Where Can I Go For a Romantic Weekend in Florida?

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Romantic weekends are not always easy to find. If you’re fortunate enough to have your own place in the sunshine state, the question becomes where do I go for a romantic weekend?

There are dozens of great vacation spots in Florida. Whether you want to spend your weekend at Disney World or sipping cocktails on the beaches, there’s a beautiful spot for you. And if you don’t have a place to stay, you may be able to rent a condo or room at an all inclusive hotel in Miami.

Florida has a lot to offer. You may want to hit the beaches or hang out by the pool for a day of romance. But how do you get from South Beach or Tampa to Miami, where you can drive over the Gulf of Mexico and watch the sunrise or set over the Gulf? A romantic weekend in Florida may include taking a road trip through the state.

Planning a romantic weekend in Florida? A road trip is a good idea because you can do it in just one day instead of several weeks or months. You may be able to plan a night trip to Orlando, where Disney World, Universal Studios and other theme parks are.

If you love the theme parks, you may want to add some theme park tickets to your itinerary. Or you can just wind down after a long day of fun at the parks and drive to a quiet location for a romantic weekend in Florida.

What about a beach side weekend in Miami, where you may want to spend the afternoon sipping margaritas and watching the Miami Heat play basketball? Or you may want to spend a romantic night in cuddling up on the sofa with your loved one near the ocean.

The key is making time for those special dates, so you and your date can be together again. It will be the best weekend ever spent with you, as you both remember that special time in your life and share fond memories of it for years to come.

If you want a more private romantic weekend, then maybe you should think about a Disney vacation. They have plenty of vacation homes and packages for couples who want a more secluded vacation experience.

You can go on a Disney cruise ship, spend a couple days on a tropical island or even take a trip to the Bahamas. There are so many fun things to do on a Disney cruise, and once you get home, there will still be plenty of things to do on your romantic weekend.

Are you looking for an indoor activity or outdoor activity? There are lots of things to do indoors in Florida. You can go to a bowling alley, visit with friends and family, rent a spa or do some winter sports like snowboarding or skiing.

Even if you prefer the beach, there are plenty of water parks to explore. You may even find yourself watching movies one night over at the comfort of your own home.

If you love shopping, then a romantic weekend in Florida might be just the thing for you. You can go to one of the many romantic malls in Florida or even grab a coffee shop and catch a flick on the big screen.

You may not want to leave your husband or wife at home while you go on a little shopping spree, but it is perfectly acceptable to take along your significant other and have a shopping weekend together.

Where can I go for a romantic weekend in Florida? Anyone’s idea of the perfect weekend is bound to vary from person to person. What is yours? Once you figure out which activities are most appealing to you, then you can start planning. It won’t be long until you have a weekend that you will never forget.

Romantic Getaways in Florida – 10 Romantic Getaways That You Should Try!

What are the perfect romantic getaways in Florida? What would you love to see there? Is there anything that will make your partner’s heart flutter?

How about if we could plan a romantic getaway together and have the time of our lives? It is always fun to have an idea of what would be great for you and your loved one.

So here are some romantic getaways in Florida that you could try!

1- Disney World:

Disney World has long been known as one of the most magical places on earth. Not only do we get to meet all kinds of Disney characters, but also be able to have the time of our lives traveling around the Disney theme parks.

If we could plan a trip to Walt Disney World together, then that would be something worth remembering and doing.

If you love the water, then you can enjoy your time at the beach and have some romantic dinners by the ocean. Who doesn’t love to spend their happy times on the beach?

Romantic getaways like this is really something special! Whether it be on a Disney cruise ship or in an air-conditioned room at Disney World, spending time with your loved one is the best way to create memories that last forever!

2- Miami:

Miami is another place that is popular for romantic getaways. If you want to spend some quality time with that special someone, then why not do it in this great city? You can go to any location that you both love and spend time having an incredible time!

Are you a golfer? If so, you may want to consider hitting the links. There are many golf courses in Miami and they cater to different people’s needs.

If you are going to hit the links, then make sure to visit the Gold Coast, Sunny Isles Beach or even South Beach. These places are known for their amazing weather and will definitely give you some good time playing some golf!

Best Couples Golf Resorts In Florida

In Florida, the best couple’s golf resorts easily beckon you with both your passion for golf and your unbreakable love for each other.

