Clearwater Public Beach Parking

Clearwater Public Beach Parking Tips

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Clearwater public beach parking can be a real pain. Maybe it’s because there’s just too much sand to keep track of. Or maybe it’s because all the seagulls are always getting in the way.

Yes, of course, Clearwater beach has a lot to offer, so the frustration of finding a parking lot is understandable, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day and experience all that our beautiful city has to offer!

There is plenty of space for activities like swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and more. And, they have all the amenities you need to make your experience complete, including restrooms, showers, and changing areas.

So head out to Clearwater beach, and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf, just remember to get there early, Clearwater public beach parking can fill up fast!

Clearwater Beach is the best place for those who love long stunning sun-drenched beaches in Florida.

But what about parking? 

Is parking free at Clearwater Beach?


Clearwater Beach pays for parking; therefore, you have to pay per hour on the parking machine. Numerous places have metered parking except the central beach parking.

There is also some free parking at the end of the beach in the residential neighborhood.

The free parking spot isn’t in very convenient areas except for the beach residents.

However, you have to reach there early.

In general, you have to pay to park $2 in the Hyatt garage and more than $ 1 in the norm. Some restaurants and shops have free parking spaces.

But it is only available when your visit their store. For instance, if you park your car in one of the lots and go to the beach, they will possibly pull your car.

Moreover, for parking on the most beautiful beach in Florida, street spaces and all metered parking in the city are imposed at different times each day.

Each parking meter records the exact time of parking rates and enforcement.

Beach visitors can use the parking payment kiosk for payment. However, paying with Parkmobile is the easier way for parking payments.

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Where do you Park at Clearwater Beach?


Except where no-cost parking is declared, several beach parking lots are either parked or metered and accept payment via automated pay stations.

A lot of large beachfront hotels provide daytime parking and charge- generally, their fee is more expensive than public parking (however, sometimes it is significant for ease).

So, at Clearwater beach, a little planning can imply an enjoyable, free-of-stress beach day for you. Don’t forget the early bird grabs the parking space.

To avoid Clearwater public beach parking blockage, find a place at the below-mentioned parking spots, and make your day more memorable.

Clearwater Public Beach Parking has lots with plenty of space – North of the Beach:

Loot 36: Rockway Street with 145 parking spaces.

Loot 37: Connecting Kendall and Avalon Streets with 53 parking spaces.

Loot 38 (Family Water & Recreation Center): 79 parking spaces at the south of Bay Esplanade and east of Mandalay Avenue.

Lot 66 (North Beach Parking Plaza): Poinsettia Avenue, sheltered parking with 450 parking spaces and per hour and daily rates

Public parking lots – South of the beach:

Loot 31 (Pier 60): Southwest of the beach with 139 parking spaces.

Loot 32: It is located where Gulf View Boulevard turn, walks into the corner of Devon and Hamdon, with 65 parking spaces

On-Street Parking.

On-Street parking is available at both the north and south areas of Clearwater Beach, with 389 parking spots.

Private parking lot – Open to the public:

Directly north of Hyatt Regency: Connect the SouthGulf View Boulevard and Coronado take – south of Second Street.

How much is street parking in Clearwater?

On the street, Clearwater public beach parking is filled quickly. Normally, the meter rate is $ 3 per hour at various spots, but the street parking meter rate is about $ 3.50 for an hour with 5 hours limit. All city parking uses either meters or pays kiosks.

Kiosks accept payment from credit cards. Besides city parking, there are some confidential parking garages or areas with plenty of parking spaces.

Is it hard to find parking in Clearwater Beach?

Yeah, it’s hard to find parking on the beach on holidays and weekends compared to normal days. For instance, it’s typically challenging to find a public parking spot on the street if we talk about street parking.

But if you get a space, feel free to park your car. Similarly, the public lots on the north and south of the beach are also filled quickly on holidays.

So, if you visit there in the holidays then reach there early and park your van or car.

Taking the Clearwater Ferry to get to Clearwater Beach:

It is a great way to make fun in Clearwater Beach though avoiding parking hassles and traffic. You can book a Clearwater ferry and enjoy the breweries, restaurants, and shopping.

The Clearwater Ferry is a taxi service that is normally used to visit Clearwater beach. It provides a fast, fun, and reliable sailing transport experience for Dunedin and Clearwater Beach.

They are dedicated to providing an alternative means of transportation to deal with parking and traffic concerns when visiting the beach.

Their prices are also very economical, and you will probably not get a better price in the vicinity and may find some dolphins beside the way.

But the reservations are necessary and can be made by a phone call or online, One hour before the preferred departure for picking up their lines.

Its ticket prices are listed below:

  • Elderly (55+): $ 3.00
  • Adult: $ 4.00
  • Child (4-12): $ 2.00
  • Less than 3: Free
  • Military: $ 3.00.

More about Clearwater Beach Public Parking:

Clearwater Public Beach Parking Tips

After getting a quick overview of the parking areas of Clearwater beach, let’s know more about beach parking spots because it is the major thing to consider there.

During holidays, weekends, and busy weather, parking fills up quickly.

All parking meters and kiosks show hours and rates.

Several kiosks support the pay-by-plate method. Still pay normally; however, you don’t need to go back to your auto to locate a receipt on the dashboard.

Traveling crossways to the State Road, 60, can take more than 30 minutes and less than 10 minutes when busy.

No public parking is offered the north of Acacia Street – North of Clearwater Beach.

Payment at the Kiosk is an alternative to payment using the Park Mobile app installed on your cell phone. The app is reachable from both android and apple devices from their app stores.

Overnight parking Clearwater Beach

Right now, you can choose to rent secure, covered, or undercover parking spaces from Spacer. The average monthly cost is $200.

Check out Spacer for more information.

You can also view the details of the car parks and book a long-term parking space by choosing the dates you require.

Is Clearwater Beach a free beach?

No. Clearwater Beach is not necessarily, a free beach.

There is a daily fee for parking and there are also fees for certain activities, such as swimming, parasailing, and renting umbrellas or chairs.

However, the general public is welcome to enjoy the sand and surf at Clearwater Beach.

There are also many discounts available for locals and visitors alike.

Wrapping Up…

To conclude, we can say that it is a little hard to find parking on the beach on weekends and holidays as compared to normal days.

However, if you reach there early, you may get a space.

You can also take the Clearwater ferry to avoid parking and traffic issues.

Moreover, the prices of the Clearwater ferry are very economical, and you will probably not get a better price in the vicinity.

Lastly, you can also book a long-term parking space by choosing the dates you require.

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