34 Golf Courses In The Villages, Florida You Oughta Know

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The Villages, Florida is known to be a community of retired adults who seek fun-filled activities and joy in their late adulthood.

It provides an overabundance of opportunities to enjoy one of Florida’s most loved sports, golf.

Currently, there are over 640 golf holes available for residents to play in The Villages, FL.

The area offers over thirty executive 9-hole courses along with 12 championship courses.

Surprisingly, that is more than any other community in the world.

Not only can you expect competition, comradery, and fun while golfing in The Villages, you can also enjoy the picturesque backdrops and gorgeous natural settings that surround well-manicured courses.

It does not matter if you are not an expert of the game, because their premier golf academy offers one-to-one, private, and group coaching sessions and courses for beginners seeking to learn as well as for experienced players trying to improve their game.

Golf courses in The Villages, Florida

The Villages is home to more than 50 golf courses, each with its unique set of properties, designs complemented by scenic and naturally beautiful backdrops.

Here is an overview of all the golf courses of The Villages.

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1. Amberwood

Currently a par 28 with yardage ranging from 1163 to 1710 yards.

2. Bacall

It is a Level 3, par 29 course with a distance ranging from 1247 to 1892 yards.

3. Belmont

Offering a par 28 with yardage at distance between 1063 and 1692 yards.

4. Bogart

Currently, a par 28, ranging from 992 total yards to 1679 rear tees.

5. Bonita Pass

It is a par 27 course with an overall distance of 1031 to 1407 yards.

6. BriarWood

A par 27 course with a front tee distance ranging from 950 yards and a rear tee of 1461.

7. Chula Vista

It is a par 28 golf course that can be played as short as 1298 yards and as long as 1507 yards.

8. Churchill Greens

It comprises a round of golf as short as 1040 yards depending on what tee box you opt for.

9. De La Vista

Depending on your selection of tee locations, De La Vista can play from 1243 to 1645 yards.

10. El Diablo

This par 27, Level 3 course has yardage varying from 811 yards to 1486 yards.

11. EL Santiago

The beautifully manicured course ranges from 817 to 1207 yards.

12. Escambia

Ranging from 757 to 1337 yards, it offers beautiful views.

13. Gray Fox

It provides golfers with a longer stretch of course design complemented with scenic views.

14. Hawkes Bay

Ranging from 849 from the forward tees and 1336 yards from the rear tees, playing at Hawkes Bay is a fun-filled experience.

15. Heron

The novice can play an 851-yard track while more experienced golfers can play the longer 1468 yard game.

16. Hill Top

It is a par 28 course that plays 1165 yards from front tees and1347 from the rear tees.

17. Loblolly

Ranging from 793 to 1452 yards, this course is less challenging and more fun to play at.

18. Longleaf

A par 28 course ranging from 688 to 1661 yards is proven to be fun for the golfers.

19. Lowlands

Level 2 course with yardage ranging from 1075 to 1600 yards.


20. Mangrove

It offers multiple sets of tees with yardage ranging from 1,393-694.

21. Marshview Pitch & Putt

Nestled among beautiful oak trees, this course has holes ranging from 40 to 110 yards in length.

22. Mira Mesa

It features 2 par 4 holes with yardage ranging from 1130 to 1657 yards.

23. Oakleigh

A fun-filled 28 par course that can play as short as 1005 yards and as long as 1517 yards.

24. Okeechobee

Considered as one of the most difficult courses in The Villages, it offers tees for golfers of all skills ranging from 805 to 1439 yards.

25. Palmetto

It offers a challenging golf course of 1787 yards in length and a more manageable 1106 yards which is a more enjoyable experience for beginners.

26. Pelican

Pelican’s front tees will allow you to play an easier 1171 yard while back tees stretch the course to 1777 yards.

27. Pimlico

A par 29 course plays between 991 and 1539 yards of beautiful golf lined by old oaks.

28. Red Fox

It offers a different experience to the golfers with a nine-hole course filled with scenic views.

29. Reddish Run

Ranging from manageable short tees at 957 yards to 1632 yards from the tip, it is a challengingly fun-filled course for golfers.

30. Roosevelt

Level 4, par 29 courses are fun but challenging and you can play as short as 1080 yards and as long as 1751 yards from back tees.

31. Saddlebrook

Considered to be a favorite among Villager golfers, its distance ranges from 952 yards to 1371 yards.

32. SandHill

It is a par 28 course with front yardage of 998 stretching to 1657 yards from the back tees.

33. Sarasota

Designed for players of all skill levels, it is located outside of the Sarasota practice facility.

34. Silver Lake

The very first executive course in The Villages is a 29 par executive course that stretches the course to 1613 yards by playing from the tips.

Championship Courses in The Villages, Florida

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The village features 12 championship courses.

  • Belle Glade
  • Bonifay
  • Cane Garden
  • Glen View Champions are a few names.

Cost of Playing Golf in The Villages, Florida

The village features 12 championship courses, 41 nine-hole executive courses, an 18 hole-walking only pitch-and-putt course, and an 18-hole, walking-only, grass-putting course.

Being a resident of The Villages, you are automatically a member of the country club facilities. There are no dues or initiation fees to pay.

Executive courses are free for the residents and they only have to pay a trial fee for use of a golf car on the courses. The trial fee is $4.00 per person for each round played.

A green fee is required for guests to play golf which ranges from $7.00 in May till October and $11.00 from November through April.

The Villages offer a great pastime for adults who are just in the relaxing phase of life. Offering scenic views, a friendly environment, and one of the world’s best golf courses, this is the best place for your golfing experience!

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