16 Restaurants in Naples Florida You’ll Fall In Love With

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One of the great things about restaurants in Naples Florida, is that they offer something for everyone – whether you are looking for a romantic atmosphere or an affordable meal with friends and family. Naples is a city that knows how to eat. From fine dining to cheap eats, Naples restaurants have it all. 

The following list includes Naples restaurants we think rank as some of the top culinary eateries in town!

1. BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro

Innovative and traditional Persian cuisine is presented against the backdrop of a soothing, colorful fountain and soft Persian music. Award-winning food. Best ethnic food in 2004 and 2005.


Its food is delicious, especially the grilled prawns and red snapper, as well as spicy chicken. You can take a break to try vanilla ice cream, bread pudding, and baklava dessert. You can also enjoy a delicious Pinot noir wine, beer, or white wine here. You’ll love Americano, ice tea, and pomegranate juice.

This place is easily accessible even during rush hour due to its convenient location. Here, the hostess is professional. This place is well-known for its beautiful decor.

This restaurant will transport you to a place in which warm desert moonlight shines on the sands and creates mystical illusions far away from dunes. It magically gives life to each jewel it passes.

2. Osteria Tulia

Osteria Tulia takes diners to Naples, Florida’s original osteria. It serves delicious, rustic Italian food in the warm, welcoming atmosphere of an Italian farmhouse.

Osteria Tulia’s menu and decor are inspired by the authentic Italian cuisine of Chef Vincenzo and the centuries-old traditional Italian osterie, which is a collection of informal villages that serve simple, homemade, local specialties and wines.

Naples-Florida-restaurants-Osteria Tulia

You can expect high-quality products from both American and Italian artisanal growers, as well as fresh seafood, homemade sausage, pasta, and meat from farms with the lowest environmental footprint.

Bar Tulia is next door and offers amazing pizza, Crudo, and beef tongue tacos.

3. Turtle Club Restaurant

The Turtle Club Restaurant is a beautiful beachfront restaurant located in Naples, Florida. It is well-known for its relaxed beach vibe and elegant, upscale dining.

The Turtle Club was established in 1998 and has been a favorite spot for steaks and seafood. Make sure to get their Everglades Shore Lunch.

The outdoor seating arrangement allows you to enjoy delicious food and listen to the sounds of the waves. They are friendly and helpful. This restaurant is a favorite for family brunches and romantic dinners.

We will never forget this unique experience of beachside dining. This location was booked for its stunning views and a beautiful menu.

The seafood was delicious and the service impeccable. Excellent service, stunning views, and a beautiful location. I would recommend sitting down for a late dinner and then walking to the beach to catch the sunset.

4. Sushi Thai Downtown

Sushi Thai has four locations in Naples-Bonita Springs. It is known for its delicious mix of Asian flavors. The restaurant’s downtown location with sidewalk seating draws a lot of people and has many fans. It has a wide variety of Thai and Japanese favorites.

Sushi Thai offers a wide variety of sushi, sashimi, and maki.


They also prepare teriyakis and rice and noodle bowls as well as stir-fried dishes, tempuras, soup, and gyoza with great skill. Thai cuisine offers authentic favorites like chicken in basil sauce, curry prepared according to your heat index, fried rice and noodles, as well as full-flavored soups.

This place is incredible! We arrived here after a long flight and couldn’t be happier. The thin margaritas are perfectly strong and the sushi fresh. It’s a wonderful place!

There are many options so you can find the right dish for you.

A ginger salad or chicken Pad Thai is a great combination. The lunch specials are great value.

5. D’Amico’s The Continental

Enjoy top-quality steaks from all over the world, enhanced by modern decor, private cabanas, and craft cocktails.

A must-visit restaurant in Naples.

You would expect amazing restaurants to surround such a wealthy area. The Continental is my favorite restaurant in the town. As a true steak lover, I make sure to inquire about the menu. Sometimes the best cuts of steak are not on the menu.

