Mayo, Florida

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What is Mayo Florida known for?

Mayo was named after James Mayo, a confederate colonel. Regardless, the laid-back town is popular for being Kerwin Bell’s hometown.

Bell defied all odds to become one of the best footballers in the area. His teachers didn’t believe in him but he did not dwell on that. After stints with leading teams in some of the country’s top football divisions, he went on to disapprove his doubters.

By the time he was hanging his boots, Bell had made a name for himself. He became so popular that Mayo too grew in fame for being his hometown. Bell continues to use his experience and skills to nurture upcoming talents.

Mayo’s fine hotels, hospitals, touristic activities, and scenes make it even more popular. Besides, the city has a fairly beautiful history that you can spend your time learning and still feel satisfied.



The Mayo clinic also makes the town popular as it attracts thousands of visitors from other towns coming for treatment. You can travel by bus or personal means to this destination. You expect no challenges along the way as everything is smooth and logistics are well taken care of.

Other than Bell’s story, Mayo has many more stories and destinations that people interact with. Some of these places include the Dollar general store, fast track foods, Jiffy food store, Mayo food mart, Grandma Susie’s cookin’ shack, and Mayo café among others.

By virtue of visiting the above destinations, these visitors get an opportunity to bond with Mayo and know it better. That way, they talk about it with their friends and the place grows in popularity. As a result, more visitors find their way there and learn more about the beautiful town.

Mayo is also sparsely populated with an elevation of 89 ft. The municipality also changed its name to Miracle Whip in 2018. The change of name was aimed at advertising the city and make it more popular. Time will tell whether this was a good decision.

Dan White, an American actor who died in 1980 also made the municipality famous as it was his home. The fact that this place has a few number of residents means that any big shot coming from there will easily get noticed.

The other popular figure known from Maya was Reggie McGrew. He and Bill Birchfield who was a popular lawyer ensured Maya’s name was highly rated.

Mayo is also known for its friendly people and the amazing living conditions in the place. Those that live here and have spent their lives in other cities appreciate Mayo more. The small population here ensures everyone is comfortable without cases of overcrowding.

Mayo homes are also known to be highly affordable. That means you can get decent homes at very fair prices. Add this to the fact that the neighborhood is calm and you understand why the place is one of the most sought-after residential areas around.

Is Mayo Florida a good place to live?

According to, Mayo has rated it a fairly good place to stay. The rating is done based on a number of factors including public schools, safety, housing, nightlife, cost of living, goodness for family, weather, and diversity among others.

Mayo scores excellently when it comes to the availability of public schools, housing, cost of living, weather, and diversity. There are sufficient public schools that offer good quality of education. That means children in this area are well prepared academically. That builds a strong foundation for their future.

Houses are also available in plenty. Their quality is of standard and prices are fair too. The neighborhood is decent and there’s no overcrowding. This is due to the sparse population in this place.

According to statistics, Mayo has a population of less than 1500 per square mile. That means enough space for everybody. Besides, it gives room for fair distribution of resources.

Mayo’s cost of living is also one of the best around. That means great value for money for every dollar spent. If you are living under a tight budget, this is a great place to live.

Commuting is also well taken care of. The transport system is in order and you can move between destinations without a hassle.

For lovers of nightlife, this is a good place to live. Mayo is full of life at night. There are enough joints offering foods, drinks, and a good overall nightlife experience. This you will get at a cheaper cost.

The security is also fairly good; therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about your safety. That does not mean moving around carelessly. Loose cannons will always be there. You do not want to be a victim of insecurity because you threw caution to the wind. That is why you have to be vigilant too.

Now, Mayo has one challenge. It is not the best place in terms of jobs availability. That does not mean there are no jobs. It means the jobs available there are scarce and not as many as there are in other residences.

In terms of age, Mayo has the highest population aged between 18 and 24 years. This age bracket contributes about 24% while 10-yr-olds and below form about 22% of the total population. 55-65-year-old form just 5% of the population. And that makes them the least populated age group in Mayo.

In terms of education levels, 3% of Mayo have bachelor’s degrees. The national rate is 20%. Only 1% have a master’s degree or higher compared to the national rate of 12%. The rest of the population has a college or associate degree and below.

That shows most of the population is quite learned. But these numbers show Mayo is doing poorly compared to the national rates. Regardless, the municipality is blessed with a lot of positives that make it a perfect place to live.

Most Mayo residents own homes compared to a few who rent. Whether you choose to own or rent a house, the rates are fair. Also available are pocket-friendly plans that let you own a home without a struggle.

