Why We Love the Miami Beach Boardwalk (And You Should, Too!)

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I’m so lucky to live in this state. Miamians get a lot of flack from outsiders, but we all know that they don’t get the Miami Beach boardwalk! Miami is always known for its charming sandy beaches, top-class nightlife, and ravishing shopping centers.

More people love to make Miami their holiday destination for many reasons. We plan every few months and head down here for my favorite pastime: people watching!

I’ve seen it all from beach bums falling asleep on the benches after a few too many beers, to bored office workers taking a break with their lunch breaks.

It’s just such an iconic place, you can see it from miles away!

People come here for different reasons- some want to have a nice walk or bike ride while others are looking for some good food or shopping deals. It’s got something for everyone and is always lively no matter what time of day it is.

Miami beach boardwalk begins at Indian Beach Park at 46th Street and Collins Avenue.

Miami Beach Broadway goes south until it reaches 23rd Street, where it becomes paved. The paved section of the boardwalk continues to 5th Street along the Ocean Drive Promenade South Pointe Park that locates south of 5th Street.

It offers various beautiful views of Miami’s port.

The boardwalk continues from 5th street to 46th street, starting 4 blocks north of Nikki Beach. On Ocean Drive, between 5th and 14th streets, there is metered parking. To use public parking facilities on Collins is the best option to avail.

The Miami Beach Boardwalk runs from South Point Park to North Beach and goes as a significant route for foot and bike traffic. There are around 77 blocks to take you from beach to beach or to explore. As you can enjoy a stroll or workout in the Florida sunshine.

Similarly, including the ocean walk in South Beach, you can amuse yourself with the mid-island boardwalk and the North Beach walks. So, if you are planning for visiting a place where you can enjoy a bike ride and beach walking by holding your loved one’s hand, Miami Beach Boardwalk is the best option to choose. It is a great place to spending your time with your family and friends.

How long is the Boardwalk in Miami Beach?


At the corner of 46th Street and Collins Avenue, the Miami Beach Boardwalk starts. It goes south until it reaches 23rd Street, where this boardwalk becomes paved. The Boardwalk’s paved part begins at 5th Street, along the Ocean Drive Promenade. To make it ideal for a morning jog or an afternoon walk, you need to cover around 4 miles of the entire distance.

The Miami Beach Walk will be a 10-mile length that takes advantage of existing venues such as paved walkways, park promenades, sandy sections, and raised boardwalks. The Miami Beach Walk, in effect, picks up where the Miami Beach Boardwalk stopped.

From 21st Street to 46th Street, the Central Miami Beach part of the boardwalk continues to integrate the city’s distinctive art deco design.

This nearly two-mile stretch of boardwalk has several local cafés where you can stop for a drink. While watching the tourists pass by or explore the stores along Collins Avenue.

Along the Miami Beach oceanfront on Collins Avenue, many famous shopping brands offer what you need.

They will provide you with those additional luxurious services that you could only have on vacations.

Does Miami have a Boardwalk with Rides?

A similar broader Paver Walkway has been added to the Miami Beach Boardwalk. It is part of the Miami Beach Walk that accommodates walkers and bicycles to enjoy their fun time. It is a north-south walkway that runs from one end of Miami Beach to the other.

Miami is known for being one of the most bike- and pedestrian-friendly cities in the country. Not every area can claim to be a bike-friendly community. Miami beach boardwalk can make it a point to provide cyclists a broad way to enjoy their ride. There is a long way aside to walk and ride a bicycle at a boardwalk in Miami beach. You can also amuse yourself with the alluring view, Parks, restaurants, and various rides for your kids with the Miami Beach boardwalk.

Is it Safe to Walk around Miami Beach at Night?

The city of Miami with the beach is usually safe for tourists. However, the famous destinations have some issues like pickpocketing. It is highly recommended to walk in groups, especially during frantic nights or on crowded Washington Street. To avoid any unexpected incidents in unknown areas, people are suggested to spend less timeout at night.

While walking on the beach after dark is generally not a smart idea. The beaches aren’t particularly dangerous at night, but you can face some difficulty or more risk by being in such areas at night. In Miami, it’s the best thing to choose busy locations at night where Miami offers a vibrant nightlife and diverse culture.