From the luxurious Watercolor Inn in the northwest corner of the state to the secluded, palm-fringed edges of the exclusive Ten Thousand Islands, you could spend a romantic, spur-of-your-moment getaway on the best golf vacation for couples in Florida…

It all starts with getting your personal travel agent to help you plan your trip. Your travel agent will be able to give you details about all the amenities that are available in the hotel, you want to choose and which ones would best suit you and your spouse.

In fact, many of these hotels even provide couples’ only services so you could enjoy your stay without worrying about anything else.



You may also go ahead and book your package and tour plans well in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

Most of these packages are specially designed so you and your loved one could get the much needed relaxation and rejuvenation that you need before and after your days of romance and recreation in the scenic Florida surroundings.

The best golf resorts in Florida often offer discounted packages during certain seasons and special events so you could always plan ahead as to when you would like to visit.

One of the best ways to get ready for a day of romance and recreation in the beautiful Florida surroundings is to spend it at one of the Florida’s best golf resorts.

When you and your spouse hit the links, you would definitely not want to be coming home from a long day of activities to be greeted by cold feet and sticky buns. What better way to welcome your guests and make them feel welcome than to whip up some fresh strawberries champagne and have everyone ooh and aah?

With all the activities and delicious food that you and your loved ones could enjoy, staying at a Florida golf resort would certainly be one of the best couples golf vacations that you and your spouse could ever remember.

Of course, no romantic trip would be complete without spending time at one of the best golf courses in Florida. It would surely be an added bonus if you and your spouse could hit the links together.

In fact, many couples who were able to escape the hustle and bustle of life in Florida do so because they were able to take their vows amid the soothing sounds and sights of one of the best golf courses in Florida. You can have your cake and eat it too by going on a golf vacation with your loved one.

You would find that staying at a Florida golf resort is not all that expensive. With the many activities that you and your spouse can indulge in, there would certainly be no need to shell out a fortune just to getaway.

You can save a lot of money by staying in one of the best golf couples vacation rentals available. There are different villas and condos that you can rent that come with private pools and hot tubs. You can also opt to have a private golf course right in your very own villa.

One of the best perks about golf vacations in Florida is that you and your loved one can share the experiences of playing golf together.

You can teach your spouse how to play golf. You can also share the same golf clubs. The best part is, when you are done playing, both of you can just sit back and relax, as there would be plenty to do and see in Florida. And since

Florida is such a hub for theme parks and other amusement parks, your vacation would surely not be complete without a day or two spent in Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and other theme parks in Florida. With all this fun and excitement, it’s little wonder why many couples are choosing Florida to get married.

Can’t think of anything to do on a date? How about a movie? The Miami area is known for its film industry and if you are planning a movie night, then you would do well to check out movies at the Miami area theaters. This would definitely be something romantic! Or perhaps a comedy movie would be more your style.

Are you into arts and culture? If so, then museums are an exciting place to go! What better way to appreciate art and culture than by visiting these museums? In addition to museums, you can also check out ballet or jazz dance lessons in Miami. These are great forms of romantic art and learning for those who want a true relationship!

Don’t want to head out to a fancy dinner? That’s not a problem either! You can always opt for one of the world’s greatest desserts: ice cream! Romantic getaways in Florida are waiting for you! All you have to do is find the perfect place to stay, plan your activities and then just enjoy!

Those who love to shop will definitely enjoy the shopping centers located in Miami. Miami offers over 200 stores, and you will never run out of options! So what would you do with all these wonderful shops and boutiques? You can spend hours browsing, visiting stores and then going back to your romantic getaway!

The beach is another great place to experience romance. There are many different beach destinations in Florida where you can go for fun and relaxation. Miami is certainly a place to visit! All you have to do is get out there and discover the magic! Romantic getaway in Florida is truly a lifetime experience!

How about water sports? You can even rent a boat or even go parasailing! These are all great water sports that you will surely enjoy! So if you are planning a romantic weekend, then you should make sure that you include these activities in your list!

Last but not least, Miami is also known as a very fashion conscious city. You will never run out of choices! If you want to check out the fashion boutiques, you would be advised to go here. It is indeed a place perfect for any kind of shopping you wish to do!

After having a wonderful time exploring these beautiful attractions and activities, what you will do next is a personal choice!

10 Romantic Getaways in Miami

Romantic getaways can prove to be great experiences for couples. However, it is not easy to arrange such getaways with so little time and money. There are certain things that you need to consider in order to create the best romantic getaway.

