Where is the Kennedy Space Center?

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  • Which Launch Complex does SpaceX use?
    • Kennedy’s historic Launch Complex 39A was just recently leased by SpaceX for 20 years.

With a few Space Centers here in the U.S.A., you may be wondering where is the Kennedy Space Center? The Kennedy Space Center is located on the coast of Florida, in the city of Cocoa Beach.

It is a major tourist attraction for the state of Florida and receives millions of visitors each year.

The space center offers a variety of educational programs and activities for all ages, making it a great place to visit for families and groups alike.

Kennedy Space Center is a must-see on any Florida tour, as it has had an integral role in the history of NASA.

Kennedy Space Center was originally built to launch rockets for space travel and the military, but it soon became NASA’s up close, base of operations, which includes the space center visitor complex.

Kennedy Space Center has also been home to many historic missions such as Apollo 11 and the space shuttle program.

The Space Center is still very much alive today through current programs like SpaceX and Orion, which are crucial for our future in space exploration.

Kennedy’s Propulsion Laboratory is what makes Kennedy unique among other NASA facilities because they are responsible for designing, testing, building, and operating some of the world’s most powerful rocket engines including those found on Saturn V moon rockets.

Saturn V moon rockets - Where is Kennedy Space Center
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You can also find famous features developed, such as “Journey to the Moon“, which is located near the Kennedy Space Center.

From there, you can take a shuttle to the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex. The tourism office has a time limit for visitors to visit indoor locations in the Space Center. 

You may want to experience an increased frequency to visit the Space Center up close and personal, to see the entire new Space Center programs. 

There are many attractions and interesting things for guests to do here. But the Space Shuttle Enterprise Tour is the most thrilling.

When was Kennedy Space Center made?


Kennedy Space Center has been around since 1962 when President John F. Kennedy made his famous speech where he announced plans of going to the moon.

Since then, NASA’s home base for all things space exploration has become one of Florida’s top attractions with over two million visitors every year!

From seeing an actual rocket launch up close and personal to meeting an astronaut or taking a behind-the-scenes Kennedy Space Center Tour, Kennedy is a must-see for any space and science enthusiast!

The tour was designed to help learn the story about the world, space, our heroes, amazing technological advancements, and research made by the United States in the 1960s. 

It is amazing that such a huge vehicle could take off and land on the Moon, but no one would believe it.

Children will enjoy this incredible space exploration demonstration of the technology. Since the tour is organized at Kennedy Space Center, it’s not a “way you can visit”. 

The tour is not for everyone, but you might find it a little boring as you can only view the Enterprise from the inside. 

The good news about the Enterprise is that it has been refurbished and is available from all angles.

How long does it take to tour the Kennedy Space Center?

It is recommended that you spend at most 6 hours in the Kennedy Center Space Center Visitor Complex.

If you really want to see all there is, we recommend spending the whole day (9 hours).

Can you visit Kennedy Space Center for free?

How much is astronaut training experience at Kennedy Space Center?


As of today, the cost for the astronaut’s training experience at Kennedy Space Center is $175 plus tax: admission is optional but not required. Check-in begins at 9:30 AM and the program starts at 10:00 AM.

The minimum age for trainees is 10 years old. A paying adult must accompany minors over the age of 18 who is a participant in the program.

Is there a zero-gravity room at Kennedy Space Center?

In a world where adventure is an integral part of life, there’s no better place to go than Kennedy Space Center. In the past, many of us humans felt that we would probably never get to go to space but there’s good news!

The new simulator attractions let you experience zero gravity and drive the Mars rover – everything astronauts train for, from the launch and more!

A few months ago they opened up a botany room that allows visitors to see what it would be like if we had been on our mission 2 billion miles away from Earth…

How many rockets have been launched from Kennedy Space Center?


For over 40 years, America’s spaceflight machine was the shuttle. KSC served as its home base. 

Five orbiters were launched on a total of 135 missions from NASA.

Most landings took place right in front of cameras and some rocket launch dates were up close and on camera too!

What should you not miss at Kennedy Space Center?

Meet an Astronaut!

Meeting an Astronaut is one of the most exciting experiences at Kennedy Space Center.

We hope you feel encouraged to check out the following activities:

  • Saturn V Rocket
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis
  • Rocket Garden.
  • Heroes & Legends Attraction
  • U.S. Astronaut Hall Of Fame
  • Space Center Bus Tour
  • IMAX Theater

Best of all, you receive access to all of this fun included as part of your day and all completely free with general admission tickets to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Is Kennedy Space Center on an island?

The center is located on Merritt Island, north-northwest of Cape Canaveral and just southwest of Miami.

It’s just south of Jacksonville in Florida’s Space Coast which has an international airport that will take you anywhere!

Looking to Stay Near KSC?

Is there RV parking available at Kennedy Space Center?

Camping is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not accepted.

Members of RV/Camping will be allowed to have 10 guests, not 10 rigs. They must register at the KARS Country Store and pay any applicable fees.

Parking: The visitor site complex parking lot can accommodate automobiles, motorcycles, and larger vehicles like RVs. The lot is accessible via a gate.

What is the cost of staying in a campground with an RV?

If you plan on staying overnight, the overnight campsite or RV park fees include hookups and range from $30 to $50 per evening.

County Park Campgrounds for RVs

Three parks in Brevard County have campgrounds. Wickham Park offers 88 sites with water and electricity, as well as an exercise trail and swimming pools.

Long Point Park features 113 water-front and 42 in-land sites, as well as 15 sites with water, electricity, and sewer connections.

State Park Camping With Your RV

Kennedy space center Florida-Sebastian-Inlet-State-Park

Sebastian Inlet State Park is ideal for RV campers who wish to bring their entire family to Florida.

There are 51 campsites for RVs with a maximum length of 40 feet, and they have water and electricity hook-ups, fire rings, and picnic tables. Accessible beach wheelchairs can be rented at no charge from any free accessible site that meet ADA requirements.


If you plan to take this Florida road trip, you will need plenty of cash. The center has an ATM machine, and most hotels in the vicinity accept major credit cards.

All you will need for your trip to the moon is covered by ATM machines. You can also bring sweets, coffee, and souvenirs from home. 

You could choose a hotel in Florida or another area like Cape Canaveral as your souvenir. This Space Center Tour is a must-see if you enjoy history and the actual operation of space launches.

Now that you have a better idea about what to expect from Kennedy Space Center, it is the perfect time to plan your trip for a space experience with NASA!

What is the next best thing after being at Kennedy Space Center?

Watching a launch right from Kennedy, live and in person!

Kennedy has the largest rocket gantry in this world and it’s been used for launches of various rockets, including unmanned missions to Mars.

Next time you’re wondering “Where is the Kennedy Space Center?”, don’t hesitate!

Kennedy Space Center is open from Monday through Sunday, so you can plan your trip accordingly if you want to see their programs, learn about past data and moon research, watch awesome moon videos or take a tour.

Wrapping Up…

In conclusion, the Kennedy Space Center is a must-see for anyone interested in space or history.

Wondering…where is the Kennedy Space Center? It is located on Merritt Island in Florida and has RV parking available.

There are also many state and county parks nearby that have campgrounds for RVs.

The center has an ATM machine and most hotels in the vicinity accept major credit cards. The SpaceX launch complex is also located at the Kennedy Space Center.

You can watch a launch live and in-person from the center. Kennedy Space Center is open from Monday through Sunday.

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