13 Florida Springs RV Camping Tips for a Solemn Stay

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Florida Springs RV camping offers something for everyone in the family- from young ones just starting out their camping careers to those who have been doing it for years. There’s plenty of space to set up your RV, and the staff is always available to help with anything you need.

So come on down and enjoy all that Florida Springs has to offer!

The ecosystems of Florida Springs are diverse ecosystems that have a significant ecological, cultural, and economic influence.

During these trying times, we all wish we could soak up the sun somewhere other than our front porches. While we can’t go on that trip just yet, we can start compiling a bucket list of places to visit once it’s all over – and these incredible natural springs in Florida should surely be on it.

The Highest Concentration of Springs is in FL

Florida has the world’s highest concentration of springs. This is due to the fact that much of Florida’s bedrock is limestone, a sedimentary rock that is prone to breakdown.

Rainwater acidifies and chemically weathers the limestone, resulting in karst topography, which includes caverns and sinkholes.

If water levels inside the underlying aquifer are high enough when the sinkhole forms, this type of topography can become a spring.

There are some significant historical sites in Springs. Many Florida cities have names that reflect the significance of springs throughout history, such as DeLeon Springs, Silver Springs, and High Springs, to mention a few.

There’s never a bad time to visit any of these beautiful springs, no matter what season you’re wanting to visit.

All of the local airports have low-cost vehicle rentals, so rent from one of the big hubs and visit as many springs as possible.

Almost all of these springs are kept at a constant temperature of 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Florida’s springs are critical to the state’s ecosystem, sustaining a diverse range of plant and animal species.

They’re also perfectly clear, making them some of the most gorgeous bodies of water on the planet.

These are some best springs in Florida that are truly worth the visit:


1. Ponce de Leon Springs:

This beautiful spring is named after Juan Ponce de León, who, according to mythology, led the first Spanish expedition to Florida in 1513 in search of the Fountain of Youth.

The water temperature of Ponce de Leon Springs is consistently 68 degrees Fahrenheit all year. The main spring, which is formed by the confluence of two underground water flows, produces 14 million gallons of water every day. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through a beautiful hardwood forest on two self-guided nature trails while learning about the local ecology and fauna.

Seasonal guided walks are also led by rangers.

Picnicking is a common activity at the park, which offers grills and tents.

2. Summertime at Ponce de Leon Springs:

On weekends and holidays, Ponce de Leon Springs sees a lot of visitors. When the Park is full, no automobiles, bikes, or pedestrians will be allowed to enter until more space becomes available.

If you leave the park for whatever reason, you will not be able to return until another place becomes available. You will not be permitted to wait in line in the park when it is full, nor will you be permitted to park on the roads near the park for safety reasons.

Vehicles left on the road or on private property outside the park may be towed at the owner’s expense.

3. Wakulla Springs:


The blue water of Wakulla Springs, home to the world’s largest and deepest freshwater springs, is home to manatees, alligators, and a variety of other species that may be seen from a riverboat or the diving platform.
Even on the hottest summer days, the energizing 70-degree waters will keep you cool.

The historic lodge is a graceful relic of old Florida, and the ancient cypress swamps provided the perfect setting for classic Hollywood films.

From early Native Americans who lived in beachfront villages to filmmakers who recognized the primeval nature of the park’s wetlands and fauna when they decided to shoot Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (1941) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) here, Wakulla Springs has a long history.

Visitors may now swim where mastodons once roamed and take guided boat trips where dugout canoes once sailed through the cold waters.

There are alligators, manatees, and a plethora of birds to be observed.

A 1930s Spanish-style lodge with antique furniture, original elevators, and vividly painted ceilings depicting wildlife and Old Florida is also open to the public.

4. Levy County Springs:

Levy County, Florida, is primarily rural and is bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico, on the north by the Suwannee River, and on the east by the Withlacoochee River (on the south).

Manatee Springs, Fanning Springs, Waccasassa Bay Preserve, and Cedar Key Museum are the county’s four primary Florida State Parks.


Gilchrist_County_Levy_County_Florida_ Fanning_Springs Map area

Both Fanning Springs and Manatee Springs State Parks are worth a visit if you’re in the northern part of the county when it’s cool outside.

Do Florida springs have alligators?


In Florida, an alligator can be found in any body of water. Even though the more popular and busy springs (Ginnie) have fewer or no gators than the less-visited springs (Peacock), there may still be one around (Alexander).

If you do the same, the vast majority of them will leave you alone.

Where are the crystal-clear springs in Florida?

North Florida is home to approximately 1,000 freshwater springs, including the country’s greatest collection of First Magnitude springs.

The springs are an excellent way to get outside and enjoy Florida’s natural side. Make a point of visiting the springs on your visit to Gainesville and Alachua County.

6. Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park


Address: 7450 NE 60th St., High Springs FL 32643
Number: 386-454-1369

The Park contains a collection of natural springs, including a large second magnitude spring that produces an average of 44 million gallons of water per day.

This spring, known as Gilchrist Blue, has outstanding water clarity and discharges water through a shallow spring run about one-quarter mile to the Santa Fe River.

