Why Is Water Sports Equipment Considered Underrated?

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What are water sports?

Water sports are the kind of sports played in/on water. Practice is also done in/outside water. Swimming is the most common water sport. There are more water sports like surfing, jet-skiing, kite surfing, and many others.

Some of these sports require years of practice to master. While others do the sports for fun, there’s another category that does water sports as a profession. They compete in both local competitions and international ones like the Olympics.

Most of these water sports can be easily mastered within a few sessions of training. Others are so complicated that you will need time and special guidance from professional guides.

A common question people like to ask is what the best water sport is. Well, it all depends on you and what you can do. Some people prefer swimming.

But for someone who cannot swim, that cannot be their favorite water sport. Therefore, an individual is the best person to decide their best water sport. After participating for a while in different water sports, you will develop a passion for one.

Underwater hockey, fly board flying, sea walking, and spinnaker flying are other water sports you can enjoy doing. Some water sports are identical to those that occur outside water like hockey, volleyball, and others.

Therefore, some of these conventional sports can be taken to the water and converted into water sports. A perfect example is an underwater hockey I mentioned earlier. They come with a different kind of thrill and require passion just like the others for you to do well.

Now, some of these water sports cannot be done successfully without water sports equipment. Not all water sports require equipment but most do. For those that do, each sport has special equipment requirements unique to it.

This equipment must be used properly for them to work for you. Even so, you must know how to swim if you want to participate in water sports. Water just like fire can be a good servant but a bad master at the same time.

Your swimming ability will save your life in case some of the water sports equipment fails in the middle of a huge body.

While lifeguards are always on standby in case such happens, sometimes they can be found unaware or may be overwhelmed by the high number of people using the same water space. Mastering the art of swimming will save your life.

What equipment do you need for water sports?

Professional water sports athletes spend years training. Part of their drill is to master the use of water sports equipment. Every sport has unique equipment.

Below are some of the most commonly used equipment for water sports.

1. Paddleboards


Paddleboarding is one of the most interesting water sports. A paddleboard is a flat board assuming the shape of a small boat. It helps the user float on water as they move around.

While most love stand-up paddleboarding, you can sleep on the board, squat, or assume any posture. The goal is to have fun and feel good.

Paddleboards are made with different specifications. That is why some are beginner-friendly while others require you to be a pro. You have to understand who a paddleboard was meant for before attempting to use it.

Paddle boards’ prices increase with size. The larger the board the more expensive you expect it to be. Besides, the size and shape of the board determine the overall experience you’ll have on the water.

Paddleboarding is also a common activity used to lose weight. Besides, the sport is popular as it brings people together from all over the world. Stand-up paddleboarding that has a historical bearing on Hawaii is one of the most common paddleboarding opportunities.

Paddling is impossible without paddleboards. The boards sometimes are accompanied by long sticks for rowing your way through the water.

There are three types of paddleboards based on length. They include:

  • Stock boards
  • 14 foot
  • Unlimited boards

Stock boards allow you to accelerate without challenges. The 14-foot paddleboard is the best for both beginners and advanced players of the sport. On the other hand, unlimited boards let you move easily on calm water.

2. Fishing rods and reels


Fishing rods are flexible rods designed for fishing. In most cases, the rod is made of a long stick and rope. The rope has a hook at the end that attracts fish. The hook is normally matched with bait to move fish and other sea creatures.

Fishing rods are made of bamboo or other material that can bend. This allows the fishing rod to carry heavy fish outside water without breaking.

Modern fishing rods have reels. The reels are used to wind the fishing rods after catching fish. Traditionally, fishermen would lift the fishing rod to get fish out of water. The fishing reel has made it possible to remove to pull fish out without lifting the rod.

After getting the fish, you can use the reel to release the fishing line back to the water. Fishing sports are also growing in popularity by the day. It is not as easy as throwing the line into the water.

3. Wetsuit


A wetsuit is a cloth put on to shield the wearer from heat loss. Human bodies easily lose heat when inside deep waters. This may be fatal if not controlled.

Besides, water bodies have deadly marine organisms with venomous stings. The wetsuits help protect the wearer from such risks.

In addition, the wetsuit helps those doing water sports to stay afloat. It provides buoyancy as well as shields you from UV rays.

Most wetsuits are made of neoprene. The material has special features to provide the necessary protection to the wearer. This equipment is mostly used by deep divers and surfing enthusiasts. The wet suit is used interchangeably with dry and water suits depending on the goal of the user.

4. Waterproof backpack

Water is known to cause destruction. That is why water-sensitive materials are kept away or in waterproof backpacks.

