for a quick afternoon at the Tampa shore or an entire family vacation, Tampa Bay has what you’re looking for!

Which beach is better St. Pete or Clearwater?

That’s a tough question because both beaches are amazingly gorgeous, with white sand. Clearwater Beach also offers a clear view of the sunsets.

It’s not uncommon for tourists to make the short trip from Tampa to Clearwater, Florida, and spend an entire day at one of the many beaches that Clearwater has to offer.  

What beaches are closest to Tampa?


There are many beaches in the area that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming, but if you don’t want to travel far from your hotel or vacation rental, here are some of the closest beaches to Tampa:

If you’re looking for beaches near Tampa, we recommend checking out Clearwater Beach.

This beach is about 30 minutes from downtown Tampa and offers a wide variety of activities for tourists including parasailing, jet skiing, and swimming with dolphins.

If you’re looking for something more low-key, check out Caladesi Island State Park which is only about 15 minutes away from Tampa’s city center.

There are also many other beaches that are close to Tampa such as Fort Desoto Park (about 20 minutes away), Madeira Beach (about 30 minutes away), and St Pete Beach (about 40 minutes away).

There are also several other nearby beaches that are within 30 minutes of Tampa. These include Siesta Key Beach, and Pass-A-Grille Beach in St. Petersburg; Fort DeSoto Park Beach in Pinellas County; and Treasure Island Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Let’s dive in a bit more…

1. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area, and it’s easy to see why.

 The sand is soft, the water is warm and shallow, and the sunsets are gorgeous. You can also rent paddleboards here.

It’s also home to Pier 60, which offers great views and even better entertainment—the pier hosts an amazing fireworks show every Friday night!

2. Davis Island Dog Park

Davis Island’s southern coast is well-known for its dog-friendly nature. Canine companions can bring their dogs to the 200-foot stretch of a soft sand beach in Davis Islands Park.

They can roam freely as they wish. The fenced-in dog beach area is free of leashes and allows dogs to enjoy the water and sand.

Break from the sun and enjoy some water without having to drive too far. Head over to Ben T. Davis Beach Tampa is also known as a dog beach, for an easy beach day near home.

This dog-friendly, family-friendly spot is one of our favorites around town!

3. Sandy Key Park


Enjoy beachfront property in the beautiful Sandy Key Florida located right on the Gulf of Mexico, where you can watch the sunset.

Sandy Cay is one of the best vacation destinations for visitors and locals. Spas, golf courses, museums, art galleries, and oceanfront restaurants are just some of the great things to do.

This popular community is just minutes from Tampa and close to Orlando.

This small beach town provides great enjoyment whether you wish to spend an afternoon at the water or laze on the sandy beaches all day.

Beautiful beaches surround the park. Many people visit the park to stroll along the beaches and sit on chairs along the paths to watch the fantastic sunsets and sunrises.

The atmosphere of this small community is relaxing and pleasant. Numerous shops and boutiques line the main roads.

4. Madeira Beach


Madeira Beach is a beautiful vacation getaway located in Pinellas County, Florida, just bordered on one side by the Gulf of Mexico and on the east by St. Petersburg.

With its small-town atmosphere, Madeira Beach offers a relaxing atmosphere for families and singles alike. The largest industry is tourism, with a variety of attractions including several museums and art galleries, as well as an enormous marina that provides docking for yachts and adventure ships.

Also contributing to the local economy is the large number of people working in some sort of service-related field in the nearby cities, which brings in a lot of money.

5. Apollo Beach Nature Preserve


Apollo Beach is an open public beach on the northern end of the Southern Flourish Florida in Apollo, Florida.

The beach is not particularly difficult to access by car, but it does have some rocky areas that may be dangerous for younger or inexperienced swimmers.

The beach is rarely bordered by any structures and is surrounded by picturesque wild-flower beds, marshes, and other natural beauty.

This is a relatively easy walk with beautiful views and provides a good view of the peninsula as well as the Atlantic Ocean. On your way back from the picnic areas, check out the beach’s edge where there is an observation deck.

6. Cypress Point Park

This hidden gem is a Tampa park with picnic benches, pavilions, and bicycle racks. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets and watch the plane approach the Tampa International Airport. Then, relax and soak up the sun on this sunset beach.

This park offers all kinds of activities for people of all ages.

Cypress Point Park is certainly one of the best ones that Tampa has to offer. With the scenic views, abundant wildlife, and easy access, it is no wonder why this park has become so popular!

7. Egmont Key State Park

Egmont Key State Park is a beautiful Florida State Park, situated on the island of Egmont Key in the Tampa Bay area.

