Anna Maria Island Hotels – The Old Florida Beach Town you Didn’t Know Existed

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Looking for Anna Maria Island Hotels? Are you familiar with this lovely town’s history? Anna Maria Island is a small, quiet island in the Gulf of Mexico, perfect for travelers who want to get away from it all. The town has been called “the last true old Florida beach town,” with good reason, and is a popular destination for tourists and vacationers.

The island offers a variety of activities and attractions, as well as a wide selection of hotels and accommodations.

Visitors to Anna Maria Island can enjoy the beautiful beaches, the many shops, and restaurants, or take part in a variety of activities such as fishing, kayaking, or sailing.

There is something for everyone on Anna Maria Island.

It’s not crowded like Miami or Tampa Bay; the beaches are beautiful and uncrowded; there are plenty of things to do on Anna Maria Island! In this blog post, we will explore what makes Anna Maria Island different than other popular Florida destinations, as well as why it might be just right for you!

A brief history of Anna Maria Island

The island was named for the first European woman to settle there in 1892. Over time, Anna Maria Island has transformed from a fishing community into a tourist destination, with vacation rentals and hotels dominating the landscape. It is known for its beautiful beaches and small-town vibe – you won’t find any big box stores here.

There are around 11,000 residents, and the island is only about four miles long. Anna Maria Island has a lot of charm from its quiet neighborhoods filled with single-family homes where people know their neighbors as they walk down the street or sit on their front porch for coffee in the morning.

The town was initially inhabited by Native Americans who called it “Manatee,” which means “Mother of Waters.”

In 1892, an immigrant woman named Anna Maria Luoni moved to what is now known as Holmes Beach (a city located at one end of AMI). She began cultivating citrus fruits, including grapefruit trees.

Soon after her arrival, more settlers came along, bringing new ideas and building up infrastructure like schools, stores, and a business district.

Today, Anna Maria Island has become one of the best places for tourists to visit with its beautiful beaches on both sides (the north side is slightly more secluded).

There are also many fun things to do, including shelling, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, bicycling along trails that crisscross through the island, or kayaking in the Intracoastal Waterway, which separates AMI from Bradenton Beach (a city located at the other end of AMI).


You can even use your boat as transportation between both coasts since they’re separated by only about two miles! Some people consider Siesta Key better than Anna Maria Island because it has water quality and fewer jellyfish.

However, Anna Maria Island is known for having more local businesses and fewer crowds.

The best area to stay on Anna Maria Island would be on the northern side of AMI (which tends to have smaller groups of people) or on Longboat Key, a neighboring island with some luxury homes located right by the Gulf.

The island was named after an Italian explorer who lived from 1451 to 1512. In 1524, he became the first European man documented as exploring Florida’s coastline.

He sailed with three ships, but only one returned home since two were destroyed during what may have been a hurricane. Historians remain divided over whether Ponce de Leon discovered Florida or not.

Regardless, it’s believed his arrival helped jumpstart the economy with explorers and settlers arriving in Florida’s future.

There are several different ways to get to Anna Maria Island. The best place to stay would be the southern side of the island, where you can find a good mix between budget and luxury resorts as well as dining options for every taste without having to travel too far from your resort.

Many local bars and restaurants on the island offer great food, drinks, and a fun atmosphere.

The best place to eat would be Anna Maria Oyster Bar or American Dream Pizza. A good bar is Siesta Key Tiki Bar which offers live music during weekends and an outdoor area with fire pits for those colder nights.

What are the Best Anna Maria Island Hotels?


  • Anna Maria Beach Resort
Anna Maria Island is unlike anything else. The best motel experience in the island combines luxury and location. The Anna Maria Beach Resort was built from a complete renovation of the Blue Water Beach Resort at 6306 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach. The motel is comprised of 31 suites and standard and deluxe rooms. It retains the original floor plan and footprint but has received significant upgrades.
The elegant California Coastal design is modern and sleek with simple lines and warm colors. Our guests can choose from a variety of room types at Anna Maria Beach Resort. Each room on the upper level has a private balcony with stunning views of the Gulf.
Some rooms on the ground floor have views of the Gulf, while others offer resort pool views. Many rooms have connecting doors and have their own patios or balconies.

  • Bali Hai Beachfront Resort and Spa
Immersing yourself in a luxurious beachfront resort with 300+ feet of pristine Florida coastline and panoramic views to boot, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find your peace here. The property offers studios, one-bedroom suites as well as two bedrooms available for rent; there’s something perfect no matter what!
In addition, they provide amenities such as a year-round heated pool and complete spa/massage facilities on site so even more excellent moments can happen at this beautiful location like never before…

  • Anna Maria Island Inn

This beautiful condo is just one minute from the beach. It’s located in Bradenton Beach, which means you can enjoy your stay without ever needing to drive! Anna Maria Island Inn has spacious units with free WiFi and BBQ facilities for guests who want some good old-fashioned cooking done right on site (no need to worry about finding food elsewhere).

There are also outdoor swimming pools available if exercise isn’t really something that goes through our minds every day

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What is the cost of staying on the island?

People are typically surprised at how affordable it is to stay on the island. The average price of a hotel/condo ranges from $80-$200 per night. Depending on what part of the year you go and how much time you spend there. Many people choose to rent homes or condos for more extended stays instead of multiple nights in hotels; this cuts down costs significantly!

The island’s host is beautiful white beaches, fantastic seafood restaurants, and a relaxed nightlife.

People looking to have an incredibly relaxing vacation should go to Anna Maria Island due to its laid-back atmosphere.

It isn’t much you can do in terms of shopping or major attractions, but if you’re into beach life, this might be the perfect place for your vacation!

The best part about visiting Anna Maria Island?

Everything costs less here compared to other popular locations such as Miami or Ft Lauderdale.

This attracts young people because they can enjoy themselves without going broke.

It’s also great for families with small children since there aren’t many bars and clubs along the main strip, so noise will never interfere with a napping child.

If you’re looking to be surrounded by history, then this isn’t the place for you, but if your goal is to relax and soak up some sun, Anna Maria Island should make it onto your radar!

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking for a great place to take your family on vacation that is not overrun with tourists, Anna Maria Island should be at the top of your list. This hidden gem in Florida has plenty to offer visitors and offers a laid-back vibe that will make anyone feel like they’ve stepped back into small-town America.

With beautiful beaches, good restaurants, and activities galore – this island is an excellent destination for families who want to explore new places.

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