What is there to do in Mayo Florida?

Mayo offers a lot to do. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can be sure to enjoy the activities here.

Below are some of the things you can do at Mayo.

1- Horse-riding

The R.O. ranch Equestrian park offers a fine place for horse riding. You can learn here how to interact with horses and actually build a relationship with one.

The activity may take a whole day as it is addictive and interesting.

2- Lafayette Blue Springs State Park

The rangers here are warm and welcoming. This highly-rated park is open daily and between 9 am and 5 pm. Located at 799 Blue Springs Rd, Mayo, FL 32066, US, Lafayette is a tent-only camping area and has a beautiful spring that allows paddling.

Other than camping, you can go for boat riding and fishing among other engagements. The place is also good for children meaning you can bring your family along with you. Besides, the park is wheelchair accessible. That means no one will be left out for whatever reason.

3- River Hopper Adventures

This is a great place to go for kayaking. Rafting can also be done here. Be sure to make memories as you ride through the waters. The thrill that accompanies the scary waters makes it a perfect activity to engage in.

4- Sightseeing

Mayo has several spots that offer amazing sightseeing opportunities. Some of these places include the veteran’s memorial park of Mayo, House of the seven gables, Lafayette blue springs among others.

Mayo is sparsely populated. Therefore, you do not expect to deal with crowds and other distractions. This means having a lot of fun. If you bring your family along with you, be sure they too will enjoy and have a memorable experience.

5- Have a taste of the local cuisine

Mayo is an American personified municipality. It also has local dishes unique to it. There are many restaurants here that offer tasty foods you will enjoy while staying there. Their prices are also pocket-friendly and so you should expect more food.

Some of the places you can go for dinner include Mayo café, Mayo Subs, Casa Frias Mexican Cuisine, the Hornet Café, Mi Viejo Restaurante, Subway, and Kutting The Heat Sno Cone among others. The well-maintained restaurants not only offer good foods but also give you an experience like no other.

The settings and interior designs of the hotels are also unique and beautiful. They ooze class and make your stay there better. In fact, it’s so beautiful that you’d want to stay there for a longer time.

6- Take a walk along the streets of Mayo

On a Sunday afternoon, when everybody is probably indoors or out and about, the streets have fewer people. The traders are probably having a day off and therefore you expect lesser economic activities to be happening.

Take that chance to have a stroll around the streets of Mayo. Enjoy the beauty and feel free to take pictures of the places you like.

Mayo is relatively safe and therefore you should expect to move around freely. Also, confirm with the locals about the streets’ safety before walking to deserted places. It will be an amazing experience for you and your loved ones.

What is Mayo Florida?

Mayo is the only municipality in Lafayette county. The small town has a total area of 2.33 square kilometers and a population of about 1400 per square mile.

May to September is the hottest month here with temperatures between 31 degrees Celsius and 33.2. January has the least temperature at 19.8 degrees Celsius.

Two decades ago, when the population was slightly below the 1000 mark, there were about 340 households and 230 families. To accommodate these numbers, Mayo had about 365 units. That number meant most of these families had housing.

In terms of race, about 61% were whites while 28% were African Americans. Native Americans barely constituted 1% of the total population with other races forming the rest. About 33% of the population were children with 42% of the adults married.

Away from the families, Mayo has a number of historic buildings that make it a good place for tourists. The M. Pico Building and Old Mayo Free Press Building are some of the beautiful building tourists travel from the world over to come and view.

The buildings have been standing for decades now. Some of them are as old as 100 years, others older and some younger. Irrespective of that, each has a unique architecture and history that makes them special and more attractive.

If you love history, these buildings offer perfect places for those lessons. You can also take pictures of yourself posing in front of the buildings. These are the pictures you’ll be looking at in the future and appreciate the great memories.

Other than buildings, Mayo hosted some notable public figures that made a difference in the world. Some of these names have been talked about the world over.

Their names and Mayo and are identical. And that is why when you mention either, the other will obviously pop up. Some of these people are actors, celebrities, sportspeople, businessmen, academicians, and lawyers among other disciplines.

Mayo is also a residential area. Most of the people own homes here while others rent. That shows its qualities as a great place to own a home. And that is why homes are purchased every other day.

Apart from being a residential area, Mayo is a business center. The municipality has hotels, shops, offices, and many other businesses going on. You can practice your profession here with jobs available for your employment.

In addition, Mayo is a tourist destination. There are so many touristic activities you can do here. It will cost you a little compared to the value you will receive in return and the memories you will make. Mayo is a perfect place to live a life with a good work-life balance.

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