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Wonderworks Orlando: A Fun-Filled Family Attraction

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Are you looking for an awesome family-friendly experience in Orlando? Look no further than Wonderworks Orlando! This incredible indoor amusement park is a must-see for visitors, offering over 100 interactive exhibits and experiences.

From the upside-down building to the interactive science labs, there is something for everyone at Wonderworks Orlando.

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or just looking for some educational fun, this attraction has it all!

Orlando, Florida is a big tourist destination. Everyone seems to want to go to Disney World or Universal Studios. If you’re looking for something different in Orlando, Wonderworks is an excellent option.

It’s a great time and an amusement park filled with interesting attractions, special effects, and interactive science exhibits.

WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind, with over 100 interactive exhibits designed to entertain all ages.

If you’re visiting for the first time, the upside-down building that houses a lot of things, WonderWorks is filled with fun and interactive exhibits.

This museum is a combination of a science fair, a children’s museum, and an amusement park.

WonderWorks is a great indoor attraction for visitors of all ages, including kids and teenagers. While it is recommended for younger kids, older children, and teens will also enjoy the fun.

You can explore the history of science and technology, learn about your own brain and body, or try out some virtual reality experiences.

The rides are interactive and fun, and you can also participate in laser tag.

The museum is a popular destination for school field trips, where you can spend an entire day.

The attraction is designed to take approximately three to four hours. You may take as many as three or four different rides throughout the attraction.

WonderWorks is an indoor attraction, so it’s great on rainy Florida days. You can also visit in the early evening for a more relaxed experience.

wonderworks orlando exibits
Photo Credit: WonderWorks Orlando Facebook page

There are a number of photo spots at WonderWorks, so be sure to bring your camera. You may also want to pack a picnic lunch and take a break at a picnic area.

Plus, it’s general admission and all indoors so you don’t have to worry about a rainy day or the Florida heat!

Wonderworks is definitely worth checking out if you’re in Orlando.

You can find parking at the Pointe Orlando parking garage. Parking fees are not included in the admission price.

  • How long does it take to go through WonderWorks Orlando?
    • WonderWorks Orlando is open 365 days a year, and operating hours vary by season. However, most visitors spend between 2 and 3 hours at the park.
  • How tall do you have to be for WonderWorks?
    • To enter the attraction, children under 14 years old must be accompanied at all times by an adult 14 years or older. Wonder Coaster – Weight restrictions are a Maximum weight limit of 250 lbs. To participate there are minimum height and maximum height requirements. You must be at least 48″ (4′) or 42″ with an adult.

WonderWorks is an Amusement Park Full of “Natural Disasters”

WonderWorks is a three-story building with 35,000 square feet of exhibit space.

In addition to rides, WonderWorks has other exhibits where visitors can learn about science, weather, math, and art.

It’s a fun, educational destination that is also suitable for the entire family!

  • They also have their own roller coaster, The WonderCoaster, the Bed of Nails, and over 100 interactive exhibits that offer a unique experience.
  • WonderWorks has an excellent Laser Tag course that combines innovative technology with the thrill of a laser tag game. The Laser Tag experience requires a WonderWorks ticket and includes strobing lights and loud music.
  • You can also experience an indoor ropes course, glow-in-the-dark laser tag, and a 4D Theater.
  • Another popular WonderWorks attraction and interactive exhibits range from laying 3,500 nails on a Bed of Nails to building life-sized bubbles in the Bubble Lab. You can press a button to get lifted up.
  • You will get a close-up view of the giant animal sculptures and can also take part in a fun interactive game.
  • You can even take your kids on a virtual Wonder Coaster to experience weightlessness in a virtual environment.

The diverse range of attractions at WonderWorks ensures that there’s a thrill for every age group.

Some Fun Facts about Wonderworks Orlando

It’s located in the Bermuda Triangle

Wonderworks Orlando Story

The lore behind Wonderworks Orlando begins in a Top-Secret experiment in a research laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle, where mad professor Wonder hatched a plan to harness the power of a tornado.

After unleashing his plans, a swirling vortex swept the building thousands of miles to its current location in Orlando, Florida.

Are you aware of the Inversion Tunnel?

The 82-foot structure, reminiscent of a 1930s brick warehouse, now includes six wonder zones and more than a hundred displays.

Though the building has fallen upside-down during an experiment gone wrong, the exhibits are still intact.

WonderWorks has six zones

You will be captivated by the six zones that make up WonderWorks Orlando Florida.

  1. There’s a 4D XD Motion Theater
  2. Laser tag,
  3. Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Course
  4. An Astronaut Training Challenge that simulates outer space.
  5. There’s also an Extreme Weather Zone where simulated hurricanes can experience winds up to 155+ mph winds
  6. and a Physical Challenge Zone that feature a variety of fun and exciting physical activities. You can spend time making huge bubbles, as big as basketballs, and blow bubbles from a sheet.
wonderworks orlando bubble exibit
Photo Credit: WonderWorks Orlando Facebook page

Whether you’re traveling with a child or a spouse or a group of friends, the WonderWorks experience has something for everyone.

