8 Helpful Tips For Doing Pier Park, Florida

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Pier Park is situated at Panama City Beach, Florida. it was opened in 2008. The Park acts as the premier shopping station for the Panama City Beach market and the whole of Emerald Coast.

1. Location

Situated on Front Beach Road at the center of Panama City Beach, Pier Park is perfectly located to take care of the area increasing dwelling community exploding condo market and more than 7 million visitors that travel every year.

2. Pier Park size

It measures approximately 1.1 million square foot outdoor regional geographical station center. It puts forward distinct shopping, tourist attractiveness, and dining for the banquet to the Panama City Beach location.

3. Getting into Pier Park

To get to Pier Park, there is a long pavement that is designed for pedestrians. There are several shops and eateries along the pavement where you can have a bite or quench your thirst. Movie theatres, bars, nightclubs, and travelers’ shops are also located on the street.

Pier Park at Night Panama City Beach Florida

4. Pier Park attractions

Per Park has very many fascinating features that attract both the locals and the visitors. The compelling charm is good for visitors of all ages and amusements. The Grand Theater is a charming place with the current runaway success at the Grand IMAX theatre.

The IMAX theatre has arena seating, comfortable chairs that you can pick one to sit and relax. There are very huge screens, digital sound,3D enabled, and DBOX MFX motion seats to give you an enjoyment worth remembering.

You can visit and watch your favorite movie of your choice at XD Dark ride Experience. A movie with a nourishing snack to keep you glued to the screen is also available. The Grand IMAX offers packages where you can celebrate the birthday party of your loved ones.

The XD The dark ride experience is another eye-catching attraction in Pie Park.

Watching a movie there is so enjoyable that you don’t just watch but experience it with your whole being. Any action movie that you watch, you feel it too due to the level of concentration that you get.

You will experience a movie in 7D where the 3D movie is put on steroids and you will have a lifetime thrill. Experience fascinating unique effects, wind machines, strobe lights, and rapid motion seats and engross yourself with the movie. If you are a gaming person, you are just at the right place for that. Engage yourself with the 16 other riders to compete with.

The movies and the games are spread across all age groups. Experience zombies, werewolves, and robot cowboys in the park too.

Enjoy yourself with a multiservice Dave and Busters. It does not matter if you are old school lover or the newest games available, that are available in the park. Playing all these games can trigger anger, and finger-licking burgers and a full bar are available, and smoked BBQ ribs.

Enjoy your favorite drink at Dave and Busters that are there and a full bar and restaurant to quench your thirst.

The Emerald Coast Mirror Maze and Laser Tag is another very attractive site to visit. You will be able to have fun with a heart-pounding joy.

It does not matter if you are a small child or a child at heart, your mind will be fully engaged to the game. If you love tournaments, proceed to Pirates’ Quest Laser Tag where there is an 1800 square foot stadium as your battlefield.

Despite the kind of fun, you are looking for, you cannot miss any at Pier Park. They range from families to couples, birthday parties, and what have you. There is something for every need, all you need to do is bring yourself in and lose it.

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5. Pier Park Stores

A holiday cannot be complete if there is no retail therapy. The location is very strategic and you don’t have to travel far to enjoy all that your heart desires. Take a breather stroll from one store to the other. As you move from one store to another, you will be able to enjoy the warm sun of Florida.

The stores are 124 and you will be able to make a choice of what attracts you and visit only those that entice and have your needs. The stores range from trendsetters for the latest trends, all American stores, and many more.

6. Pier Park Events

Recently, Pier Park has gained its popularity due to the unique firework celebrations, free-air concerts, and entertainment jamboree, that takes place across the year more so during the summer season. The events include the Pirate on the High Seas Festival and Columbus Day Weekend with live songs.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations begin with many activities and live band and fireworks extravaganza to light up the skies. The Pier Park Seafood Festival offers fresh mouthwatering delicacies from one of the best hotels.

7. Where to lodge near Pier Park

There are very many places to lodge while at Pier Park. The Ocean Reef Resorts offers all sorts of lodging services together with bed and breakfast.

8. Fishing in Pier Park

The Pier is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

For anyone who loves fishing, there is no licensing fishing. For you to get in the park, the charges are $7 for the cohort of 7 years and above and $3 for the active-duty military for disabled persons and the elderly. For you to fish, the two saltwater have over 60 species of fish. You can catch them over the piers and jetties.

You can also surf fish along the Emerald Coast. All that you require is a surf rod and a reel to cast out past the breakers to catch different species such as pompano and redfish.

You can also hire a boat to venture into deep-sea fishing.

This requires the attire to go to the deep sea.

Information on weather changes is normally provided by the leader in the boat to know the limits and the extent to where they can go in the deep sea.

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