If you have enough time, then consider doing it in a place that is far from your normal routine activities. But if you don’t have that much time to spare, here are some ideas of romantic getaways in Miami that you may try out.


Miami has lots of beautiful places to visit and has been the most preferred destinations by honeymooners and couples. However, if you want to create romantic getaways in Miami, the first thing that you need to do is to plan it well.

You can do so by considering various factors that can help you to make your romantic getaway successful.

You can plan your romantic holiday by visiting different romantic spots, booking a private romantic hotel, visiting the spa resorts, having dinner at romantic restaurants, going to the movies together, spending time with friends and family, going out to eat and having a walk in the parks or beaches.

These are some of the romantic activities that you can enjoy. In fact, there are so many things that you can do to create a romantic atmosphere in your romantic getaway.

When you are going out on a romantic vacation, you need to consider the different activities that you can perform. You need to ensure that you do all those enjoyable things that will help you keep your partner happy.

If you are planning to have a vacation away from your usual routine and routines, then it is suggested that you book a private hotel, especially if you have a limited budget. These hotels will provide you with all the facilities and amenities that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Once you are done with arranging hotels, you can think about spending more time in the romantic spots and have a more enjoyable and memorable time.

The first place that you can consider for your romantic escapade is the city of Miami. There are various hotels that offer you a great discount on hotel rooms and also provide you with all the facilities and amenities.

You can enjoy all the romantic activities in Miami like having dinner in a restaurant, taking a stroll in the beach, taking a cruise in the ocean, playing golf and many other activities.

For the most romantic experience, you can choose a private romantic hotel or can simply plan a romantic trip and stay in the hotels that are located at convenient distances from each other.

If you are staying in the private Miami hotels, then you don’t need to bother yourself with many other people as there are enough and more hotels around the city.

However, if you are going to book a romantic vacation at the popular tourist spots and upscale hotels, you can have enough space and privacy.


Another popular and also very romantic place in Miami is Fort Lauderdale. This place offers you a beautiful and vibrant city with many options to have fun and entertainment.

You can have a lot of fun at the beaches, you can go for water sports like scuba diving, boating, fishing, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, and many other activities. At night, you will also get to see a lot of sexy beauties having some night time fun.

In addition, if you and your partner are looking for some exciting and adventurous romantic activities in Miami, then you should definitely opt for the nightclubs.

There are several clubs that offer you a variety of romantic choices such as singing, dancing, playing music, and many other types of exotic dance. Besides, there are also some restaurants that offers you the delicious cuisines and food items. Hence, you will never run out of romantic options when you are in Miami.

Furthermore, if you are looking for some romantic getaways in Miami where you and your partner can spend quality time together, then definitely you should go to Key West.

This city is known for its romantic allures and it is considered as the “Cinderella” of the South. You will find lots of alluring and beautiful scenery in this city and you will also get to experience lots of different kinds of activities, sights, and tastes.

Apart from the alluring views, lovely weather, and romantic scenes, you will also find that the living conditions of this place are excellent.

In conclusion, if you want some great romantic places to stay in Miami, then definitely you should consider Key West, Florida. If you and your partner are looking for a truly romantic and serene vacation spot, then definitely, this place is the one for you.

It is not only a place of beautiful scenery and sceneries; it is also a wonderful place to spend a romantic vacation with your loved one. This city offers you some alluring and luxurious resorts and it also provides you lots of all-inclusive packages.

Apart from being a wonderful choice for your next holiday spot, it also has some great nightlife and most popular hangout spots.

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Arts and Culture in the State of Florida



The state of Florida, known as the Florida Keys, has a rich and varied arts and culture. There are numerous festivals held in this amazing area of the US. These festivals bring thousands of visitors to the area, showcasing the arts and culture of Florida.

Below is a list of some of the festivals held in Florida, celebrating both arts and culture.

Wintertime in Florida sees the International Art and Jazz Festival held in Winter Gardens. This two day event features local musicians playing traditional jazz music and you are allowed to attend with no prior registration required.

This is a great opportunity to see local performers and to get an education about the art form. There are also workshops and seminars provided by local area attractions at the event as well.

Jacksonville will hold their largest book event called the Jacksonville Book Festival during October. This will feature many local authors as well as national authors and will conclude with a premier book party. Music and dance are integral parts of the festival and many Jacksonville artists will perform throughout the year.