There are dozens of interactive exhibits to explore and over a hundred interactive experiences. The interactive experiences will inspire and challenge your mind while entertaining you and your family.

It’s a hands-on science museum

Wonderworks Orlando is one of the best hands-on science museums in Florida. It features 100+ hands-on science exhibits and other fun activities like a ropes course and a 6D motion ride.

The hands-on exhibits are sure to keep the whole family entertained. There are also several interactive exhibits that parents will appreciate, like the XD MOTION THEATER Experience.

You can also ride the 4D Extreme Motion ride and take on a three-story indoor ropes course.

There are also guided tours of NASA facilities and a multi-storied indoor play zone called Planet Play. There are also periodic STEM activities for kids.

The Tesla Coil Produces 100,000 Volts of Electricity

WonderWorks is the home of one of Nikola Tesla’s most famous inventions.

Be a human lightning rod by putting your hand through the steel-arm glove made of mesh and steel, the Tesla Coil will emit 100,000 volts of electricity, giving you a human kind of experience of a lifetime.

Zones including Light and Sound

Children will enjoy learning about how light affects things and how shadows can move from one to many.

The speed of light is a measure not just for photographers, but also anyone who wants to know how quick their reactions really are.

As your movement changes into sound, the screen will show you how the body is transformed into sound.

You and your kids will have so much fun, you’ll lose track.

You’ll have more fun at the next station, so limit your time so you can experience them all.

Wonder Wall

With Wonder Wall, there are 40,000 plastic pins in just one inch of space where you can create a 3D impression that will amaze people!

Space Discovery Zone

A Mercury Capsule and a life-size replica of an EVA suit astronauts use when doing work outside the space shuttle are available. To keep astronauts safe in outer space, they must wear space suits.

Giant Piano

Create music with your feet using this Giant Piano!

Start by playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Hush Little Baby” for guests. You never know who might be the next Beethoven for your group.

Glow in the Dark Ropes Course

The 3 story glow-in-the-dark indoor ropes course is a great choice for your kids and provides action-packed entertainment.

They can scale walls and lily pads up to 36 feet. The experience can be completed with swinging beams and suspension bridges. You should wear suitable clothes.

This part of the experience requires that you don’t wear dresses, skirts, or closed-toed shoes.

The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

This show is definitely worth a visit.   You will enjoy non-stop laughter, food, and fun! The show is hilarious and entertaining – it’s magic with a twist! 

Every night of the week, shows are offered. Doors open 30 minutes before the show starts.

To guarantee a seat, reservations are required. Seating is available on a first-come basis. No seat assignments.

The park is open all year, and guests are encouraged to spend at least three or four hours exploring the park and all of the exhibits.

This show is a combination of high-energy comedy improvisation and spectacular magic that will delight all ages. Unlimited hand-tossed pizza, salad, beer, wine, soda, and dessert.

Voted the best dinner show!

This is a great thing to do. It was something we enjoyed a few years back so we returned and found it just as enjoyable.

It has a Simulated Earthquake

You can experience the thrill of an earthquake by visiting Wonderworks Orlando’s Earthquake Cafe. The exhibit simulates a 5.3 Richter scale earthquake.

The earthquake at WonderWorks is designed to mimic the jolt experienced during the historic 1989 San Francisco earthquake.

The quake, which struck just before the third World Series game, was the first earthquake in the United States to be broadcast live on TV.

The 5.3 Richter Scale earthquake simulator is a fun experience for kids of all ages. The simulated earthquake is intense and gives children a real feel for what it would feel like to experience an actual earthquake.

WonderWorks Cafe

WonderWorks Orlando has a cafe and gift shop for you to enjoy during your day at the park.

The cafe serves a variety of breakfast and lunch options.

The cafe is open Sunday – Thursday from 11:30 am to 8 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

For a quick bite, the cafe features typical fast food, including hot dogs, french fries, a salad, and a hand-tossed pizza, dinner also includes dessert and unlimited beer, wine, and soda.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, you can visit one of the many other nearby cafes and restaurants on International Drive.

Hours are a little limited during the week, but weekends are the best times to visit WonderWorks.

WonderWorks Gift Shop

Explore the Wonder Shop in Orlando to find gifts that are unique and fun to purchase.

WonderWorks has things like apparel, cups, and select souvenirs, alongside T-shirts, glasses, and other items that appeal to those who love science and entertaining toys.

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Spend an additional hour playing arcade games, or take the 7D Motion Theater Ride

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Sea Life Aquarium

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You will also have the opportunity to learn about the important work the conservation group is undertaking.

WonderWorks Orlando is a fun family experience!

This amusement park is a science-themed experience that combines education with fun.

In fact, WonderWorks has over 100 hands-on exhibits. The interactive exhibits are some of the most imaginative in the United States. The experience will test your imagination and allow you to try new things in a safe and educational environment.

The Twister and Playbox rides will help your children develop hand-eye coordination. There are also interactive exhibits that teach visitors about shark anatomy and digital art.

Special offers are also available on certain days. For example, residents of Florida can get $15 tickets for the day.

WonderWorks is located in Orlando, Florida, at 9067 International Dr., near SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Disney World.

Are you ready?

Get your WonderWorks Orlando tickets today!

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