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Butterfly World – A Sneak Peek (Video)

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  • Are hummingbirds present at Butterfly World?
    • Well, I’m no hummingbird expert (it is a fact that I am not one) but I am confident they are. You’ll find out why I’m so sure in this article — and even more importantly, which other wildlife you can expect to encounter when visiting Butterfly World.

Two minutes from the airport. Two minutes from your hotel. Two minutes from Fun. That’s Butterfly World, located in Coconut Creek, Florida — The Place Where Happiness Is a Butterfly.

The largest butterfly park in the world, You may have seen their famous 20,000 plus butterflies on television or on digital billboards throughout South Florida or read about us in national publications, but nothing compares to an up-close butterfly experience.

Butterfly World Coconut Creek Florida
Photo Credit: Author Jacob Edri

A Florida electrical engineer was inspired to create the park.

In 1984, MetaScience was established to supply worldwide zoos with butterflies.

The pair met Clive Farrell, founder of London Butterfly House, and in 1988, Butterfly World was established as a public attraction, research facility, and tourist attraction.

It is the first park like it in the Western Hemisphere. 

It is home to America’s largest free-flight hummingbird colony, the Tropical Rainforest Aviary, and the Butterfly Emerging Area.

You can walk through Grace Gardens’ outdoor botanical garden and view the insectarium’s mounted specimens.

Or, you can observe butterflies in different stages of their development at the park’s laboratory facility.

How Long to Walk Through Butterfly World Florida?

You can walk through the entire attraction in about 2 or 3 hours, but if you want to spend more time, you should plan on spending the entire day.

It is a great place to learn about bugs and insects, and you can also befriend live butterflies. Butterfly World offers something for everyone.

From families to nature lovers, the museum is sure to please. However, if you have children, you might want to consider splitting the time up.

If you’re looking for a great family outing, Butterfly World is an ideal destination. It features a tropical rain forest and open-air aviaries full of exotic butterflies.

Butterfly World is located 15 miles north of downtown Fort Lauderdale and is an ideal place to bring kids.

This is a great place to spend the afternoon. There are lots of activities for kids to enjoy, and the children will enjoy watching the butterflies in their habitat.

A highlight of the experience is feeding the birds. 

Is Butterfly World Good For Toddlers?

With hundreds of species of butterflies from around the world, the exhibits are sure to keep your toddler enthralled and fascinated for hours. It also features an educational farm, playgrounds, and scenic walks.

While toddlers are not yet able to ride roller coasters, they’ll have a great time learning about butterflies and gardening.

butterfly world in Florida

To that end, they can even join the monthly Butterfly Gardening Workshop.

And because it’s free, toddlers can enjoy hummingbirds for the first time as well, thanks to the aviary’s large collection of endangered species

A great day at Butterfly World is sure to delight the whole family. 

The place is charming and exciting for toddlers and is also a great place to learn about the life cycle of butterflies.

It includes a lab where you can see the eggs of different species of butterflies, as well as an aviary where thousands of beautiful, colorful butterflies live.

There are even waterfalls and caves for the children to explore.

Themes days are an excellent way for children to learn about nature and solve problems.

Does Butterfly World Florida Have Rides?

The answer to this question will vary for each person, but generally, yes. You can go horseback riding, pony rides, take a beautiful walk around the lake, or enjoy a butterfly world.

While it’s not the only place with these beauties, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the top spots for butterflies in Florida. And since this is the state’s only butterfly park, you’ll be able to admire them in a variety of colors.

Butterfly World Butterfly Garden

Visiting the park with your family is a great way to spend an afternoon. Not only is it fun to watch the butterflies, but you’ll also see many of the other animals that call the area home.

There are even giant macaws and tropical hummingbirds that are on display at the park. This is one place where your entire family can enjoy the beautiful Florida scenery

Wrapping Up

Butterfly World is a great place to let your kids go do their own thing and just have fun. They offer hundreds of beautiful butterflies to look at, rainforest trees and greenery, and several other animals to see.

They do offer activities for children but that usually consists of coloring or crafts. There are snack areas throughout the grounds but with so many butterflies it can be hard to find a seat in one of the small shelters.

It is not cheap but for the enjoyment, you get out of it I think it is well worth the price tag.

So if you are planning a trip to Florida, stop by Butterfly World and enjoy a memorable experience.

This attraction is fun and educational while being in an incredibly lovely environment.

Keep in mind that Tropical Butterfly World is only a fraction of what Coconut Creek has to offer.

To learn about other great locations for family fun, check out the city’s events page. It’s well worth it!

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