Florida Flowering Shrubs

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Flowering Shrubs are the most magnificent part of any garden. And Florida is a place where you have the opportunity to study flowering shrubs in detail. Because Florida has the perfect atmosphere for growing various kinds of flowering shrubs.

What Shrubs do Well in Florida?

Florida has a variety of popular flowering shrubs. Viburnum, Beautyberry, Ixora, Simpson’s stopper, Bay Laurel, Loreptelum. Firebush, Holly, and Bay Laurel are a few names of famous shrubs in Florida. Florida’s subtropical climate plays a vital role to grow these shrubs. And they all vary in size and look due to the heat and humidity in Florida.

Allamanda Bush


Bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers cover the Allamanda Bush. At maturity, the plant can reach a height of four to five feet. Salt-tolerant, they thrive in full sun to light shade.



Summer is the time when Azaleas are in full bloom. Growing conditions are best in partial sun, with afternoon shade to protect it from the heat. It also requires moist, acidic soil to thrive. Bushes such as this one is fantastic for attracting butterflies and birds to your garden. Blooms can find in a variety of colors during the summer months. However, it will grow in any soil type.



Beautyberry is a natural deciduous shrub with clusters of small lilac blooms in the spring. It gives way to huge clusters of brightly colored purple berries in the fall. It catches the eye and also attracts the birds.

It is also drought and salt tolerant. And grows to a height of 6 feet in partial shade in a variety of well-drained soils.



If you want to grow this shrub in full sun and well-drained soil, it will flourish well. However, only a few types of viburnums can tolerate temperatures below zone 4. The flowers have a pleasant scent and come in pink, cream, or white.

Chenille plant


Chenille plants have red blossoms that resemble caterpillars, making them an unusual species of shrub. When fully grown, the plant can reach a height of 15 feet, and it thrives in full sun and sandy, somewhat acidic soil.

What Bushes Grow Tall in Florida?

Three-foot-plus shrubs include dwarf kinds and slow-growing shrubs that keep gardens lovely while requiring minimal maintenance.

Astral Trumpet (Anthem)

As a fragrant shrub, an angel’s trumpet is perfect for you. Its trumpet-shaped flowers hang from the bush. Despite its rapid growth, it is a hazardous bush that should not keep around children or pets.

Dwarf umbrella

A dwarf umbrella tree can grow up to 15 feet in height and is also known as a dwarf umbrella tree. The flowers on the plant are tiny and bright crimson. However, indirect light is preferred during the afternoon hours when the sun’s rays are the hottest.

Cape Jasmine

White flowers bloom on Cape Jasmine throughout the summer. It thrives in well-drained soil, moderate water, and partial to full sun but tolerates a little shade. Somewhat acidic soil is also ideal for growth.


Chenille shrubs have red flowers that look like caterpillars. When fully grown, the plant can reach a height of 15 feet, and it thrives in full sun and sandy, somewhat acidic soil.

What are the Best Low-Maintenance Evergreen Shrubs?

It’s a widespread fear that bushes will grow too large and take up too much area. Numerous plants are low-maintenance, stay modest, and add years of beauty and curb appeal to your landscape. They are known as “the king of evergreens.” Deer, disease, and pest resistant, these shrubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is one of the most beautiful examples of boxwood.

Magic Carpet Spirea

A fantastic alternative for enhancing curb appeal is Magic Carpet Spirea. This plant’s initial leaf is red, and as it matures, it turns a brilliant gold color. These genuinely stand out from the street when planted in beds with black mulch.

There’s no reason not to include this plant in your landscaping, but it also blooms in late April with pink flowers.

My Monet

One of Gullo’s Professional Landscaping’s most popular dwarf weigelas is My Monet. When it blooms in the late spring, its pink blossoms are one of the most stunning plants available.

With only a 12′′-18′′ height, this plant has received numerous prizes and requires little pruning. As one of our most unusual plants, Fox Red Curly Sedge attracts a lot of attention.

While some people adore it for its unique appearance, others say it’s depressingly gloomy. As for the former group, this plant is an excellent option for occasions when you want a change of pace.

When planted in stone beds, Fox Red Curly Sedge has a striking appearance.

A Brief description of Shrubs

American Beautyberry


The American beautyberry usually is between 3 and 5 feet tall, with a similar width, although it can grow up to 9 feet tall under ideal soil and moisture conditions. Fall and winter produce clusters of glossy, iridescent-purple fruit (occasionally white) that hug the branches at the leaf axils. Bark on older wood is light brown, while bark on younger wood is reddish-brown.

Branch hairs use an l0x hand lens on spherical to four-sided twigs with smooth bark and long, elevated corky patches (lenticels). They have large, ovate-elliptic leaves of 9 inches long, pointed or blunt at the tip, and tapered to their base.

The margins are coarsely tooth except near the ground, and the teeth are either pointed or rounded.

The lower surface of young leaves covers with branched hairs, and they pair or group. In dense clusters at the leaf bases, the flowers are petite, pink, and clusters usually do not surpass the leaf petioles.

Pink or lavender-colored berries are about 1/4 inch long, 3/16 inch wide, and remain even after the leaves have dropped.

Bay Laurel


Evergreen shrubs, bay laurel, grow up to 12 feet tall. Cutting off lower branches can be used to produce a tree form. The thick, leathery green leaves have a strong aroma and use in cooking.

Yellowish-green, unimportant flower clusters develop on female shrubs during spring, and the discarded flowers turn into little blackberries.

This striking shrub thrives in full sun to partial shade and in rich, well-drained soils when watered regularly. Bay laurel grows nicely in pots, in bulk plantings, or as a hedge or screening shrub in the landscape.



An extremely fast-growing plant, it should plant in the spring or summer. If nurtured in the right conditions, it can grow up to several feet per year. As mature plants begin to bloom each year in the spring, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, it is a popular addition to gardens and landscapes alike.

The leaves and stems of fire bush are used to cure skin rashes, fungal infections, bug bites, and tanning. Fermented beverages are made from the bush’s fruits (little blackberries) in Mexico. Heat- and drought-tolerant, and pest- and disease-resistant, this shrub is a reliable companion.

It blooms beautiful orange-red tubular flowers from spring to winter that attracts butterflies, songbirds, and hummingbirds. It grows higher in South Florida than elsewhere in the state.

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