Andretti Thrill Park in melbourne florida

Andretti Thrill Park in Melbourne Florida: Adrenaline Awaits!

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Welcome to  Andretti Thrill Park in Melbourne Florida! Here you will find all of the thrills and excitement that you could ever imagine!

This sprawling amusement park has everything from a ropes course to a working train. Other attractions include go-karts, roller coasters, and mini golf courses – all designed to satisfy your craving for adventure.

The Park offers a variety of outdoor and indoor activities suitable for all ages.

Andretti Thrill Park offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or simply want to have fun with your friends!


Photo Credit: Sergei S. Scurfield

The sprawling amusement park features a working train, ropes course, go-kart tracks, laser tag, and mini golf. Go-kart tracks are the highlight of the park, but it also has plenty of other fun for kids.

The kids will love the mini golf course, which has a course that is perfect for younger children.

The park features many attractions for all ages, including five different Go-Kart tracks and five different types of go-karts. It also has a mini golf course, laser tag, and a spinning coaster.

A large arcade is also available to keep visitors busy. Guests can also participate in party planning services, which are provided by the park’s staff.

The park also has a large arcade, and the kids can play games in between rides.

Non-motorized fun

Andretti Thrill Park in Melbourne also has a team of party planners who can help you plan an unforgettable party. Plus, it’s free to visit!

The non-motorized fun is not limited to bungee jumping and go-karting.

You can also go on a bioluminescence tour, which is only offered at night. For more information, check out the park’s website.

You can even watch a movie in the park’s drive-in theater.

There’s also dining, bowling, and even 4D shooting. Non-motorized fun at Andretti is free, and the park’s membership benefits are extensive.

For families looking for outdoor activities, the park also has Wickham Park, a popular park with over 400 acres of land.

There are many different activities to enjoy, including fishing, kayaking, and sunbathing by the water.

In addition, the park also offers volleyball, disc golf, horseshoes, and archery.

There are also a number of concerts held here, so your family can spend a day outside together.

Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse

Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all things extreme. Whether you’re looking to race cars, go skydiving, or take on some serious white water rafting, this is the place to do it.

The warehouse has a huge selection of activities that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping and make memories you’ll never forget.

The environment is designed with thrill seekers in mind — everyone from first-timers to experienced adventurers will find something here that pushes them out of their comfort zone.

With access to some of the most thrilling adventures in the world, Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse promises an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Get ready for an exhilarating time!

Climate control ensures that there is no rain or wind in the warehouse. The warehouse is also large enough to accommodate spectators.

Go-karts powered by electric motors run more quietly and faster than their gas-powered counterparts. This allows for intense racing, especially when four people are in each kart to race against each other.


The Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse houses the largest indoor skatepark in the world and a BMX track. It provides unbeatable energy and thrilling entertainment. This adrenaline warehouse has more than 100,000 square feet.

Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse offers over 100 rails, boxes, and ramps for skaters. For those who are interested in trying more difficult tricks, there is a 12-foot halfpipe.

It’s amazing to watch skilled skaters do their best tricks. However, it’s equally exciting to see less-experienced skaters learn new moves to improve their skills.

Laser Tag

This laser tag course covers 5,000 feet. Laser tag arenas feature immersive environments that allow you to dive into the action. As you explore the themed maps, you will feel as if you are in a movie.

Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse in florida

This family entertainment center provides excellent customer service and offers the best laser tag experience. Our laser tag arena can accommodate up to 50 players simultaneously!

Indoor rock climbing

Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse has an indoor rock climbing area that is unmatched. This rock wall is suitable for all skill levels and ages.

There are 3,000 feet of climbing surfaces on the wall. A separate bouldering area allows climbers to practice their moves without having to be tethered. When climbers release their holds on the wall, three different auto-belay devices will automatically lower them to the bottom.

An instructor will help you rappel down the ceiling by attaching you to a rope. This feature is great for conquering fears and providing an exciting experience.

A speed climbing competition wall is available where participants can race up the wall using timing equipment to measure how fast they will reach the top.

Ropes Course

The Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse is located in Fort Myers Beach in Florida. It offers a thrilling ropes course that’s perfect for friends and families who are looking to have fun.

Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse’s ropes course is ideal for children and adults who are looking to improve their balance and climbing skills. You will be suspended from a rope and must climb to the top of this 35-foot-high structure.

Adults and kids can either zipline or rappel down to test their skills on this fun attraction.

Zip Zag

The Zip Zag activity at Route 7 Adrenaline Warehouse is a great choice for thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush. The Zip Zag stands 35 feet high and has three zip lines that cross the Speed Racers and Go-Karts.

The ground is 40 feet below the bottom line, while the top line is 60. Speeds up to 25 mph are possible

“Fun Experts” from Route 7 Adrenaline warehouse designed the Zip Zag. Your experience will be memorable and thrilling.

