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How to get to peanut Island, Florida

Peanut island, Florida offers historical sites, snorkeling, camps, and walking trails, among other interesting activities. Small as it is, the island offers much excitement that you’ll easily forget about its size.

To get to Peanut island, you’ll need a boat. Some people have personal boats and use them to access the island. If you do, Google maps will come in handy and guide you from the direction you’re coming from to the island.

For those without, the Peanut island ferry is the best option to getting there. It docks at the Riviera Beach Marina Village. That means you will have to be at the Riviera Beach Marina village by 10AM.

The ferry carries people to and from the island from 10AM to 5PM. Within 25 minutes, it would have done a trip to and from the island. But you have to be there early enough. Past 3.30 PM, there’s no ferry going to the island.
Everything about this island, from how and when you get there, to your departure is organized. That is why you expect your 10-minute journey from Marina village to be smooth. The ferry offers snacks you can grab and bite as you sail to your beautiful destination.

Riviera Beach Marina village is located on 190 E. 13th Street, Riviera Beach, FL, US. The picturesque beach was opened in 2016 and offers the easiest route to Peanut island. Besides, it has additional touristic activities meaning you can extend your stay in Florida just after leaving the Peanut island.

The proximity between these two destinations make things more interesting. Imagine going to your beautiful vacation destination and passing through another beautiful beach. A dream tourist experience that would be!
As you sail the pontoon boats with open views, you can be sure to enjoy the waters and its creatures. Depending on the season, be sure to see beautiful and different types of fish among other sea creatures.

Pennekals Peanut Island open for Swimming?


The island has swimming areas and is open for swimming among other water activities. The snorkeling lagoon and specific swimming spots are manned by lifeguards. This is for the safety of the swimmers and a reminder that you can be free to have fun in water despite your swimming prowess.

It is important to note that the peanut island has big and deadly fish and that is why you need proper snorkeling gear. Still, this is a good place to master your snorkeling skills.

The beginner friendly snorkeling spots in peanut island are shallower, reaching a bare 10 feet depth. The designers also installed artificial outcroppings that neutralize strong currents. This makes the place favorable for snorkelers.

Most of the time, the waters are clear. That means minimized visibility issues. As a result, swimming and snorkeling becomes easier and more enjoyable.

As you continue enjoying your time inside water, sea creatures may accompany you. Please keep distance. On that note, only go to designated snorkeling areas. That way you will avoid trouble.

The snorkel lagoon in peanut island can be accessed using a boat or a water taxi. There are a few boat options with slightly varying prices.

At the moment, you will be required to carry your mask among other snorkeling requirements. It is also important that picnic spots are available. As such, you can enjoy refreshments after the activity.

The picnic spots have no refreshments on sale. Therefore, you will be required to carry your own. If you want to grill meat, you can carry everything but the grills because they’re already provided for.

Another important thing to remember is that the depth of the lagoon ranges between 5 to 12. If you’re comfortable with that depth, you may proceed and have fun.

Whenever in a new place, you have to be cautious. Besides, preparedness for any eventuality is a must. With that in mind, be cautious of the tides and don’t drift far from the lagoon. Play safe!

Peanut Island Water Taxi

This is one of the most highly recommended water taxis in the peanut island. It offers carriage to those who go for snorkeling. The water taxi alters operational hours during summer and winter.

During winter, the taxi operates between 9AM and 6PM, daily. During summer, the time is adjusted to between 10AM and 5PM.

Peanut island Water taxi offers three major services. They include:

  • Water taxi service
  • Ferry services, and
  • Charter boat trips

Each of those attract different rates. You can check the latest rates before riding while at the beach.
For the shuttle boats, day trips may cost $14 per head for adults. Children may be charged $7. If you’re going for camping, it may cost $25 if you stay, but $20 if you leave, per person.

If you’re moving around the peanut island and exploring, the water taxi service package will come in handy. You can purchase the ferry service package if you’re moving to and from the island. It is the easiest way to and from the island.

In most cases, the charter boat will be used for trips that involves staying longer. That is why you expect to pay more for that package.

Other than use the boats to move, you can turn that into a learning opportunity. You will be charged $95 per hour to learn how to operate 25ft to 40ft long boats.

Some of the basic skills you should expect to learn comprise of:

  • Docking
  • Navigating waters
  • Safety procedures

You will be in the company of an experienced captain. That means you will be learning from the best. It may be a short period of time but a learning opportunity of a lifetime.

I’m certain you’ll have a chance to operate a boat. If it is your first time, it will be a thrill like no other. This may be an opportunity to turn the tour memorable.

Are there sharks at Peanut island?


