Glamping in Florida – What happens in Florida, stays in Florida

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Glamping in Florida is at the highest level ever. You cannot compare Florida with any other state in the United State of America for the best glamping ever. For anyone who has a plan to clamp, Florida is one of the most attractive places ever.

Some of the most welcoming places where you can clamp in Florida include;

Westgate River Ranch Resort

Westgate River Ranch Resort is a flopping 1700-acre asset that consists of everything from skeet shooting, archery, and horseback riding. On every Saturday night, you will find cowboys and cowgirls taking part in a gift competition. After the festival, you can proceed to dance at the saloon. You will have so much fun over.

For animal lovers, you will see a petting zoo with all kinds of animals to play with. For glamping alternatives, there are huge luxury teepees with big beds, private bathrooms, and a private resting area too. There are also some canvas safari tents with king-size beds which are very spacious for your desired comfort. It is one of the fascinating places to clamp in Florida.

westgate river ranch resort glamping florida

Cold Water Gardens

Cold Water Gardens is filled with working farms. The farm has natural produce, chickens, and greenhouses for touring. When visiting, there are several glamping alternatives to select from.

The up-to-date modern treehouse offers all the beds of roses ranging from homes like:

  • Air conditioning
  • A full kitchen
  • A covered deck
  • A charcoal grill
  • A fireplace to get rid of cold in case the weather permits

The safari-style tents are near to nature but still offer a bed of roses adventure with two queen size beds, a medium fridge, an outdoor shower, an outdoor sitting area, a charcoal grill, and a fire pit.

It is a home away from home!

VW Camper Van

VW Camper Van provides a unique way to view Florida while containing an open time of fun. This is very stylish and fascinating. It is possible to supply when waking up to the stunning sunsets at the beach. The van is filled with a stove, tanks for water, dining table, kitchen utensils, two comfortable beds, fan, or a heater in case of cold and cleaning materials if you wish to keep yourself presentable and clean.

vw camper van glamping florida

Crazy Treehouse

Crazy Treehouse is one of the distinct treehouses. It is designed by a zany architectural marvel.

The hot tub is made out of a jet plane that is cowling. It is situated in the middle of two big oak trees where there is an elevator to take you up or at the top.

The ground floor contains a tiki hut and some fascinating tree trunk seats where you can take a rest if you wish.

Fancy Camps

If you want to enjoy fascinating, tailor-made glamping, adventure it on the beach.

Fancy camps will set up a 16-foot bell tent anywhere you feel like it. It is furnished with a queen-size bed, rugs, sitting area, cooling or heating, lighting, outlets, chairs, picnic table, and fire ring.

They will even make it too beautiful for you through decorations with wildflowers and garlands if you so wish.

Chicken Cottages Everglades

These attractive chicken huts were constructed by the local Miccosukee tribe.

They are a perfect way to explore raw nature which some cozy attachments. It is very attractive and any visitor wanting to tour the place will not regret the choice.

  • There are outdoor grills, kayaking, and full immersion in nature with the huts.
  • There are no electric connections.

If you are visiting the place, it is advisable to remember, to carry a bug spray, a headlamp, and a battery-powered fan in case it is hot out there.

After several days of interacting with nature, you can cross over to Marco Island for some delicious meals and some drinks to quench your thirst.

airstream miami glamping florida

Airstream Miami

Airstream is a good getaway within the city. It is fully furnished with a cozy queen size bed, full kitchen, dining table, bathroom, shower, and a fitted TV. It is also furnished with WIFI connections, air conditioners and a heating place to take care of cold weather.

There is also some garden area that is shared along with a jungle gym and a heated pool.

Yacht Key West

One of the most adventurous ways to get away is by use of a private yacht. It is possible to rent one of the most fascinating ones for several nights on the water.


This very stunning A-Frame cabin with water views can sleep up to seven people. There are several beds, two full bathrooms, an outdoor deck, a gourmet kitchen, and a floating dock. It is also possible to rent out the fixed cottage if you have several people at your party so that all of them can fit in there.

rv camper lake glamping florida

RV Camper Saddleback Lake

This is a unique 1965 Vintage Camper that is a cozy getaway complete with A/C, heating, comfy Tempurpedic bed, TV, and a kitchenette. Nearby, there is a bathhouse with a bathroom and a shower too. Kayaks are available for adventuring the lake together with a grill and a fire pit in case it is cold.