You can walk along the suspended ropes course or test your skills on the Zip Line. You can climb up to navigate your way through several levels before you rappel back to the ground. You can spend hours having fun with your friends and family on the ropes course. 

Erna Nixon Park

Erna Nixon Park is a small park located near Melbourne Square, one of the busiest shopping centers on the Florida coast. It features an elevated boardwalk and oak trees.

It is also home to several wildlife species, including an indigo snake. Visitors can spend the day exploring the park’s trails and wildlife or take a guided tour.

There are restrooms and interpretive markers located throughout the park, and the trailhead is wheelchair accessible.

Another free attraction is the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum. The museum features two separate areas: the Rotunda of American History, which features patriotic documents and memorabilia.

It also contains exhibits on Florida history, while Freedom Hall honors the United States armed forces.

Erna Nixon Park
Photo credit: Leonard J. DeFrancisci

The park is the perfect location for family get-togethers, as it has several attractions.

The park has 18 miniature golf courses, a laser tag arena, five go-kart tracks, paddle boats, an indoor rope course, and a 360-degree spinning coaster. It also features a nature trail, which allows visitors to observe pileated woodpeckers and gopher tortoises.

While visiting Erna Nixon Park, you should also take in the nearby Treetop Trek, a company specializing in aerial adventures.

This company offers a variety of self-guided courses and challenges that feature a variety of obstacles. The courses are located in a lush Florida landscape, so guests can enjoy views of nearby animals as they navigate their way through the trails.

What To Wear To Andretti Thrill Park

When visiting Andretti Thrill Park, it is recommended that you wear casual, comfortable clothing. If it’s cold or rainy, you might want to dress in something appropriate for the weather.

It is best to dress in comfortable, athletic clothes if you are going to take part in any physical activities, such as laser tag or go-kart racing.

Andretti Thrill Park melbourne florida map
Photo Credit: Andretti Thrill Park Facebook Page

Closed-toe shoes such as sneakers are a great option for extra protection and support. Some attractions may require you to wear long sleeves or pants.

It is always a good idea to check with the attraction or location for specific requirements and recommendations about appropriate attire.

Are you required to wear sneakers to Andretti?

While sneakers are not required for Andretti, it is a good idea that you wear comfortable shoes when participating in activities like go-kart racing.

For safety reasons, sneakers or other closed-toe shoes might be preferable.

They can protect the feet from any injuries. For any recommendations or requirements regarding footwear, it is a good idea to consult the facility or location you are visiting.

Can You Wear Shorts While Go Karting

Closed-toed shoes

  • If you are planning on taking up the sport of go-karting, you must be sure that you have the right shoes to keep your feet protected. You should never race with flip-flops or high heels because these can cause your feet to lose pedal control.
  • Closed-toed shoes are an excellent choice because they are enclosed and secure your foot in place. They are designed for racing and feature added safety features that will help you enjoy your race even more.

Comfortable clothing

  • Comfortable clothing for go-karting is essential for safety and comfort. You should avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy or too loose. These clothes can get stuck or caught in things, making the experience less enjoyable. The right clothing can also provide a degree of protection from abrasion.

Hair in a bun or ponytail

  • A ponytail or bun allows you to wear your hair up. It keeps you cool and will allow you to show off your fringe. The hairstyle is quite simple: pull all of your hair into a high bun and twist it around the base. The looser you pull it, the messier it will look. Secure the bun with a hair tie or bobby pin. You can add some hairspray to hold the bun in place and prevent it from falling down.

Flexible pants

  • When you go karting, you will want to wear some kind of flexible pants. These pants should not be baggy or too loose. Loose clothing can catch on things and get caught in the tracks, and they can also make your racing experience uncomfortable.
  • Go-karting pants are especially important if you are planning to race for a long period of time. Luckily, some go-karting tracks will provide additional clothing to keep you comfortable and safe while driving.

No baggy pants

  • If you’re planning on participating in a go-kart race, you might want to avoid wearing baggy pants. In fact, baggy pants may not be the most comfortable type of pants for the sport. Instead, opt for comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that is easy to move in. Also, it’s important to wear comfortable footwear.

No crocs

  • If you’ve ever been to go karting, you know that the perfect footwear for the experience is a pair of closed-toe shoes. It may be tempting to wear Crocs because they’re comfortable, but they’re not a good option for racing. Not only will your feet be covered, but they will also hinder your pedal control.

For those in search of an adrenaline rush, look no further than Andretti Thrill Park in Melbourne, Florida.

This park offers a variety of thrilling attractions that are sure to get your heart racing and have you screaming for more.

From the infamous Andretti go-kart challenge to exhilarating roller coasters and more, this top-notch amusement park has something to offer everyone!

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