Jacksonville’s Midsummer Festival is a month long festival that celebrates the joys and culture of the month of May. Musicians from throughout the state, as well as Gainesville and beyond, come to share the beauty of what the Midsummer Festival has to offer.

Activities include dance, readings, and art exhibit. This is also a great time for you to shop for arts and crafts at local shops and boutiques.

Sarasota’s premier arts and culture festival happens every year in January. Over 100 local and international artists come to the arena to display their work. Local, as well as international dishes, are showcased during this free and open-air event.

There are many other arts and cultural events happening around Sarasota as well including concerts, theatrical shows, and theater tours. Many of these events are supported by the county, state, and city.

These are just a few of the many different arts and culture festivals being held throughout the state. As you travel around the region, you are sure to find a festival to attend. Seminars and workshops are also available to teach you about arts and culture in the region.

The Florida International Festival of Arts & Culture is internationally renowned summertime arts and culture festival. It brings thousands of visitors to the beautiful cities of Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and Jacksonville each year.

You can watch world famous artists perform works of art. Many galleries have demonstrations of the artist’s work. During the week of the festival, there are a series of workshops for teens and children, as well as family-oriented concerts and events.

As you travel through the state, you will find other festivals as well. For example, you should take a look at the Miami Art Museum, which houses hundreds of different types of art. As you tour the museum, you will see modern and abstract art, as well as historic pieces that span art history.

For the more arts and culture-oriented travelers, you might consider checking out the Sarasota International Film Festival, which runs for the duration of the month of May. You will find a variety of movies and music, premiering at this event. The St. Pete folk festival in Florida is another great place for arts and culture lovers.

11 Best Romantic Getaways In Florida For Couples

Florida has a lot of things to love. The beautiful beaches and other attractions are not the only reason couples return to Florida. It’s not surprising that Florida is one of the most popular states in the country. This makes it easy to find the perfect romantic getaway. 

Here are some of our top picks for romantic getaways in Florida, Key West, and Key West.

1- Orlando


Orlando is known for its world-famous theme parks but it offers so much more to families. Orlando is the perfect place for lovers looking to escape to Florida.

• Winter Park Sunset Kayaking

A Florida sunset is one of the most romantic things on the planet. Enjoy a relaxing kayak tour to get a better view of the sunset and enhance the romance you have planned for your weekend getaway. With their kayaks, you can get a stunning view of the amazing fish below. 

Start your romantic adventure at Dinky Dock. A Get Up and Go Kayaking guide will take you through scenic canals that link Lake Virginia, Lake Osceola, and Lake Maitland. This is all part of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.

The local company stands out with its fleet of tandem kayaks, small tour groups, and low-key service. This is a great romantic getaway in Florida.

• Morning Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon flight is one of the most romantic and memorable ways to spend a romantic vacation in Orlando. 

This breathtaking adventure is available to couples with Bob’s Balloons in Central Florida. Many local businesses, including Bob’s Balloons invite you to set up the balloon before it takes off. This allows you to bond with your partner and set the stage for the greatest lift-off of your life. 

These romantic flights take about an hour and offer a tranquil view of the city. These private flights for couples offer a romantic escape to Florida that you will never forget.

2- Tampa


It’s easy to see why Tampa is a favorite destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway in Florida. There are many romantic options for couples of all ages in this vibrant city. 

These are some of the most romantic getaways in Tampa, no matter if you and your partner are adventurous or more laid back.

• Visit The Tampa Theatre

The Tampa Theatre is a landmark, but it is also one of the most beautiful architectural works in Florida. This restored vintage movie theatre features classic architectural design and original furnishings.

It also boasts a stunning night-sky ceiling with twinkling stars that is awe inspiring. Couples will feel like they are back in the 1920s as they watch a classic movie or enjoy a concert in this unique setting. 

This is a unique weekend getaway activity that can only be found in Tampa, Florida.

• Discover Hillsborough-River State Park

The Hillsborough River State Park is the perfect place for adventurous couples looking to enjoy a romantic getaway in Florida. 

This park is perfect for taking in the natural beauty and sunshine. This tranquil escape is a great place to spend a romantic weekend. The park is a tranquil escape from the bustle of the city and offers a collection of Class II rapids that thrill-seekers will love. 

Hillsborough River State Park has something for everyone, whether you are looking to have an intimate riverside picnic with your partner or go on an overnight adventure.

• Horseback Riding at the Beach

You can enjoy the serenity of the natural environment and the unbeatable pleasure of riding along the beach on horseback. This is a great weekend getaway for couples. 

