Museum of Military History Florida – Experience these Amazing Adventures

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If you want to learn more about the military in the U.S., it’s time to visit a military museum. The Museum of Military History Florida offers a fascinating look into the past, utilizing photos, personal stories, and relics to tell the story of the U.S. military. Whether you’re a student, military veteran, or civilian, you’ll find a wealth of information here.


If you’re interested in Florida history, artifacts of all kinds can be found at the Museum of Military History Florida.

The museum’s displays cover everything from Civil War artifacts to World War II uniforms. In addition, the museum includes personal artifacts donated by eighty veterans of various conflicts.

You can learn about each one of them and take home a new appreciation for your country’s military history.

Museum_of_Military_History Aircraft

In addition to its collection of military history, the museum’s extensive Civil War exhibit displays a variety of flags and artifacts. On display are the flags of twenty different Florida military units, as well as the civilian secession flag.

A grouping of sand dollars also makes a striking display in the Museum of Military History Florida’s Civil War exhibit. The museum also offers a fascinating collection of weapons, uniforms, and equipment, along with flags.

The Museum also has a very professional website, where visitors can learn about the museum’s history, types of artifacts on display, and upcoming events. Additionally, visitors can find out more about the Museum’s location, hours of operation, and other relevant information.

There is something for everyone at the Museum, and it’s an excellent place to spend a family day. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Some combat veterans may have collected explosive artifacts, such as artillery shells and tracer projectiles.

While rifle ammunition poses no threat unless it burns, machine gun ammunition in .30 caliber and larger may have tracer projectiles or explosive fragments.

Additionally, hand grenades, mortars, and artillery shells may have been altered. The safe handling of such items is crucial.

A display dedicated to the Women’s Army Corps during WWII is particularly fascinating. This Tampa native served with the 5th Marine Division in the Mekong Delta during the war.

The museum’s exhibit on women’s service in the armed forces in Vietnam includes a display of the medals that she won. Her awards include the Legion of Merit, Army Commendation Medal, and Women’s Army Corps Service Medal.


You can experience the rich history of the United States military at the Museum of Military History Florida. The museum features relics, photos, and personal stories from the past, and will make you feel proud to be a U.S. serviceman.

This museum is a must-visit for any military history buff. Its location in the Orlando, Florida area, makes it easy to access from any point in Florida.

To get there, you can take advantage of the Florida State University System’s bus system.

This museum features over 5000 artifacts, photographs, and printed materials. On display are uniforms, weapons, medals, and battlefield relics. You can also check out a military model, as well as personal stories of local veterans.

The museum offers guided tours and community events. Visiting during their regular hours is highly recommended. In addition to the museum’s permanent collections, the museum offers many other activities that educate and entertain.

Located in Kissimmee, FL, the Museum of Military History is an educational institution dedicated to educating and preserving the history of the United States.

Admission to the museum is free for children, but it costs $5 for adults.

Veterans can enjoy discounts on admission and can take part in the museum’s educational programs and outreach activities. You can also visit the Kissimmee Air Museum, where you can see World War II aircraft.

The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5 pm. It is closed on major holidays. Admission is $8 for adults, $7 for senior citizens, and $6 for children five to 12 years old. Admission is free for children four and under. You can also see a replica of a WWII B-17 bomber. You’ll be impressed by the museum’s collections, as well as the artifacts on display.

The museum is also home to many other museums in the area.

The McTureous Homestead and Museum in Altoona is the home of Medal of Honor winner Robert M. McTureous, Jr., who grew up here. The museum includes a number of other exhibits that showcase military history in the area.

A tour of the museum will also give you a deeper understanding of the importance of the military and its role in the state’s history.


The Museum of Military History Florida tells the story of the U.S. military through personal stories, relics, and photos. You can see what it was like for soldiers to fight in battles and hear their experiences.

If you have never been to the museum before, you should check its hours before you visit. These hours may vary depending on the museum’s location. To visit during the off-peak hours, you might want to plan your visit accordingly.

If you’re looking for a place to take your family to learn more about the history of the military, you can visit the Museum of Military History Florida in Pensacola.

The museum is home to the Navy Blue Angels, whose practice flights can be seen above the museum’s skies most Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Admission to this museum is free, but there are fees for attractions. The museum’s staff is friendly and ready to answer any questions you have about the history of the military.

Navy Blue Angels Museum of Military History

If you’re in the area, visit the Museum of Military History Florida and learn about the history of our military. The museum includes a wide variety of exhibits from WWII to the present.

There are vintage uniforms, enemy weapons, and vehicles to see, and you can view framed newspaper front pages and a hundred-ton amphibian. Visitors can get up-close looks at the patches on the sleeves of military personnel.

The museum also holds various events and programs for the community.

The museum has four Quonset huts that are used for the permanent exhibit. There are also exhibits about African Americans, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and munitions development in the Air Force Research Lab. A wooden replica of the original headquarters of the military station is also under construction.

The museum will feature an information center and a gift shop. The museum is a great place to take the family for a day out.

The Museum of Military History Florida has limited hours. Generally, it is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You’ll need a timed admission ticket to avoid long lines.

If you’re not sure whether or not the museum is open during your visit, check the FAQs page for more information. You can also call the museum to ask questions. Its staff will help you find out the best time to visit the museum.


Admission to the Museum of Military History Florida costs $7 for adults and $5 for children. This U.S. military museum is an engaging way to learn about the military’s history through relics, photos, and personal stories.

Its educational exhibits feature authentic artifacts and relic displays from both World Wars. In addition, the museum’s collections showcase a variety of uniforms, including World War II-era ones.

Visitors can explore the museum’s exhibits for free if they have a military ID. Military personnel and their families can also receive discounted admission to some exhibits, like the U.S. Air Force Academy.

The museum also offers tours and outreach programs and offers a discount for military members and their families. Admission to the Museum of Military History Florida is free for members of the U.S. military and their immediate families.

The museum’s exhibits include a large collection of vintage uniforms, military planes, and framed newspaper front pages. Visitors can also get up-close with patches that show their ranks.

The museum offers a special “living history” program that videotapes stories from veterans and includes a family-friendly interactive section. The museum also hosts community events and family-oriented programs throughout the year.

At the end of the day, you’ll learn more about military history than you ever thought possible.

For more military history, consider visiting the Museum of Military History Florida, located in Tampa. There are also numerous military museums in North Florida, including the Fort Matanzas and Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine.

These three forts are a must-visit for any military history enthusiast.

A few military museums offer a modern perspective on the military, such as the National Naval Aviation Museum, where visitors can watch aerial dogfights and flight simulators.

Wrapping Up…

In conclusion, the Museum of Military History Florida is a great place to learn about the history of the military. With its wide variety of exhibits, events, and programs, there is something for everyone.

Admission is free for members of the military and their families, making it a great value for a day out.

Whether you are interested in learning about World War II or getting up close with patches and uniforms, the Museum of Military History Florida is the place for you.

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