7. Ginnie Springs

Address: 7300 Ginnie Springs Rd., High Springs, FL 32643
Number: (386) 454-7188

Ginne Springs early morning fog

Splash into several springs and float on a raft down the Santa Fe River. An expansive underwater cave system makes Ginnie Springs an international destination for certified scuba divers.

The Park also hosts special events throughout the year.

8. Itchetucknee Springs State Park

Address: 12087 SW US Hwy 27, Fort White FL 32038
Number: 386-497-4690

Floating down the spring-fed Ichetucknee River is the perfect summer tradition and a refreshing, relaxing way to escape into nature. Blue Hole Spring is the largest of several springs at the park, producing on average 67 million gallons of water per day. The clear water is the main attraction, but wildlife is also in abundance with sightings of birds, turtles, otters, fish, and more.

9. Rum Island Park

Address: 1447 SW Rum Island Terr., Fort White, FL 32038

Rum Island Park provides you with access to the Santa Fe River and the beautiful, clear, freshwater Rum Island spring. Take a scenic hike on the nature trail located near the boat ramp.

About Florida Springs Camping:

When you hear the name “Florida,” you may remember the Disney theme parks with more crowds, lights, and a party climate.

But, apart from that celebrating climate, you can spend you and your family or friends in a Florida spring Camping because the springs in Florida are just awesome. And there are around 700 natural springs.

You might get surprised by that number. But that’s true. It uniquely has its own natural beauty.

Florida is always on the top of the best places to travel in December, the best partying destination, and many more. But I suggest that instead of spending your holiday in a crowded and common theme park, try an adventure experience with Florida springs camping.

These places are safe and easily accessible, even with your kids.

It will be a different experience for kids to explore nature by spending days in an amazing Florida camp rather than playing in a theme park.

Florida springs camping in the summer since the summers are just awesome for dipping in springs in a hot and humid climate. Florida springs are ideal and accessible.

Here’s the ultimate guide for the best Florida springs camping destinations, which has a supernatural environment with electricity and water.


10. Florida Springs Camping: Weeki Waachi Springs State Park

When you hear the name of “Weeki Waachi Springs,” the real-life mermaids will come to your mind.

Actually, here you can see enchanting mermaids’ performance shows in the underwater theatre.

Most people do not recommend this for camping since it doesn’t offer camps on site.

But still, I recommend this since you can make your spring camp in near options like:

  • Cody’s RV Park
  • Camp-A-Wyle Lake resort
  • Hawks Nest RV Park and campground

Kayaking, swimming, river cruising, snorkeling, and observing manatees highlighted more adventurous experiences while camping. Actually, Weeki Wachee Spring and the River offer you crystal clear water to easily see the underwater world. And also, you can kayak or canoe downstream to observe the variety of birds.

Even you can go with your kids for water activities in Buccaneer Bay and spring as the water is shallow and clear.

The Weeki Wachee was identified as a state park in 1947 and exactly on the Gulf Coast of Florida and in the north of Tampa.

Keep in mind that the place is extremely busy from April to early August.

So, the springtime is awesome since there are few people in spring as well as the river.

11. Florida Springs Camping: Otter Springs

When you drive nearly two and a half hours from Orlando, you will find this amazing campground near Otter Springs’ natural beauty.

This spring exists around 636 acres flows into the Suwannee River. The specialty of camping near this spring is that it is free of heavy crowds.

You can feel a natural beauty silently by sitting on the camp couch or doing water activities in the spring.

There’s a short walk to the Otter spring from the campground. And then you can do swim, fish and many water activities. Even there are some small mountains around which you can get hiking experiences as well.

Even you can plan for an RV camping in the campground. If you are looking for more amenities, there’s an enclosed pool with air-conditioned cabins which you can rent

12. Madison Blue Springs State Park, Florida

Located in between Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Madison Blue Springs State Park is one of Florida’s newest spring parks. Withlacoochee River is there immediately west side of the spring, and a rocky path with shallow water flow will lead you to this river. The most important part is that you have enough area for camping picnicking.

Even you can take an RV there for camping.

In 2015, this was rated as the best swimming hole in the United States. I agree since the water is super transparent and cool.

Even you can do freediving, snorkeling, and swimming while camping. Do not forget to bring goggles and flippers around you.

The most special feature of this camp is to see the manatees in the springs. And there are two easy ways to enter this park. The first one is to hike the trail system’s entirety to walk under cypress trees, while the next way is to kayak or canoe to get there. Then you can dive, swim, and discover the natural beauty there.

So, plan a camping vacation to Manatee Springs!

Putting it all together, Florida is known for its areas of natural beauty (think: mangrove forests, the Everglades, and miles of sandy beaches).

Hugged by the Atlantic Ocean, Straits of Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico, the azure waters that crash the Sunshine State’s coast attract swimmers, surfers, and scuba divers from around the world.

Even more remarkable, though, are Florida’s freshwater springs. Camping here in these springs can be done by tent, cabins, or RVs. Tent sites are first-come, first-served, some have water and electricity, and there is a bathhouse.

Many of Florida’s top springs feature winding systems of underwater caves popular with snorkelers and scuba divers. Others offer kayak and canoe rentals for visitors to better enjoy the vast expanses that feed into nearby rivers.

You can plan your vacations with your family and friends!


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