Excellent service. Nice ambiance. Both outside and inside. We had lunch. It was delicious. It was one of my favorite burgers. It’s as good as great steak. It is very tasty. Properly prepared.

My better half ordered the Waygu 6 Oz. My better half ordered the Waygu 6 oz. fillet.

She was very happy with her choice. All of it was served with garlic mashed potatoes, Brussel Sprouts au gratin, and a generous portion of Brussel Sprouts.

The #4 Waygu New York Strip was my choice. I don’t recall ever having a better steak. The Colorado Rack of Lamb was also enjoyed by our guests.

The three essential elements of dining out are good service, ambiance, and delicious food. The Continental has all three and did I mention the craft cocktails??

6. Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab

Truluck’s offers the best seafood and crab directly from their fisheries. This ensures the highest quality and freshest taste.

While seafood is a key part of Truluck’s menu they also offer tender, delicious steaks cooked to perfection and a great wine list to make sure your meal is unforgettable.


Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab House are particularly busy during Stone Crab season. The restaurant receives fresh seafood from the Isle of Capri, which is just off the coast of Naples in the Gulf of Mexico.

Truluck’s is able to provide fresh seafood while maintaining an ethical approach.

Truluck recognizes that restaurants need to support sustainable seafood policies. The chain is proud that it follows all Ocean Conservancy guidelines.

It does not serve endangered or overfished species.

No need to search further, this restaurant is extraordinary. This was the best dining experience I have ever had. The food, service, and ambiance were exceptional.

7. Tommy Bahama Restaurant

Enjoy the best cuisine Naples has to offer at the Tommy Bahama original restaurant. Enjoy our island-inspired cuisine featuring fresh seafood, juicy steaks, and delicious cocktails.

Tommy Bahama is known for its impeccable service, including the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere. Every day, the restaurant serves lunch and dinner.

You can enjoy lavish cocktails at the bar or eat lunch or dinner on the outdoor patio or in our main dining room.


Coconut shrimp with mango chutney is their most well-known dish. Their other signature items include tacos and sliders, baby back ribs, crab cakes, and island slaw with a refreshing lime vinaigrette.

This restaurant is the second top-rated one. The food, drinks, and service were excellent. Carlos was an amazing server who made us feel at home. He also said “Welcome Back” when we checked in, which shows that they keep track of repeat customers. Nice touch!

8. Ocean Prime

One of the best Naples restaurants located at Fifth Avenue South is Ocean Prime. They specialize in pairing delicious seafood and prime steaks with delicious sushi, appetizers, and desserts.

The Prime Roll, tempura shrimp with cream cheese, scallion, and steak carpaccio; Alaska Halibut with lobster ravioli and asparagus; Black Truffle Mac and Cheese; and the Ten Layer Carrot Cake, which features cream cheese icing and pineapple sauce.

This restaurant is a great example of sophistication and personality. They go above and beyond to ensure that you have a memorable dining experience.

The kitchen provides solid support, including the creation of the famous prime steak and innovative seafood dishes. Sharing starters such as spicy tuna tartare and avocado, and six types of sushi, including the beef carpaccio and tempura shrimp, are great options.

While you’re there, grab a craft cocktail at the chic bar. You have the option of looking out in a courtyard or walling off wine bottles.

Filet mignon served with Maytag blue-cheese crust and pudding-like seabass with champagne truffle sauce are the top entree choices.

9. Sea Salt

Modern seafood dishes featuring global spices and salts are served in an upscale setting with patio seating.

This trendy, upscale restaurant attracts a large crowd to its modern, coral-stone dining room which spills onto the street. The chef puts a new spin on classic Italian dishes with his constantly changing menu. He uses 130 types of salt from all over the world. Everybody gets a sea salt sampler.

It is a good idea to try European cheese and charcuterie. All their dishes feature the finest meats and seafood, as well as sustainable ingredients from local farmers or fishermen. Lunch is a choice of creative sandwiches or salads.

FANTASTIC happy hours! It’s perfect for any occasion, indoors or outdoors.

