Best Conch Fritters In Key West Florida

Best Conch Fritters In Key West Florida (Our Top 9!)

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Are you looking for the best conch fritters in Key West Florida? Well, look no further! We have done the research and know exactly where to find the tastiest of treats.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, these delicious conch fritters are not to be missed. This article will take a deep dive into what makes the perfect conch fritter and where to find the tastiest ones.

From classic recipes to unique twists on traditional favorites, from small family-run establishments to large restaurants, Key West has something to offer everyone looking for a delicious conch fritter for everyone’s palate.

With our insider tips, you’re sure to find the best conch fritters that Key West has to offer.

Explore Key West’s Tastiest Conch Fritters

1. Louie’s Backyard

In addition to being a restaurant, Louie’s Backyard is a Key West institution. The Victorian house has been renovated, and it is now part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The original owner, Louie Signorelli, used to run it as a three-table establishment, but now it has three distinct rooms where diners may enjoy a delectable dinner and the sunset.

Views of the ocean and the renowned Key West sunset are stunning from the main dining room, the upper deck, and the after deck, respectively.

The Bahamian conch chowder with bird pepper hot sauce, the conch fritters with hot pepper jelly and wasabi, and the coconut conch ceviche are all must-haves on Louie’s Backyard conch menu.

2. Conch Republic Seafood Company

This sponge warehouse-turned-restaurant, which takes inspiration from its setting in a historic dockyard in Key West, not only offers the day’s freshest fish but also seeks to inform its diners through a Reef Relief project.

Conch Republic Seafood Company
Photo Credit: Steven Miller

Construction materials for The Conch Republic Seafood Company were taken from the previous warehouse and incorporated into the new decor of the restaurant.

In the restaurant’s two extra-large saltwater tanks, which are on show while patrons eat, are marine creatures native to the Florida Keys.

Conch Republic Seafood Company wants to create a business that not only satisfies consumers’ palates but also educates them about the environment.

Consider ordering the cracked conch, which is a tempura-battered queen conch that has been delicately flash-fried and served with orange horseradish marmalade.

3. Sloppy Joe’s

One of Key West’s most well-known restaurants is Sloppy Joe’s.

The company, which Ernest Hemingway named, has been providing customers with food, beverages, and entertainment for more than 77 years. Joe Russell, Hemingway’s fishing partner, sold alcohol during the years of prohibition, and after it ended, Russell converted his speakeasy into a business that sold alcohol legally.

Sloppy Joe’s
Photo Credit: Cayobo

Russell paid $2,500 for a corner building on Key West’s now-famous Duval Street in 1917. That structure now houses Sloppy Joe’s, which is decorated with artifacts from Hemingway, ornate Cuban tiles, and jalousie doors.

On the menu are hand-rolled conch fritters served with key lime dipping sauce, as well as conch soup with blended tomato, spicy veggies, and pulverized conch.

4. The Conch Shack

The Conch Shack is what its name suggests it to be. At this tiny eatery on the sidewalk, pull up a stool and enjoy your meal while observing the diverse Key West residents pass by.

The Conch Shack, which is unpretentious and doesn’t try to be, is said to serve the greatest conch fritters in town.

The cracked conch, a non-fried menu dish, features soft meat with Key Lime alioli and a hot pink sauce. Servers at The Conch Shack show diners how to blow on a conch shell as they eat.

Don’t worry; there is no connection to Lord of the Flies; this is just a fun activity.

The Conch Shack
Photo Credit: Danielle Walquist Lynch

Depending on how hungry you are, you can order three, six, or twelve pieces per meal. You can choose between pink sauce or key lime aioli when you order them. Oh, and if you still feel like you need more conch, why not try the conch trio?

This little one is a dish of hand-cut fries, cracked conch, conch fritters, and ceviche. Who could ever refuse that? You should be aware that you may only pay with cash at this location; credit cards are not accepted.

5. Half Shell Raw Bar

Half Shell Raw Bar offers an outstanding selection of fresh seafood, raw oysters, and conch meals. Andrew Zimmern recently stopped by there while filming his Bizarre Foods Travel Channel TV show.

You can observe boats unloading their daily seafood catches into the adjacent Half Shell Market, which serves both the restaurant and other Pat Croce-owned sibling establishments, as they eat.

Visitors are seated in picnic-style at large rectangular wooden tables that are covered in US license plates and offer relaxed meals by the water.

Conch salad and conch chowder are two must-have conch menu dishes available in this social setting.

6. Eaton Street Seafood Market

Eaton Street Seafood Market is well-known for having a queue out the door since it is a fresh seafood market that serves lunch. This market, which has very little seating, serves more of a to-go-style meal than a sit-down restaurant.

Eaton Street Seafood Market
Photo Credit: Ed and Eddie

The Eaton Street Seafood Market, which is housed in a white and pink Deco structure a few blocks from the busy Duval Street, is praised by everyone who visits the location.

Fresh fish can be prepared on-site or purchased to take home. Conch chowder and conch ceviche are also available for lunch.

7. Hogfish Bar & Grill

Located off-the-beaten path and away from Key West’s busy tourist scene, Hogfish Bar & Grill is a favorite among locals and one of the city’s best-kept secrets. One of Key West’s less boisterous communities, Safe Harbor Marina on Stock Island, is home to Hogfish Bar & Grill, which serves up excellent seafood in a welcoming setting.

Hogfish Bar & Grill
Photo Credit: Cayobo

This seaside venue with a thatched roof is open-air and has live music and a casual clientele. The restaurant’s hogfish sandwich is its most well-known dish, but it also serves conch chowder and conch fritters.

8. Hot Tin Roof

The Ocean Key Resort & Spa, Key West’s flagship hotel, houses the fine dining establishment Hot Tin Roof. Hot Tin Roof, which honors Tennessee Williams, a regular visitor to Key West, offers riverfront dining with a view of the Sunset Pier in Mallory Square.

The restaurant features contemporary white leather seating, wire sculptures, and hand-painted murals by the late Key West artist Jeff Beal in addition to teak woodwork. Try the paella for dinner, which features Valencia rice, conch, local shellfish, and chorizo.

Best Conch Fritters In Key West Florida - conch salad

9. BO’s Fish Wagon

With more than 25 years of experience selling fish and conch from a little wagon on Key West’s notorious Duval Street, owner Buddy Owen is a local hero. The restaurant BO’s Fish Wagon is now well-known across the country. BO’s Fish Wagon is not picky, so don’t worry if you go in barefoot.

Fresh seafood is served at the open-air restaurant, which also offers live music on Friday nights to keep customers entertained. The restaurant is well-known for its cracked conch sandwich, which is made with fresh Cuban bread and strips of fried conch that have been covered in key lime mayo.

Key West, Florida is known for its amazing beaches and breathtaking sunsets. But what really makes Key West an unforgettable destination is a food.

Out of all the delicious local dishes that make up this island’s cuisine, none stand out more than the conch fritters.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, the best place to get your hands on some of these delectable morsels is right here in Key West!

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