Miami Beach is a fantastic destination for families. During this vacation trip, you must be careful to take some safety measures. For instance, make sure to go outside with your exact navigational plan to come back to your hotel room safely.

You need to be intact with your family members through your cell phone if you got lost the way. Put all your essential things like passport, documents, and everything else in your bad especially when you are partying out. Check all the safety measures before visiting any place in Miami.

Furthermore, there left one important thing to consider.

Especially before your vacations plan to visit Miami in any season. You may think about going at a different time of year. For instance, in summer, it can get rather hot. Similarly, the winter months are significantly milder but still warm.

However, the rainy season is considered unsafe to visit.

Your adventure plans may be impacted by rain and humidity. The rainy season is also hurricane season, so stay informed about any emerging tropical systems so you can alter your plans to keep your family safe and have a good time.

At night some places in Miami have the highest risk of violent crime. You should be avoided to visit them after dark.

Apart from that, it is now safe to travel to Miami as long as you follow a few safety precautions.

What should I avoid in Miami?

As a tourist, there are a few things that you need to avoid. Viewing it with all the aspects, some precautionary measures are important to take. Especially, when you are in Miami for your vacation.

⦁ Never try to cross Wynwood’s limits late at night.
⦁ You are not going to be on time.
⦁ Summer is not the best time to visit the Everglades.
⦁ Do not be stingy with your sunscreen.
⦁ During a hurricane, do not go surfing.
⦁ Do not get behind the wheel.
⦁ During a hurricane, do not go surfing.
⦁ Do not try to cross Wynwood’s limits late at night.
⦁ Never remark to a resident that “Miami Beach in Miami.”
⦁ Do not try to presume that Miami has an all-time party

⦁ For your traveling plans, you need to be aware of Baggage safety. Because baggage theft has a poor reputation at Miami Airport. You should not pack your valuables in baggage that could be checked at the airport. Your things will travel through several unattended hands. It is why, you can use a carry-on bag to keep your camera, computer, jewelry, money, medicines, and vital papers safe.

⦁ For the safe traveling locations, the neighborhoods of Miami Beach, Brickell, Coral Gables, and Coconut Grove are all safe. However, awful things may happen to anybody, at any time.

When you are on vacation, stay cautious and vigilant about who you put your trust in. Be aware of what is going on around you and walk with a purpose.

What can you find Along the Miami Beach Boardwalk? (List restaurants, shopping, hotels, etc.)

Miami beach boardwalk has many attractions to make your visit unforgettable. You can come here with your family, friends, and loved ones to enjoy your vacation time with them. Many restaurants, parks, hotels, and entertainment places serve their best luxurious offers to make your trip memorable.

Here is the list of these places to make sure that you plan for a worthwhile place to visit.

Restaurant near Miami Beach Boardwalk.

  1. Bungalow By the Sea
  2. Lt Steak & Seafood
  3. Donna Mare Trattoria
  4. Beaches Bar & Grill
  5. Paradise Café
  6. Mango’s Tropical Café
  7. Primo Café & Market
  8. Cecconi’s Miami
  9. CJs Crab Shack
  10. Ambersweet Restaurant

Hotels near Miami Beach Boardwalk

  1. The Confidante Miami Beach
  2. Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club
  3. Notebook Miami Beach
  4. Hampton Inn Miami Beach- Mid Beach
  5. Abae Hotel
  6. Fontainebleau
  7. Hotel Croydon
  8. Circa 39 Hotel
  9. Eden Roc Miami Beach

Shops & malls near Miami Beach Boardwalk

  1. Fifth & Alton
  2. Lincoln Road
  3. Melissa Shoes City Center
  4. The official Art Deco Shop
  5. Fritz’s Stake Bike & Surf
  6. Think & Believe
  7. Look Beyond Gallery
  8. Dash
  9. Ocean & Twelve Store
  10. Shore Thing Beach & Tackle
  11. Karma Store
  12. Skywards Kites
  13. Whittall & Shon
  14. Art Connection Jewelry
  15. Club Monaco

Art & Fun Places near Miami Beach Boardwalk

  1. Lik Miami
  2. Art Basel
  3. The well Lounge
  4. Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach
  5. Art Deco Tour
  6. Faena Theater
  7. Tierra Santa Healing House
  8. Romero Britto Art Gallery

Jewish Museum of Florida, Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach Cinematheque are some more fun places near Miami Beach Boardwalk that you must visit during your trip in Miami.