10. 21 Spices

21 Spices by Asif is a progressive Indian restaurant, wine bar, and lounge located in East Naples, Florida, at Sugden Park Plaza.

Progressive/Contemporary Indian cuisine is in part due to chefs from India incorporating culinary training in Europe or other geographical areas into their food repertoire.

These may include Indian/French cuisines that incorporate French-style mother-sauce combinations or Indian/Spanish dishes that are more tapas-like.

Modern Indian cuisine is often served in a more sophisticated setting than traditional Indian food. It’s more like fine dining.


The tomato dhania bisque soup was the first order. It was delicious and an Indian classic. Dhania, another name for cilantro, is the soup’s flavor. The soup was prepared in a bisque according to contemporary Indian cuisine. It combines traditional French and Indian preparations. It was delicious and hearty.

11. Caffè Milano

Caffe Milano offers a wide range of Italian cuisines in a relaxed, modern setting. It also has outdoor seating for dogs. You can choose from delicious lunch and dinner options such as meatballs, tuna tartare, and eggplant tortino. Also, you have the option of quinoa salad and gnocchi Sorrentina.

Enlighten your taste buds with delicious food with a glass of Italian wine, draft beer, or a classic cocktail. Leashed, well-behaved dogs are allowed at the umbrella tables on the sidewalk.

There are quite a few items on the menu that are GF. Both the branzino and risotto were delicious.

For appetizers, the grilled octopus or goat cheese salad was also a great choice.

12. USS Nemo 

When it comes to excellent restaurants in Naples, the name USS Nemo gets dropped frequently.

This ship-themed restaurant, complete with bull’s eyes lighting and ambient lighting, makes you feel like you are on a luxury cruise.

The food is exquisite and delicious. Fresh fish and seafood are of the best quality.

Tender steaks and fresh ingredients are served alongside a unique blend of Asian, Mediterranean, and Western flavors. All the dishes are so beautiful that you’ll almost regret eating them.

You will find delicious chili, hummus, and coconut shrimps on our menu. You’ll find the perfect place for guests who prefer meat to fish.

Even the most discerning steak lovers will be satisfied by the restaurant’s top Rib Eyes, Sirloins, and New York Strips. Slow-cooked beef brisket is a delicious choice. It’s served with a balsamic teriyaki sauce. Another popular option is the crispy sweet and sour chicken.

Vegans should try miso-glazed tofu or fried cauliflower. You can also choose from a wide variety of salads, including classic Caesar Salad, Mediterranean tomato and Feta salad, and exotic creations with red peppers, seaweed, pears, and truffles.


Dessert is the final ingredient on any trip to the USS Nemo.

You can’t resist these house-made, irresistible treats:

  • Creme Brulee
  • Coconut Pie
  • Nut-pear Pudding
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Florida’s Key Lime Pie

13. Sails Restaurant

Located on Fifth Avenue South, you will enjoy Italian and French cuisine. This restaurant offers a variety of delicious meals, including salmon tartare, belly pork, and salmon tartare, with amazing spices. 

Delicious chocolate cakes, creamy cakes, and grilled pineapple will be available to you. Vermouth, Grand Marnier, and Negroni are some of the most popular drinks you can order.

You can enjoy a great cappuccino, fruit juice, or a mint cocktail after a long work week.

It was the best service you’ll find anywhere. 

It was delicious!

They have many options for vegans, including a 4-course menu. One of the most excellent restaurants and wine selection for all budgets. Beautiful setting.

14. Jimmy P’s Charred

Jimmy P’s was born out of a long-standing, well-known butcher shop that sold the best prime meats. These steaks are served at the steakhouse restaurant for lunch and dinner.

The bone-in ribeye and filet mignon with lobster tail are some of the specialties.

You will also find chicken wings, salads, sandwiches, and deli sandwiches on the lunch menu. Berkshire pork tenderloins, coq au vin and stuffed marrow bone are some other dinner favorites.

The warm and clubby tone is set by brick and dark wood.

