Restaurants In Venice Florida

Restaurants In Venice Florida: 7 Gastronomy Delights

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Venice, Florida is quickly becoming a popular destination for travelers and foodies alike! This charming coastal town offers a variety of delightful restaurants that cater to all tastes.

From traditional Italian cuisine to fresh seafood dishes, Venice has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner spot or a quick bite to eat while exploring the area, there are plenty of delicious options available in Venice.

Here’s your guide to the best restaurants in Venice, Florida:

1. Joey D’s Chicago Style Eatery

Many people have relocated to Florida from the chilly and snowy northern areas. However, those people still like the occasional flavor of home.

Since opening in Venice in 1994, this Chicago-style eatery has been serving up crowd-pleasers like Deep Dish Pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, eggplant rollatini, and cheese curds.

Restaurants In Venice Florida - Pizza

Not to mention the Chicago Style Hot Dogs, which come topped with sport peppers, a pickle spear, chopped onion, celery salt, brilliant green relish, and yellow mustard.

There are still more options on the menu!

Huge dishes of spaghetti, award-winning hot wings, and burgers are all popular items at Joey D’s. For those who like to stick to the healthier side of things, they also have a fantastic assortment of salads! Except for Monday, Joey D’s is open for lunch and dinner every day.

2. Tikka Indian Cuisine

The family-run restaurant Tikka Indian Cuisine specializes in serving traditional Indian food in a fun, contemporary setting.

It’s no surprise that Tikka Indian Cuisine is regarded as one of the greatest restaurants in Venice for its unusual flavors because it fills the air with the enticing perfume of fresh Indian spices.

Tikka Indian Cuisine
Photo Credit: Quadell

With a fellow eater, savor and discover the Indian cuisine’s tastes while letting your palate do the talking. You will adore the eye-catching, vibrantly colored visual compositions.

With years of experience, they have successfully implemented their mission to depict the genuine Indian cuisine at Tikka Indian Cuisine, with ambiance, service, and modern presentation.

Their tandoori chicken, which comes with three pieces of dark meat, rice, samosa, rice pudding, papadam, and naan, is to die for.

3. Suncoast Café

Home-style Caribbean and American meals are served at the locally owned Suncoast Cafe, which also offers views of the runway at the Venice airport.

One of the best spots to eat in Venice for breathtaking views is Suncoast Cafe, which also has the potential to be very romantic. It’s the only place where you can eat in luxury while taking in a panoramic view of their lovely airport, where planes regularly land, take off, and taxi just next to the structure.

Since their general aviation facility is accessible to everyone, whether you’re dining alone, with friends, or with family, there are no security checkpoints to slow you down here.

  • They are committed to serving as your home away from home whether you fly in, stroll, drive, or ride a bike. Their wonderful French fries pair perfectly with their tuna salad sandwich.

Order the chef’s own creation, remoulade, as a side dish.

4. Darrell’s

In 2013, a locally owned restaurant called Darrell’s opened. It offers food with Southern influences in a chic, welcoming setting.

The menu at this Southern restaurant offers Dixie favorites like shrimp and grits, fried chicken and waffles, and fried green tomatoes, as well as a variety of barbecue dishes like slow-smoked pulled pork.

Photo Credit: Buck

Already salivating?

Visit this up-to-date, homey restaurant serving up traditional Southern comfort food and wood-smoked BBQ.

If you’re trying to decide where to eat in Venice that serves excellent barbecue, follow your nose to this hidden gem because you can smell the Smokey food from more than a mile away.

Choose the tender, spicy, and tossed in the sauce of your choosing Darrell’s Famous Wings.

5. Bodrum Restaurant

Bodrum is a family-run restaurant with a focus on Mediterranean food. With hand-selected meats, fish, and veggies, this eatery in the Burgundy Square Breezeway in downtown Venice offers an unusual combination of Turkish, Greek, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Let’s talk about the food…

Restaurants In Venice Florida - mediterranean

Their vibrant plates reflect the influences of the Mediterranean, Turkish, and Greek cuisines, and the flavors reflect the executive chef’s many years of training.

If you’re a food blogger who enjoys shooting beautiful images, this location features stylish, contemporary, and bright decor that is pleasing to the sight.

It is one of the best restaurants in Venice where the food complements the appealing ambiance thanks to its brick walls, blue accents, and nautical decorations.

Their Bodrum Kofte Kebab is a must-try, with its char-grilled beef patties mixed with Turkish spices.

6. Mi Pueblo El Restaurante Mexicano

Mi Pueblo has been in business since 1999 and presently has three sites nearby. The Venice branch is open every day for lunch and supper and is conveniently situated in a commercial district along Highway 41.

Mi Pueblo El Restaurante Mexicano
Photo Credit: Ekaterina Kvelidze

Mexican cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients is served at Mi Pueblo in a lively setting that is welcoming to children and families.

Many of their menu items come with homemade tortillas and guacamole, which are produced every day.

Tacos, burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas are among the menu items at Mi Pueblo, but you’ll also discover traditional old Mexico specialties like Carne Asada (grilled seasoned sirloin) and Pollo with Mole (Chicken with a spicy chocolate-chile sauce).

If you’re having trouble deciding, consider a combination meal where you can put any two or three items from the menu on your plate.

Keep room in your stomach for some of their delectable treats, such as Fried Ice Cream, Sopapillas, Churros, or Flan.

7. BrewBurgers

This establishment was built just for your taste buds if you like burgers, beer, or both! Venice is served by two Brewburgers outlets, which have been open since 2010.

 BrewBurgers Restaurant in Venice florida
Photo Credit: BrewBurger’s Facebook Page

They even operate a food truck that travels to different parts of the city.

They provide a large selection of styles and toppings and are consistently rated the finest burgers in Venice. Naturally, a Blackened Shrimp Burger is on the menu given that they are in Florida.

A variety of signature burgers are also available, one of which being the Maddy B, a bacon and herb cheeseburger sandwiched between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches.

You can’t go wrong when you combine either of those with a glass of cold local beer! The BrewBurgers menu also features a variety of salads, house-made soups, and other items in addition to burgers.

There are also vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Venice, Florida is known for its serene beaches, vibrant wildlife, and abundant outdoor activities. But one of the best things about Venice is its wealth of amazing restaurants!

From casual seafood spots to gourmet Italian eateries, Venice has something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner for two or an evening out with friends and family, there are plenty of incredible restaurants in Venice to choose from.

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