What parks are on the Miami Beach Boardwalk?

Miami Beach Boardwalk has several amusement parks that offer plenty of entertaining services to their visitors. You can enjoy your time in front of the strolling, bicycling, and watching the sunset. All these parks have a good promenade for walks along the coast that provide some wonderful views.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off by watching vibrant sunset views. This describing beauty cannot be captured in words.

So, let’s view the list to make a plan to visit Miami Beach Boardwalk parks to make your go-to to make your evenings amazing.

And witness this incredible view of nature with your own eyes.

  • Indian Beach Park
  • Collins Park


  • Lummus Park
  • Haulover Park
  • Homestead Bayfront Park
  • Allison Park
  • Beach View Park& Vita Course
  • Muss Park
  • Fisher Park
  • Pinetree Park
  • Flamingo Park
  • Brittany Bay Park
  • Park gym
  • Miami Beach Botanical Graden
  • Soundscape Park
  • North Beach Oceanside Park
  • South Pointe Park Pier



These parks are the ideal destinations for travelers seeking a laid-back, small-town feel with much to see and do. It is an excellent place for anybody interested in exploring local communities and discovering new unique locations.

If you are Looking for a venue to have a family gathering, North Beach is one of Miami Beach’s largest parks is the best option to choose. Similarly, all these parks with lots of picnic tables and grills shaded by old-growth sea grape trees, as well as three pavilions for picnics and party rentals.

What’s not permitted on the Miami Beach Boardwalk?

If you have an image of walkways and walks dotted with beach town cafés, restaurants, bars, rentals, souvenir stores, and touristic memorabilia in your mind. The Miami beach boardwalk is not the same like this. This is a beautiful well-kept boardwalk that connects one end of Miami Beach to the other.

There are lots of rest areas and seats, as well as magnificent panoramic views. There are not many watering spots along the boardwalk. In fact, it’s a good idea to carry something to drink with you on your walk to enjoy your time.

To keep visitors’ safety at first, people are not permitted to do few things at Miami Beach Boardwalk.
You are not allowed to do the following things 24 hours a day.
⦁ Beverages that contain Alcohol
⦁ Glass material for drinks
⦁ Illegal selling
⦁ Pets & Animals (Except for Service Animals)
⦁ Skateboarding
⦁ Riding a Bicycle & bike
⦁ Firearms (except as permitted under Florida Law)

Many people who have visited Miami Beach Boardwalk left their reviews about this amazing place.

The boardwalk is a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the views of the beach, the water, the people, and the trees. It could also lend itself to a very romantic evening out with your love.

It’s a perfect place to exercise and enjoy a great jog early in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t a factor. It spans to about four miles so if jogging is your thing, you’ll love it as you jog between the ocean and the hotels with enough room as to not be disturbed by others enjoying their moment.

Boardwalk is probably the best place to walk along the coast of Miami Beach. The street stretches for miles and neatly skirts the most beautiful beaches of the area. It reminds me of The High Line in New York.

The pedestrian road runs along the ocean line. Here you can ride a bike, run or just take a leisurely walk admiring the waves. Throughout the boardwalk, there are small benches, fountains with clear water, equipped areas for swimming and sunbathing and open-air restaurants.

For exercise with a view, this is the place to be in Miami Beach. It’s not as busy as South Beach, and the walkway is nice and wide.

No issues with people on bikes or roller blades because there’s lots of space.

It’s nice to view all of the pools and patios of the hotels as you walk along.

One hotel was actually having a fancy reception for an event while we were there on a Saturday morning.

As you walk along the boardwalk you can easily see the beach with all the colorful lifeguard towers. There are many small paths to get access to the beach all along the boardwalk

The boardwalk is a nice place to visit when in Miami Beach. There are many shops, restaurants, and fun activities. It is accessible by bus or car and free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

Towards the south end of the beach, you’ll find the Art Deco District with some beautiful buildings dating back to the early 20th century.

The boardwalk has some remarkable landmarks too like Essex House, The Celino Hotel, The Carlyle, and more.

If you don’t want to spend money at all then there are also some free things like walking on Ocean Drive or admiring the palm trees on Lincoln Road.

All in all, I think Miami is a great destination!

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