This is a question most swimming enthusiasts and snorkelers love to asking. Well, the peanut island has sharks as well as other big fish. And that is a safety risk to swimmers.

In 2016, reported that a 7-ft bull shark attacked a diver in the nearby Riviera beach. The blog post indicated the shark went after the man who carried a speared fish.

According to the report, the sharks continue to lead in attacks in Florida waters. But mostly attacked those fond of spearing fish. Most theories state that blood attracts sharks.

Whether this is true or not, you want to avoid engaging in any activity that will catch the attention of these deadly sea creatures. Besides, ensure you do not leave designated swimming or snorkeling areas. That way, you will avoid putting your life in danger and those of other swimmers.

The island also has lifeguards. But they can be overwhelmed during busy seasons. If you adhere to the regulations of the island, you can be sure to be safe. Else, you may get into trouble and the lifeguards won’t be alerted on time due to the huge numbers.

According to Murphy’s law, whatever that could go wrong will definitely go wrong. That is why you are advised to take extra caution during your time at the island. Please do, especially if you are going for swimming and snorkeling.

Resist the urge to be careless in the name of having fun. Some say you only live once and throw caution to the wind. With sharks in the vicinity, you can’t do or say that. Safety first, the rest comes later. But, do not limit yourself too much that you lose the fun of it.

Outside the waters you can do anything you want provided you’re not interfering with any guidelines. But inside the water you have to be super careful. Just balance things!

Peanut Island Tours

This is another interesting activity you want to get yourself into. There are several organized tours in the peanut island. Most of the organized tours head to the snorkeling lagoons and fishing too.

The peanut island park was an amazing destination for tours. Most online reviewers that have previously visited the place appreciated the park. Unfortunately, tours to this park were later stopped as the place was closed down.

The peanut island water taxi also organizes water taxi services and charter boat trips. Their crew have been severally appreciated for excellent customer service. Their offers are also pocket friendly.

Having been in the business for quite some time, the team understands what tourists want. That is why they have one of the best packages in terms of activities organized for visitors.

There are many other tour companies around with enticing offers and activities. The guided kayak tour with optional snorkeling is a perfect example. You will get a jacket and paddle and thereafter the adventure begins. At first, you will be advised on the details of the tour. Your tour guide will be an important figure and may determine how much fun you have. Be sure to get experienced and knowledgeable tour guides.

During the 2-hour tour, lessons will come as well as memorable experiences. There’s everything for everyone. If you’re interested in nature, there’s something for you. For those who just want to swim and snorkel, the option is also available.

Other than the kayaks and paddles, you will get refreshments to reenergize. Drinking water is in plenty as well as dry snacks. Check for more details about the guided tours.
Paddle boarding is also a common activity on Peanut island waters. There are several shops that rent these boards at affordable fees. Be sure to visit them if you want to paddle.

How long is the walk around peanut island?


According to, it will take you about 40 minutes to complete a walk around the peanut island. You can be sure to enjoy the walk with the paved walkway covered by beautiful palm trees offering a cool pathway.

You can only use that walkway to move round the island. This is because other alternatives are still not the safest for human presence.

Along the way, be sure to catch a glimpse of beautiful sceneries. On a cool afternoon, and when the weather behaves, you will enjoy the breeze.

This walkway also offers beautiful backgrounds for photography. One thing I never leave behind when visiting touristic areas is my camera. That is why I have pictures of the most beautiful places I have been all my life until now.

You too should carry your photography tools. It is one of the best ways to make and keep memories.
As much as it can take you 40 minutes to move around peanut island, it doesn’t mean you have to adhere to that. You may choose to make it more interesting.

Along the way you will find interesting things to see, beautiful people to talk to, amazing scenery to take photos of, delicious delicacies to eat, and many other fun activities.

Trust your instincts all the time. When it comes to having fun, the things not planned for sometimes turn out to be the most interesting or memorable. Therefore, do not hesitate making an impromptu decision to halt your walk around the island just to live the moment.

On several occasions I’ve had plans to do things on islands like peanut. Say I had planned to take a walk around the island, then in the middle of the walk I meet a barbeque event. I will not hesitate to say yes to an invitation.
These vacations offer some of the best opportunities to meet amazing people. They may have beautiful ideas for your next destination, or may be the opportunity you were looking for in the business world, or even the beginning of greater things to come.

Perhaps you had been procrastinating learning a new language. They may be the start you just needed. So, take that opportunity well. But do not go around bothering people. You can always rely on your gut feeling to see people ready to connect.

Overall, peanut island, Florida is a fantastic holiday destination. The memories will come in loads! Enjoy your visit!

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