This sweet adventure will be a lasting memory for you and your partner. You’ll also marvel at the natural beauty of Bradenton. Florida Beach Horses is a unique experience for horse lovers as well as soulmates. The romantic experience lasts just over an hour.

Couples can choose to have a sunset tour or kick up the romance. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a romantic getaway experience like no other. You won’t find a better place to add beach horseback riding to your bucket list. 

Find the place that offers multiple water-related activities, and has the most adorable horses with many personalities.

3- Miami


Miami is not unfamiliar with romance. The Magic City continues to be embraced by couples as a place for romance and a haven with vibrant, fun-filled South Beach. 

There are plenty of romantic activities that soulmates can enjoy in the city, from the beautiful architecture to the stunning sandy beaches.

• Faena Hotel Miami Beach

The Faena Hotel Miami Beach is a romantic getaway that will leave your heart fluttering. This hotel blends Old Hollywood glamour with whimsical elements. This results in a stunning decor and design that will leave you breathless. 

Every item in the hotel, from the famous red carpet entry in the lobby to floor-to-ceiling paintings, will make couples feel like they are in a 1960s romance.

• ST.Regis Bal Harbour

St. Regis Bal Harbour is a luxury hotel in Miami that’s close to South Beach. The impeccable attention to detail and first-class service earned them a reputation for being a top choice. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with chilled champagne. 

This romantic getaway will make you forget all about your worries and help you achieve all of your dream vacation goals. Couples will love to stay longer thanks to everything from the cloud-like mattresses in their hotel rooms to the poolside lounge and villas overlooking the ocean.

• Carillon Miami’s Wellness Resort

A spa day is a great way to spend a romantic getaway with your partner. The signature Spa services at Carillon Miami’s Wellness Resort will bring couples into a state of blissful relaxation. This romantic weekend getaway is inspired by the ocean and designed with love in mind. 

This multifunctional cabin is equipped with a variety of modern treatments, such as a height-adjustable bed, heated mattress, color therapy, and steam bath with aromatherapy. Carillon Miami’s Wellness Resort is the perfect place to find a tranquil, blissful getaway for a romantic couple riding along the beach on horseback.

4- Key West

A tropical island adventure is the best way to be romantic with your partner. You can experience the best of South Florida’s backyard paradise, with its pristine beaches and island vibes. 

A trip to the Florida Keys is a popular weekend getaway for couples. You and your partner will feel a world away from stress thanks to the warm weather, sea breeze, and vibrant culture. 

It’s clear that couples who want to experience a romantic getaway in Key West will be drawn to the beauty and charm found in the Florida Keys.

• All-inclusive Resort at the Bungalows

For couples who want to experience the best in luxury and tranquility, the Bungalows all inclusive resort is a great choice for a romantic getaway in Key West. 

The stunning tropical setting of this upscale resort is a perfect backdrop to paradise. Two bikes are provided for couples to use on the property. 

This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic getaways in Florida, with four restaurants on site and bungalows that offer stunning views of the ocean or gardens. 

This is the ideal getaway for couples looking for a romantic and luxurious escape in Key West. Enjoy the unmatched attention to detail during this unforgettable vacation experience.

• The Dry Tortugas National Park


The Yankee Freedom is the perfect way to enjoy a romantic getaway in Key West. It takes you on a journey through the Dry Tortugas National Park

This amazing eco-treasure will amaze you with its natural beauty and exotic wildlife, stunning sandy beaches, massive Civil War fortress, and incredible architecture. You will be transported to this secluded group of islands by the Yankee Freedom in comfort and style. 

All guests will receive a complimentary breakfast, lunch, and cold drinks, as well as top-of-the-line snorkel gear. Enjoy the Florida sun and warm white sand while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves.

The National Park is home to a variety of rare wildlife, including incredible winged wonders that continue attracting bird watchers to the islands. Explore the fascinating history of the island, including the fort which was once home to soldiers and war prisoners.

Take a ride on the Yankee Freedom to combine history, adventure and undeniable pleasure. It is one of the most romantic escapes in Key West.

Aerial view from Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park

There are many options for couples who want to enjoy the Florida sunshine state, whether it’s a weekend getaway, a romantic getaway in Key West or a week-long getaway. Take a bag and the one you love with you, and you’ll be on your way to Florida for a memorable romantic getaway.

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