Rainbow Springs Tubing is a Must-do Activity

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  • Do you need a reservation for Rainbow Springs?
    • Reservations should be made at least one day before arrival. They can also be made up until 11 months ahead. Rainbow Springs State Park has more information and can be booked online.
  • Can I bring my own tube to Rainbow Springs State Park?
    • After you reach the springs, the option to rent or bring your own is available. To comply with park regulations, you can bring your tube but it must be less than 60 inches wide. Food and beverages can be brought along on the ride provided they are in reusable containers.

Rainbow Springs tubing is the best way to experience North Florida! You can cool off in the springs, which are surrounded by a lush forest. The spring water is crystal clear and has a temperature of 72 degrees year-round.

Rainbow Springs is also home to a variety of wildlife, including otters, turtles, and fish.

There are plenty of places to tube, and the staff is always willing to help you find the perfect spot.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging ride or a leisurely float, Rainbow Springs has something for everyone.

How Early Should You Get to Rainbow Springs For Tubing?

If you’re planning to go tubing at Rainbow Springs, you need to know the best time to go. Rainbow River is a popular state park that attracts people all year long.

However, it can get very crowded during weekends. Once it reaches capacity, the park closes. To avoid these crowds, you must arrive early.

You should also remember that it is not allowed to park your car outside the park.

Therefore, you must start driving early. Often, the cars are lined up outside the gate, even before the gates open.

Rainbow Springs: Tubing at KP Hole

Tubing the Rainbow River

Tubing at rainbow springs is a great way to spend the day. There are many different types of tubing, from single-person tubes to double-seater tubes for couples.

Can you tube down the rainbow river?

Yes, but it’s not as easy as it sounds: the rainbow river is about 150 yards long and has a current that can quickly push you off course!

For those who want more adventure, there are kayaks available for rent too! You can explore rainbow springs by boat or take in all its beauty from the water level.

Rainbow Springs offers free parking and free wifi so what do you have to lose?

How much is tubing at Rainbow Springs?

Tubing is purchased for $20, but remember: rainbow springs offer discounts!

If you’re planning on tubing four times or more in one day, rainbow springs will cut the price down to $15 per tube.

How long does it take to tube rainbow river?


Tubing takes about four hours total, from start to finish (including bathroom breaks). The tubing adventure alone requires roughly two hours since you will have some walking back uphill ahead of you once you’re done floating.

Tubing down a river is always fun – especially when that river runs through beautiful rainbow springs. Can you grill at rainbow springs?

Yes! The park offers picnic areas near its natural spring, which provides freshwater year-round. You can also swim after your tubing experience since rainbow springs have a beach area for all its guests to enjoy.

Best practices for tubing rainbow river:

  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and dirty.
  • Bring a change of clothes, shoes, and a towel to leave in your car for when you are finished tubing down rainbow springs.

Can you grill at rainbow springs?

Yes! You can bring your grills and cookout to the property. Don’t have a grill? Rainbow Springs also offers them for rent, along with tables to set up your food.

Or, if you’d instead not be cooking, there are many places nearby that offer great take-out options like Buffalo Wild Wings or Applebees.

A covered pavilion near the main office has BBQ grills available to those who bring their own charcoal/propane gas.

Additionally, there are several charcoal grills throughout rainbow springs park that are open 24/seven.

Tips for grilling at rainbow springs include:

  • Bring your charcoal and lighter fluid (or gas)
  • Be sure to grill away from the river bank. A free designated grilling area near rainbow springs tubing hill at rainbow springs park in Dunnellon, Florida.
  • Rainbow springs offer grills for rent to those who do not own them, but please be courteous and don’t block traffic in the park.
  • Rainbow Springs has a covered pavilion near the main office with BBQ grills available to those who bring their own charcoal/propane gas
  • There are several charcoal grills throughout rainbow springs park that are open 24/seven.

Are there alligators at rainbow spring?


Yes, they’re everywhere! According to Florida State wildlife officials, it is illegal (and dangerous) to feed or harass an alligator.

While you may see people providing them along the river banks, this is never done within Rainbow Springs state property, and we warn visitors against doing so as well. Feeding wild

Are there alligators in the rainbow river?

It is Florida, so of course, there are gators! Be aware when tubing down rainbow springs because they love everything from snakes to turtles – even small dogs (true story).

Alligator sightings within Rainbow Springs park boundaries are rare but still possible; kayakers should always keep their eyes out for wildlife since it’s widespread to see gators along rainbow springs!

Alligators are not the only wildlife you will encounter in rainbow springs. There are turtles, fish, and even a variety of birds such as herons!

Rainbow springs park is a great place for all who love nature to come and enjoy.

Can you swim at rainbow springs?

Yes, but it’s not encouraged. Swimming is allowed in the designated areas of rainbow springs state park, which are off-limits to tubers and kayakers.

There are lifeguards on duty, so if you want to take a dip, make sure one is present before doing so. Please remember that swimming in the spring can be hazardous; there have been multiple deaths every year due to this very reason.

It would help if you only swam in the designated swimming area marked with buoys and flag markers. The water temperature hovers around 72 degrees, so it’s always a perfect time to go for a dip! How long does it take to tube rainbow river?

Tubing downstream takes roughly four hours total from start to finish (including bathroom breaks).

Tips for swimming at rainbow springs:

  • Do wear sunscreen and bug spray, but do not apply it before entering the water as this would contaminate rainbow springs with chemicals. If you have any allergies or sensitive skin issues, always check what’s safe to use on your body first so that there are no mishaps later down the line.
  • Use biodegradable soaps and sunscreens
  • Be aware that Rainbow Springs is a wildlife habitat. Please do not touch, feed or harass any animals you come across while visiting the park, as this can be harmful to both them and yourself.

Swimming at rainbow springs can be hazardous if done in areas where it’s prohibited by law. There are lifeguards on duty every day for your protection and safety!

If you want to swim, make sure one of these uninformed individuals is present before doing so.

Lifeguards will help protect against anything potentially hazardous occurring during your visit, which could ruin it completely.

The best way to enjoy rainbow springs state park is without facing unnecessary risks, swimming included. Swimming here should only take place in designated areas and with a lifeguard on duty for your safety.

Wrapping Up

Tubing at Rainbow Springs is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with family and friends.

It is important to be safe when tubing, so be sure to follow the rules and guidelines set forth by Rainbow Springs.

By doing so, you can ensure that everyone has a fun and safe experience.

It is important to be safe when tubing, so be sure to follow the rules and wear a life jacket. have fun and stay safe!

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