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Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is located near Homosassa Springs, Florida, United States. The park is outstanding for viewing manatees in the state. Tourists can creep up to the animals on a suspended lookout station.

What? You don’t get it?

That’s because you’re not from Florida!

This is a great park with natural springs and the habitats of some pretty cool animals, like West Indian manatees. No matter what time of year you come, there will be something really different to see.

Travel cost

To reach Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, an adult traveler will spend thirteen Dollars.

Any person who is over thirteen is regarded as an adult.

Children who are between six to twelve years old will cost around $5, and there is no gateway fee for children who are below six years of age.

Exceptions of Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Apart from the fact that the city of Homosassa Springs is constructed around, it got its name after its most monumental inherent wonder. One of the distinct characteristics of Homosassa hot springs is that the main inlet flows from three different areas underneath with every inlet having various salt capacity and water standards.

Animals in Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is also known as Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

It characterizes a number of caged animals like alligators, black bears, red wolves, key deer, flamingoes, whooping cranes, and the Lu, the long in the tooth hippos in captivity.

The manatees in Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park


The peak season for viewing manatees is November all through to April.

The local manatee inhabitants enlarge to their biggest size between December and February. You can see manatees in their waterways all year round. The inhabitants are quite small during the summer season.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Part is a restoration place for harmed and parentless West Indian manatees. It is situated in the freshwater spring while adjusting to natural surroundings before being let out to the wild.

The foundation of this park is a first-magnitude freshwater spring, which brings out millions of gallons of fresh, crystal-clear water each hour.

The spring outflow gives rise to the Homosassa River.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park provides travelers a unique chance to view Florida’s native wildlife in a natural scene.

You can stroll along tarmacked trails and boardwalks to view many of the following:

  • Manatees
  • Black bears
  • Florida panthers
  • Cougar
  • Red wolves
  • Bobcats
  • Key Deer
  • Alligator
  • Gray foxes
  • and otters at a very close distance

Also, many species of birds from beautiful wood ducks and roseate spoonbills to majestic birds of prey, herons, egrets, and whooping cranes are found in Homosassa Springs.

Several birds and animals residing at Homosassa Springs cannot pull through in the wild.

The park offers these animals habitat and diet that is as natural as it could.

One of the common scenarios of these stunning natural resources is the floating lookout where you can go under the water to see the thousands of fish and Florida’s rare manatees. Homosassa is one of the areas in the world where manatees can be seen at a distance of three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Downtown Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Downtowns are so cute and have a very relaxed inviting vibe that puts a smile on anyone’s face. In addition, downtown is so cute. Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park has downtowns that provide various opportunities for small enterprises.

The downtown Homosassa can welcome you up on a cloudy day or provide you with a daily perk by checking in your usual coffee shop.


Quality, purity, and punch are picked out with coffee beans portioned around the world and locally roasted at the same time being served fresh as it is prepared while you wait. Just place your order and it will be prepared as you wait there.

Downtown Homosassa shopping is best than online shopping. This is because you can touch, feel smell, and taste an adventure an item before deciding to buy it for yourself or as a gift.

Local merchants have hand-chosen their inventory to give a distinct choice for their downtown.

You will be introduced to musicians together and acquiring your local musical apparatus shop can be a critical way to get to try and use guitars. Be certain to begin your scrutiny downtown if you are looking to upgrade, trade in, or add to your assortment.

There’s also an area where you can purchase jewelry given by downtown merchants with a broad variety of lovely earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and also diamond rings.

You are sure to get the top artisan brands and jewelry producer that provides a special touch to each piece provided.

Locating the best hotel in Downtown Homosassa can make or ruin the encounter of your whole visit. Take a few minutes to investigate what every hotel has to provide by checking on their directories. Better still, you can search for their contacts online.

LU the hippo in Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park


Lu was born in nineteen sixty at the San Diego Zoo.

He resides in Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. He was about to be chased away but Florida Park Service took him in. Lu has been an elemental of the community for many years and age group that they protected and called on the governor by saying how they loved him and that the government should let him stay.

He converted to a favored citizen of the state of Florida. A normal day for him in the park starts at 7.30 am during feeding time. Because he is an herbivore, he eats alfalfa hay and pelleted grains, fruit, and vegetables.

Lu in the recent past celebrated his sixty-first birth date. He is the oldest hippopotamus in North America that is still alive.

Its permanent home is Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Part. It is very prominent that travelers come across all the divides to commemorate his birthday on January 26th.

Lu can also be celebrated on February fifteen to observe National Hippo Day.

The tourists can learn more about Lu in the park together with the next-door alligator neighbors. Lu has been featured in some on-screen television shows like Cowboy in Africa and Daktari.

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