Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Orlando

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Orlando – What It Feels Like to Hit Up this Party Restaurant

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  • How long is the Orlando pirate dinner show?
    • The Orlando pirate dinner show is approximately two hours long.
  • How much is parking at the pirate dinner show in Orlando?
    • Parking at the pirate dinner show in Orlando is not free; a $5 fee will be assessed upon arrival. If you have any questions about your parking arrangements, please contact our reservations department when making plans for this exciting event!

The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Orlando, Florida is a fun-filled show that gives kids a sneak peek into the age-old pirate way of life.

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Photo Credit: Pirates Dinner Adventure – Orlando Florida – Facebook

This kid-friendly dinner show with live music & acrobatic stunts takes place on an authentic pirate ship replica set designed by famous designer William Lawrence Spencer.

A Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Orlando show begins with a chorus of seagulls welcoming the “pirates” and then leading a cheerleading section as they sing out the popular song, “Old Navy”.

  • This skit closes out with the pirates attacking a giant sea-worm with a painted sword.
  • Afterward, your Pirate Ship is razzled up for another round of song and dance numbers as the smoke from the explosion cover the stage.
  • What would an exciting Pirates of the Caribbean Party be without a few fun games? The Captain’s Table allows guests to pretend they’re pirates, strategizing for success.
  • This interactive game has a fun twist, though: it helps children understand math by having them guess how many acorns you have to make to bring your ship to port.
  • Then, as your ship approaches the port, the corresponding acorn count is displayed on the table.

It’s a great concept that doubles as a great flash game!

To end your night at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Orlando, you and your kids can take photos in front of the ship’s mast.

You can send these pictures to friends and family, or you can even create a collage of your best images using a digital camera.

Then, you can send them to your recipient using a postcard or letterhead that is addressed to them.

This fun activity not only marks the end of your night, but it also serves as a great opportunity for family members to interact while appreciating what the Disney company has to offer.

A Pirate’s dinner adventure in Orlando doesn’t have to be limited to adults.

  • For younger kids, the “kidnap” from the dark vessel may provide the perfect opportunity for some fun in the sun.
  • For younger kids, it may even mean the chance to meet their favorite Disney characters. When the group returns to the ship, the chef can prepare a delicious meal while providing a light snack for guests.

While children of all ages will certainly remember the fun they had at this Pirates of the Caribbean dinner adventure in Orlando, it will be memories that they will hold on to forever.

After spending a fun-filled day enjoying themselves at the Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure in Orlando, kids can return to their normal routine and spend the evening having fun with their friends or family.

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Photo Credit: Pirates dinner adventure Orlando – Facebook

Of course, a Pirates of the Caribbean party wouldn’t be a party without some food! You have the option of serving just snacks during your Pirates of the Caribbean dinner, or you can prepare a full dinner for your guests.

To keep it simple, serve foods that can be combined into one entree, such as roasted chicken, crab cakes, and a salad. Of course, food should be served with the appropriate accompaniments.

The Captain’s Table, for instance, would only be appropriately accompanied by cheese, tart cherries, and lemon wedges.

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