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Treehouse Canopy Room

Situated at a farm with many animals and gardens, there is a canopy room present to stay in on the third floor of an amazing treehouse. The treehouse does not have an air conditioner, therefore, it is advisable to carry yours if you can.

treehouse glamping florida

Cabins at Disney Fort Wilderness Resort

This is a 750-acre forest to see the sights, woodlands trails, pool areas, archery, canoeing, horseback, riding. For anyone who wants an eventual treat, you can visit one of the cabins which can sleep up to 6 adults and is completely equipped with a complete kitchen, outdoor grill, and everyday cleaning. You can also pre-order a pantry totally of fresh groceries for when you reach.

Historic Houseboat Manatee River

This is a floating chapel that was initially a wedding chapel and is currently a houseboat that one can rent for personal use. It consists of quite a several initial stained-glass windows as well as soaring 19-foot ceilings. It has basic amenities such as a fully furnished kitchen, two bathrooms, and gorgeous sights of water.

Bell Tent-Clermont

This very fascinating glamping site consists of a chandelier, indoor seating, queen bed, fire pit, BBQ grill, and additional beds if they are required. The bathroom is very clean and the shower area is just a walking distance away. There is a nearby canteen for camp provisions and food. There are several things for fun to select from the beaches that are nearby, a volleyball court, fishing piers, and a playing area for children.

safari tent glamping florida

Safari Tent Suwannee River

The safari tents are on a wooden dais that is raised and are situated right on the banks of the edges of the Suwannee River. They are fitted with an air conditioner, cozy beds, personal bathroom, shower, grills, gas, stove, fire pit, and water deck.

Eco-Friendly Getaway-Oak FL

This is an operating farm that contains an eco-friendly repurposed shipping container pointed out into the grid existing at its best. It is fitted with a kitchen, bathroom, a shared hot tub, fireplace, and a BBQ pit. There are also kayaks, bikes, and pizza-making teaching on offer for those who are interested in learning how to cook.

tiny house glamping florida

Tiny House-Siesta Key

This fascinating small house is a nice place for up to six adults. The bathroom is of a modern make, has a fully furnished kitchen, and outdoor patio for all that you wish to enjoy during your visit. There are several beaches and parks for all that you would like to enjoy from the outside.

Water View Cabin

This is a distinct A-Frame cabin that is on the water and has fascinating lighting. It is situated right at the side of the pond. There are kangaroos in the vicinity, miniature horses, and other kinds of animals to pet when you are there for glamping. The unit is also fitted with an A/C or a heater and a fun. This would assist you just in case the temperatures are not conducive, that is it is hot or very cold out there.

Tiny Lake House-Fairview

For a comfortable small house, knowledge has very nice basic amenities like queen size beds, a big size kitchen, 42-inch TV, air-con, heating, wi-fi connections, access to washer/ dryer, and an amazing lake sight.

Treehouse Live Oak

This fascinating treehouse has a perfect roof and parts of the tree branches that go through parts of the building. The place also contains a barn, garden area, hot tub, and BBQ grill to use.

Family Friend Ranch Wauchula FL

These roomy waterfront ranch boats have three bedrooms. Two full bathrooms, an outdoor tub, a gourmet kitchen, and a large outside deck. Guests also have complete usage of all 700 acres of the stuff and canoes.

Ranch Stay

This is a unique train-shaped small house that is such a nice place to stay for real.

Tropical Airstream- Miami FL

This fascinating airstream is decorated with all the latest fittings to maintain your ease at the tropical airstream. Tropical Airstream also contains an outdoor gym, pool, and a hammock to drop out in.

Birdhouse Suwannee River

This open-air structure faces the river and has direct entry to the river. There are also three beds, a half bath, a resting area, and a small fridge. The most important aim to lodge here is how near to nature it is.

Headwaters ECO-Retreat

Utilizing secondhand shipment containers, this maintainable resort provides you with a nature-inspired getaway close to the Loxahatchee River. It is huge enough for four or five people, there is also a queen bed, futon bunk beds, kitchen, resting room, and an outside sitting place. If you are visiting this fascinating place, make sure to come with a canoe to experience the waterways and you may spot a manatee.

Yurt-Danville Fl

If you have desired to stay in an attractively decorated yurt, this could be the greatest choice of them all. You will have the most fun ever inside a lake.

lake glamping florida

Lake Glamping- Lake Louisa

This large bell tent consists of a queen-size bed, resting area, lighting, and an outdoor fireplace.

Lakefront Tiny House-Orlando FL

This is another lakefront small house, this time near Orlando. It consists of a queen-size bed, sofa bed, full bathroom, kitchen, TV, WIFI networks, air-con, and outdoor BBQ area.

Just a few steps apart from the lake, you will have a practice with a tandem kayak, paddleboard, and fishing boards that are not charged.

Wrapping Up…

If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious camping experience, look no further than glamping in Florida. From private villas to safari tents, there’s something for everyone. And with its stunning beaches and warm weather, it’s the perfect destination all year round.

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