It’s easy to reach this park from Tampa, as it is only a short drive across the Intracoastal Waterway. Egmont Key is south of Fort De Soto Park, which can only be reached via boat.

A boat trip down the Intracoastal Waterway to get to Egmont Key State Park should definitely be part of your Florida vacation, and the park itself provides many opportunities for water activities such as fishing and boating.

In fact, you may also want to try your luck casting in the Atlantic Ocean off of Egmont Key itself!

8. Tarpon Springs Beach


Relax in a chair by the Gulf of Mexico’s shallows, and then grab an umbrella to shade you. You can see sunsets from the west-facing beaches. Visit a dog park. You can walk on the wild side if you include boardwalks and trails, or even hills.

Named for the abundance of fish in nearby waters, the city offers many attractions and beautiful miles of waterfront.

Sponge Docks is the city’s historic downtown, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It also houses antique shops, art galleries, specialty shops, and other businesses that were built in the late 1800s.

Tarpon Springs Performing Arts and Cultural Centers offer concerts, theater, art, and other high-quality programs.

Dodecanese Boulevard runs along the riverfront and has gift shops that sell everything, from home goods to unique Florida Souvenirs to natural sponges to olive-oil soap.

Tarpon Springs Florida has also become the new “go-to” spot for fishermen seeking the top spots for tarpon.

While there are literally hundreds of fishing charters in the Florida Keys, Tarpon Springs offers the fisherman a more specialized situation.

9. The Barrier Islands of Florida


The barrier islands of Florida are located along the Gulf of Mexico and the southern part of the state. Many of these barrier islands have not one, but multiple barriers that mark Tampa beaches.

The Gulf Coast barrier island offers a wide variety of activities for all kinds of interests. Many of the barrier islands have a great deal of water on them which makes it very easy for visitors to jump in the water and explore.

One of the main attractions for visitors of the barrier islands of Florida is the barrier island golf course. This course was inspired by world-renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus.

No matter what your interest or where your vacation destination may be, you will find lots to do in the Gulf Coast area. The barrier islands of Florida are a great place to visit for any vacation.

10. Courtney Campbell Trail

The Courtney Campbell Causeway is a walking/ biking trail located in the north-eastern part of Tampa Bay, Florida.

The trail system was designed and built by Courtney Campbell, a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 1950s.

The entire trail was created in response to the need for more safe and easy access to the Causeway from the City of Tampa.

People who are looking for a great run with water views the whole way won’t want to miss out on this 8.5-mile distance that will have you coming back over and over again!

After all, what other place in Florida can offer such an experience? With panoramic views of Tampa Bay from your 45′-high bridge crossing point, it would be difficult not to make memories here together.

11.  Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island State Park lies in Dunedin, Florida, and is one of America’s premier destination beaches for swimming, surfing, boating, snorkeling, and other water sports. This serene state park with a sandy beach, nature trails & bayside mangrove forest draws kayakers.

The island itself is beautiful, with a powdery, white sand beach perfect for families to take part in water sports all day long.

However, if you are looking for a place to stay Caladesi Island State Park has some of the best hotels in Florida and is just a short drive from Clearwater Beach and all the attractions that make it a top destination in Florida.

This vacation rental will allow you to enjoy the wonderful panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico from your hotel room window or balcony as you unwind from the activities of the day.

You can also enjoy the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean while taking a lazy stroll on a moonlit night.

12. Indian Rocks Beach


Indian Rocks Beach, also known as IRB, is a resort community in Pinellas County, Florida.

The county itself is located in southern Florida and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the east.

There are many laid-back beach amenities for tourists to take advantage of when visiting Indian Rocks Beach.

Because of the close proximity of the community to Tampa Bay and St. Pete Beach, many Tampa hotels are situated near Indian Rocks Beach and offer discounts and special deals to visitors who choose to stay there.

And since Indian Rocks Beach has a unique location relative to the other neighboring communities, it is convenient for tourists to commute between the two communities as well.

13. Treasure Island

A fabulous beach, Treasure Island Florida is a serene community located on the Gulf coast of Florida. Treasure Island is part of the Treasure Coast metropolitan area.

This quiet city is wedged between the Intracoastal and the St. Pete waterfront. It is not too far from the city of St. Petersburg. The tourism and visitor industry is very thriving in this small but beautiful city.

Treasure Island is an older city with many cobblestone streets and Victorian buildings. It feels like it is still in the Victorian era.

Many people pass through every day to go to nearby restaurants and shops. It is also close enough to the larger cities such as Tampa and Orlando to allow for easy transportation.

