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Mexico Beach, Florida – Start Your Engines!

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  • What Is Mexico Beach Known for?
    • If you are thinking of visiting Mexico Beach, you must plan on doing so faster. Mexico Beach is known for quite a few things, including

Have you ever wanted to visit a place where the sun shines brightly, the water is crystal clear, and the sand is as white as sugar? If so, then Mexico Beach Florida is the perfect Northwest Florida destination for you!

This idyllic beach town has everything that you could possibly want in a vacation spot, and more.

Here, you can relax on the beautiful beaches, enjoy some fantastic seafood, explore quaint shops and art galleries, and much more.

Trust us – once you visit Mexico Beach, you’ll never want to leave!

The White Sand

The crystal-clear white sand is one thing Mexico Beach is known for. People love the grainy sand, which looks straight from paradise. Its texture is soft and feels like diamonds against the skin.

People like to sit on the white sand and look at the endless serenity.

If you want to play in clear sand that looks beautiful, Mexico beach is the place to visit.

Port St. Joe Beach, Panama City Beach, and Cape San Blas are all right next door

Port St. Joe

What’s not to love about Port St. Joe west to Mexico Beach on the Gulf of Mexico?

It is a beautiful, secluded section that will leave you feeling like royalty with all its emerald green waves and sun-warmed sand waiting for your arrival!

Port St. Joe truly is a “small town with a big heart,” the nickname that its residents have adopted. Formerly a bustling port along North Florida’s Emerald Coast, Port St. Joe now welcomes visitors looking for a restful respite.

Port St. Joe’s postcard-perfect surroundings invite lounging on a soft, white-sand dune beach, snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing, and dining at a rustic fish shack.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is the ideal Florida getaway. Are you looking for pearly white beaches Check. Subtropical climate? Check.

Do you see bottlenose dolphins in the surf? Check.

Panama City Beach, located in northwest Florida, is approximately 47 miles east from Destin, and about 100 miles southwest of Tallahassee.

It is best known for being a college Spring Break destination.

Cape San Blas

My family and I have loved visiting Cape San Blas for years.

We used to go there when I was younger, but it’s only recently that we’ve found ourselves coming back again because this time around things were different than before, more meaningful with old memories mixed in between new ones created on our visits abroad together as well as within these shores where you can find so much beauty just waiting beneath them all!

Unique Time Zone

Mexico Beach celebrates the new year two times with an hour gap. It lies in the eastern and western time zone, making it unique.

The new year celebration in the time zone stretches for quite a while.

Hence, most people choose the serene Mexico beach as their favorite spot for New Year’s Eve.

Enjoy the Wild Life

Mexico Beach offers people an excellent opportunity to see the serene wildlife. From sea urchins to jellyfish, you have the chance to see it all.

Seal on Mexico Beach Florida

Occasionally, you can spot dolphins jumping in the sea during sunset.

People have also spotted Florida bears and American alligators on the beach. The calming sound of birds will make you sit and stare at the sea for hours.

Mouthwatering Local Food

Rather than having famous burgers and fries, you can buy food from the local stalls. Mexico Beach offers a wide range of Mexican food that you can enjoy anytime.

While strolling on the beach, you can enjoy the famous ice creams and watch the sunsets.

You get the best churros on the beach filled with caramel glaze and Nutella.

Exotic Underwater Life

Mexico Beach is known for its ecotourism and exotic underwater life. People love to come to Mexico Beach for their underwater adventures.

You will find the most stunning reefs and distinct fish under the sea.

The scuba divers find the most exotic colorful fish, turtles, snappers, sea creatures, etc., in the sea.

Is Mexico Beach Open to the Public?

Nobody wants to miss out on a great place to visit the beach with family and friends.

The Mexico beach has a breezy atmosphere where you can spot sea urchins and other wild animals.

People have witnessed distinct bird species on the beach, leaving them stunned. Hence, nearby people never miss out on the spectacular sunset and visit the beach every chance.

The beach is always open to the public; you can visit it anytime. Since covid, there have been a few restrictions that people have to follow.

Even though the beach is open to the public, you have to follow the guidelines and hang out in smaller groups. It is essential to maintain social distance on the beach.

You can visit the beach anytime, making it a fantastic spot for your pets, children and family.

Has Mexico Beach Been Rebuilt?

mexico beach cafe

Mexico Beach has always been the greatest tourist attraction making people blinded by its beauty.

However, the beach was hit by the massive hurricane Michael, ripping parts of Florida apart in 2018.

The occurrence has been painful to deal with by residents as it destroyed much land. The sewage system and many residential areas were damaged in the hurricane.

The government has taken action to restore the beach and rebuild the fun attraction.

The Mexico beach is not back to what it initially used to be, but it’s slowly getting there.

The community is making a point to bring back the tourist population, entertainment and treasure in the heart of the panhandle it once was.

It is still one of the best beaches Florida has to offer.

Hence, pack your snacks, fetch your friends, and soak in the beach’s preserved natural beauty, with it’s fishing charters, beachfront homes, all just a short walk to the beach.

Does Mexico Beach Have Clear Water?

mexico beach clear water

On the beach, you will see the most mesmerizing view, and the clear sky makes it even more breathtaking. The land/sand hugging the water is the best view, and seeing the water become one with the sky is utterly magical.

Mexico Beach has the most serene water you will see in your entire life.

It is one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches that people come to see from across the globe.

Mexico Beach residents love to have dates, picnics, and small celebrations.

The beach, sand, and water look straight from a postcard and wallpaper worthy.

Are They Building Toucans on Mexico Beach?

The unfortunate series of events led to the closing of one of the most popular beach restaurants, ‘ Toucans.’

The restaurant owner defined the restaurant as a place to get excellent seafood snacks and a place full of memories with friendly people.

Many people have their sentiments attached to the place.

There is good news for the Toucans lovers because it will reopen soon in the same spot.

The Toucans have been blown away by the wind, but it will be back soon and even better this time.

The owners have good news for Toucans lovers. You can go back to chillin’ in Toucans and having the best food.

Wrapping Up…

Mexico Beach, FL is a beautiful place that has been attracting tourists from all over the world.

The city and community is taking action to rebuild the beach and make it even more attractive for tourists.

Hence, you can look forward to enjoying the best food and services at the beach.

The beach was unfortunately hit by a hurricane in 2018 but is currently in the process of being rebuilt. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the beach ( although there are some restrictions in place due to Covid).

Toucans, a popular restaurant near the beach!

Overall, the Mexico Beach area is a stunningly beautiful location that offers clear water, and white sand beaches to friends and families.

The clear water and the white sand make it another Florida place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty!

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