The dry bags have seals on both ends to allow for storage while in or on water. All items that react to the action of water are kept in this bag as the carrier goes for kayaking, canoeing, or skiing.

Snowboarding and other water sports are extreme activities that involve excessive water interactions. Using this bag helps secure those items that get spoilt once they get into contact with water.

When doing water sports, you may want to carry extra clothes with you. The waterproof backpack gives you that opportunity. You will easily carry the clothes and keep them dry even when you come into contact with water.

What are the most popular water sports?

Water sports are gaining popularity by the day. The sport is attracting the world’s attention by the day. With the introduction of more water sports in commanding competitions like Olympics, water sports are being loved more and played more.

Initially, swimming was the most popular. But with time, more sports have risen to popularity.

Below are some of the most popular water sports today.

1. Kayaking


From the east to the west, kayaking is being played more. The south and north are also embracing this sport. Almost all water bodies that invite tourists offer the sport. The growth in professional kayaking trainers has also contributed to the growth of the activity’s popularity.

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2. White water rafting


Water rafting involves boat riding against waves of water. The sport requires a tough mentality from you. The water waves will push in all directions and it is up to you to stop that. If you don’t, the water will turn your boat upside down and you’ll end up in the water.

Owing to the challenging nature of this sport, you not only need to be strong but also possess exquisite swimming skills. The ability will come in handy when you’re tossed into the water after your boat is turned upside down.

3. Fishing


Initially, this was just a commercial activity. People went fishing solely for food and business. Well, today people are fishing for more reasons. Not only do they want food but also have fun.

The sport is also growing in popularity as more tourist attraction sites organize more fishing excursions. Fishermen are enjoying the sport more and spreading the word. This has seen more tourists coming in to engage in fishing.

Other than enjoying the activity, there’s that option to sell your fish or eat it. And that makes things even more interesting.

4. Boat racing


Some people love speed. That is why boat racing excites them. Besides, this sport is safer and less challenging than the likes of water rafting. It is also affordable and easy to learn.

For professionals, boat racing is a modest way of earning. It pays well and also excites me. When it comes to speed, there’s nothing as thrilling as breaking records. And that’s what this sport is all about.

The fun and the memories boat racers have and make can be compared to none. Cases of boat racing accidents are also scarce. That is why you can engage in the sport without any worries.

5. Surfing


Surfing closes our list of the most popular water sports today. there’s fun in watching the tides and waves come and leave the beach. Well, it is more entertaining to surf on the waves.

To master the art of surfing, you require time in practice. You learn slowly then pick up and master the art. Hawaii is popular for this sport and makes it more loveable.

Some people argue surfing is the ultimate water sports experience. It is memorable and worth your time.

Who is famous for water sports?

Well, the world is known for rewarding the best. That is why the best sportspeople get all the money, fame, and attention.

Water sports too has its pro athletes that enjoy fame for thriving in this field. So, who are these people that are known the world over for their prowess in sports? Here are some of the most popular water sports athletes.

According to worldsurfleague.com, the 2021 WSL world champions were won by Carissa Moore and Gabriel Medina. The two lead a pack of other famous surfers who provided stiff competition in the highly followed event.

Other famous surfers on the list are Tatiana Weston-Webb, Sally Fitzgibbons, and Johanne Defay in the women category. For men, Filipe Toledo, Italo Ferreira, and Conner Coffin made the top.

These are household names that continue to thrive in surfing sports.

In boat rafting competitions, British and Russian teams do tremendously well. The US is also a major threat, with team players like Hannah Walker providing the much-needed competition that makes the competition worth your time.

Apart from the professional water sport athletes, some celebrities love to engage in water sports. If you know Simon Cowell of the X-Factor, you know he loves water sports. He’s been seen severally jet skiing with the son and fiancée.

Kendall Jenner is another popular figure that enjoys having fun on the water. The celebrity spends most of her holidays engaging in water games. Images of her enjoying herself are scattered all over social media.

Justin Beiber is another popular figure that enjoys water sports. Vanessa Hudgens and Mariah Carey to make the sport popular.

Interestingly, Cardi B and Offset have also been seen jet skiing. With such public figures enjoying the sport, more people have come on board to do water sports. Celebrities have played a significant role in popularizing these sports.

Thanks to their influence both online and offline, celebrities have successfully convinced others to love sports through their lifestyles. Affordability and great offers from leading water sports hosts have also encouraged more people to start playing on the water.

Above all, you should master the art of swimming. It is critical as you sail on water. Anything can happen anytime and you have to possess the ability to save your life. That will also give you the confidence to engage in water sports freely.

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