The island is small and there are limited parking lots and some areas that are off-limits to cars and other vehicles.

Treasure Island Florida is a great place for any vacation or getaway.

The weather is wonderful year-round. In the summer months, there is plenty of sunshine and the warm temperatures make it feel like it is winter in some areas.

The winters are also nice because the temperature rarely drops below freezing. This makes it very pleasant for enjoying a walk on the shore and taking in the winter scenery.

14. Honeymoon Island State Park

Honeymoon Island State Park is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the Tampa area. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

Located right off the Intracoastal Waterway, this tourist attraction provides visitors with a great view of the Gulf.

One of the best parts of Honeymoon Island State Park for visitors is its natural setting. With an abundance of both dry and wetland plants and animals, it makes the perfect tropical paradise.

In fact, Florida is so full of these unique settings that some cities have declared themselves no-go zones for tourists because the natural settings are too much for some people to handle.

Honeymoon Island State Park manages to maintain an acceptable balance of these settings while still providing visitors a wonderful experience.

The entire park is filled with beautiful scenery perfect for spending a couple’s honeymoon.

15. Fort De Soto Park, Pinellas County

Pinellas County has been enjoying rapid growth in tourism in the past decade. The area surrounding Fort De Soto National Park is now a booming tourist destination.

Most visitors to the park come here for the white sand beaches, near the Atlantic Ocean. They can see the watermills, a picnic area, sea turtles, and boat tours and take part in a variety of water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and diving.

Although it is not a particularly large park, it is one of the most beautiful in the area with plenty of space to roam. Because it is located in a remote area, there are many hiking trails where you can get some exercise and see some of the abundant wildlife.

Fort De Soto is a great family vacation spot that does not cost a fortune.

16. Pass a Grille Beach


Pass-A-Grille Beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in Florida. It offers warm water, soft white sand and gentle waves that are perfect for any beachgoer. If you want to avoid crowds during your stay at Pass-a Grille it’s best to head north on this secluded piece of paradise!

Pass-a-Grille Beach is most well-known for its serene, open-air atmosphere. Beach Boutique and other shopping centers line the beachfront and offer a variety of locally made products and designer items.

Enjoy Beach Fun With Kids If you and your family love the sandy beaches and all the fun that go along with them, a visit to Pass-A-Grille will be a winner for everyone.

Located right on the Gulf Beaches, the Beach Resort offers kid-friendly accommodations, amenities, games, and activities for your kids.

Located right off State Beach, the Beach Resort is the perfect place for the whole family.

Located just minutes from Old Town, Beach Resort offers kid-friendly activities, kid-friendly shows, kid-friendly restaurants, kid-friendly spa treatments, and much more.

So come spend your vacation at one of the finest Tampa beaches in Florida and discover why Pass-A-Grille, Folly Beach and other local communities are recognized as Florida’s best destinations for kids.

You can find lots of fun activities and things to do here. You can go boating, jet skiing, fishing, or just relax on the beach and bask in the sun, but be sure to pack sunscreen! There are also some wonderful restaurants and shopping malls here.

So come spend your vacation at one of the finest beaches in Florida and discover why Pass-A-Grille, Folly Beach, and other local communities are recognized as Florida’s best destinations for kids.

Be sure to check out one of their famous bars and restaurants, Rusty Pelican.

There are plenty of things to do when sailing the Tampa Bay area and staying in a Tampa bay hotel.

You’ll discover that the best beaches near Tampa provide endless entertainment with their warm, clear waters coupled with soft white sands.

Honeymoon Island State Park is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the region because it has so much to offer visitors as they explore what Florida’s natural settings have to offer them while honeymooning!

Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or want to be near the action, there’s something perfect for everyone!

17. Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island State Park is located about 20 miles east of Clearwater Beach, so it’s not too far away if you want to make a day trip out of it (or even stay at one of the campgrounds on the island).

The island itself has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in all of Florida—and there are plenty of activities available if you want something more than just sunning yourself on the sand.

You can kayak through the mangroves or rent bikes and explore the park on your own two wheels!

Wrapping Up

Tampa Bay is most definitely a region to go if you’re in Florida.

Many of the beaches in Tampa have white sand and clear water for miles without any rocks or seaweed.

There are dozens of great beaches around Tampa—there are so many that we couldn’t possibly list them all here!

 Whether you like water and nature, you like to party, or you’re looking for a more quiet vacation, Tampa Bay has got it all. Plus, the cuisine here is amazing. So be sure to include this area when planning your next getaway in Florida.

The Tampa beaches are also known for their many water sports, such as surfing, and kayaking and are perfect for anyone looking to get away from it all.

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