You’re sure to find a great craft burger in Naples if you search for it.

I have had quite a few steaks over the years, but this steak house is a standout.

This steak is simply amazing.

The steak is delicious with its charred flavor.

15. The Bay House

One of the best places to enjoy casual fine dining restaurants in Naples is hidden in a beautiful area of mangrove trees and flowing waterways. It offers an intimate setting that exudes intimacy. Old Florida charm.

The main dining room is filled almost every night of the season with people, and it features a collection of restored wooden rowboats as well as modern chandeliers.

Their signature coastal pan roast is made with Gulf fish and it’s a serious celebration of the sea. It features live music every night and has a casual atmosphere. Saturday lunches can be quite quiet, making them a great time to grab one of the tables near the windows.

Although it is not technically a rooftop restaurant it offers a beautiful waterfront deck with stunning views of the river and Cocohatchee wildlife reserve.

There is also outdoor seating on the patio and waterfront deck.

Enjoy all kinds of local, southern-inspired dishes include seafoodRegional cuisine, as well as regional dishes, are served for lunch, brunch, and dinner. You can also visit The Claw Bar for a seafood raw bar.

Enjoy a delightful dinner at the restaurant. Beautiful sunset views where you can relax on the waterfront deck or listen to live music at The Tavern.

16. Campiello 

Campiello is a well-crafted combination of Italian countryside charm and cosmopolitan style.

Campiello is a creative, award-winning Italian restaurant that is located in the Naples Mercantile Building. You can enjoy delicious wood-roasted and rotisserie-grilled meats, housemade pasta, wood-fired pizza, fresh salads, and modern interpretations of traditional Italian dishes.

The “rustic contemporary” menu features savory meats prepared over an open fire, wood-burning pizzas, and modern interpretations of traditional Italian dishes. The “Tour di Italia” campaign showcases the unique flavors of Italian cuisine each month with a new menu.

This is a way to celebrate the breadth and depth of the cuisine. The space is located in Old Naples’ historic Mercantile Building. It offers indoor seating in its spacious dining room or al fresco dining in the beautiful courtyard and outdoor bar.

Campiello’s is a top-rated restaurant in Old Naples. Outstanding service, excellent menu and fair prices. Campiello’s is a place I would recommend to all of my friends.

Looking for Hotels and Restaurants in Naples FL?

Naples offers everything you need, whether you are looking for a relaxing Florida vacation, an exciting foodie getaway, or great shopping. The best places in Naples are always booked well in advance during school holidays.

Inn on Fifth

All 119 guestrooms have access to a Juliet terrace or balcony. Family-friendly suites include a living room and a sleeper sofa. The modern and stylish 3,600-square-foot rooftop swimming pool deck is a great place to relax. Premium poolside rooms lead directly to the pool.

There are two restaurants on-site and complimentary Wi-Fi available for guests.

The Ritz-Carlton Naples

The grounds are beautiful and well-maintained, so you can escape the crowds and still enjoy the beachfront lifestyle in the Florida sun.

Although the hotel is popular with well-off guests, corporate meetings and other group events can be a big draw. It can be difficult to find prime spots at the beach, in the pools, at bars, or at restaurants.

Families with children are also attracted to the resort.

Vanderbilt Beach Resort

Situated directly on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Naples, this straightforward three-and-a-half-pearl hotel has been family-owned and operated since 1968.

The 32 rooms include efficiencies and condos with full-sized kitchens, as well as two-bedroom apartments with full kitchens. While some rooms are more modern than others, they have a tropical-home feel.

There are tennis courts, an outdoor heated pool, and other beach activities.

However, there is no spa or gym.

Let’s Recap…

From fine dining to cheap eats, restaurants in Naples Florida has it all. One of the great things about Naples restaurants is that they offer something for everyone.

There’s no need to worry about whether or not your budget will allow you a satisfying meal because there are options available in every price range and cuisine style imaginable.

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, Naples, Florida has something on the menu just for you!

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