Cypress Point Golf Club

Cypress Point Golf Club – 5 Facts About This Tough Entry Golf Club

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Cypress Point Golf Club in Osteen, Florida is one of the most exclusive and private golf clubs in the world. The club has only 100 members and features a championship golf course.

Cypress Point is consistently ranked as one of the best golf courses in the world and has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, including the Ryder Cup, PGA Championship, and U.S. Open.

If you’re lucky enough to get an invitation to play at this elite club, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

1. How Much Is Membership at Cypress Point Club?

Cypress point club is a wonderful sports vicinity with impeccable facilities for golf players. The club is rich in history and only for elite members of society. People who want to have an immaculate golf experience would love a membership in the Cypress Point Club.

The Cypress Golf Club is a part of the top 100 elite golf clubs globally with exceptional services.

People extremely love the high dunes and greenery lining the golf source. The 28 holes give you an out-of-the-world experience that you will cherish forever.

Cypress Point Golf Club Course

Not only golf, but you will also find several pickleball courts all around to have intense competition. On the other hand, there are several amenities at your disposal. Guests can come in for a few activities, but amenities are exclusively for membership holders.

The initiation fee for membership is $250,000, which is not what everyone can afford. Currently, the Cypress Golf Club has 275 members who are top-of-the-line fitness champions.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the spectacular experience if you own the membership.

People have to be in proper golf attire in the club.

2. How Hard It Is to Get on Cypress Point?

It is very hard to get into the Cypress Point Club like a normal person.

The club is made exclusively for top sports cream and golf enthusiasts. People need to have an exclusive membership which allows them to be a part of private events and amenities offered by the club.

Alister McKenzie is one of the club owners and holds a prestigious position. If you want to be a part of Cypress Point, you need to connect with the exclusive club members.

It is not easy for an ordinary person to afford the $250.000 initiation fee, let alone the membership. Cypress Point has been ranked in the top three golf clubs every year.

The prestige name of the club is maintained due to its sore members.

Jagged on the peninsula, the land is very beautiful with a beautiful pool. The pool has a lot of facilities and staff to help you get food. The Cypress club does not let guests in until you have the information and details provided by the people who invited you.

3. Why Is Cypress Club So Exclusive?

cypress club

The Cypress Club is located on the east coast of the USA for exclusive members only. It is an 18 holes golf course with great support for top-notch golf players. It currently has 275 members making people wonder why the huge golf course is not accessible to the public.

The golf club was made in 1928 and designed by the talented Alister McKenzie. He collaborated with the architect Robert Hunter who made his vision come to life.

Initially, a few elite sports members were invited. The exclusive design was made for special members and enjoyed by them only.

Golf Magazine continues to rank it in the top two, and it has been a part of the top 100 golf clubs since its launch. People have to have the golf club’s membership to be a part of it, and getting it is not easy.

People such as sports commentators and golf players are a part of its member list.

If you want to play in the Alister McKenzie masterpiece, you have to be exclusively invited by a member. Having broader connections with members can help you book a membership. However, only selective people have excess membership and amenities.

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4. Cypress Point Golf Club Rules

The Cypress Point Golf Club has certain rules that everyone needs to follow. It is an elite club; hence, it comes with its own rules. You need to be dressed in formal attire and be ready to beat people with a stick in your hand. You need to be prepared and follow the rules to avail the amenities at their best. Here are the rules you should be following:

  • A person should not be in casual attire but rather a golf attire
  • Men should be in slacks and collared t-shirts.
  • People are only allowed to change their shoes in the locker room.
  • The authorities are to be informed a few days before if you want to arrange a private event in the vicinity.
  • If you invite a non-member to the club, make sure the authorities know about it in advance.
  • You can only avail a few services at a certain time.
  • The whole booking for a group should be done in advance.
  • You cannot take your pets in the restricted area of the golf course.

5. Cypress Point 17th Hole

cypress point 17th hole

The Cypress point 17th hole is at the pebble beach with a magnificent view. It is a great place to visit with family and enjoy top-notch service on the weekends. The beach has amazing accommodation and food, which always enhances your pleasure.

People love the dunes of green grass and the spectacular water view.

It has a first-rate service with great equipment to enjoy leisure time. If you take a group of golfers with you, it is ideal to register beforehand. It is better to take small groups to make shooting balls closer to the pin easier and faster.

The golf club’s 18-hole is 386 yards long, made on the largest area. It has a short distance which stretches to the ocean, making the activity more enjoyable.

It is one of the most photograph-worthy golf courses enabling users to have a spectacular time.

If you are a golf player with an immense passion for playing, it is the best place.

However, you have to be exclusively invited to be a part of it. Connections with active members are perfect for getting your entry and taking fellow players. You will get the finest service on the 18th hole.

Wrapping Up…

There’s no doubt that Cypress Point Golf Club is one of the most beautiful places to play golf in Florida. With its stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico and its lush, green fairways, it’s easy to see why this club is so popular.

However, don’t let the beauty fool you – Cypress Point is also one of the most challenging courses in the state. If you’re looking for a true test of your golfing skills, this is the place to come.

But even if you’re not a skilled golfer, there’s still plenty to enjoy at Cypress Point.

So whether you’re looking for a tough game or just a relaxing day in paradise, make sure to add Cypress Point Golf Club to your list.

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