Madison Blue Springs, Florida

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Ready to get away from life’s day-to-day?  Before you come at any point, relax your soul, body, and organs or release the stress from one’s shoulders and flush that out of the way; just hit a relaxing place known in the world as”Madison Blue Spring,” located in Florida.

Florida has so many springs in it as the layers of limestone which lie under it dissolves with the help of rainwater. But fortunately, this spring lies in one of the parks of Florida, which is enchanting.

It is an iconic place for any traveler to soothe his eyes, for any photographer to take wonderful natural ambient pictures, for some YouTube blogger to make his views in millions, or for any calm soul to have peace by staying there and admiring the beauty of the God’s art and relax with the silent trees, few people and clear water.

When you walk through a narrow little road made inside the park after crossing that you would encounter one of the most elegant landscapes which would fill your eyes and soul with the coolness that is, where spring meets the Withlacoochee River.

The scenic water and those coming over strong roots add on more beauty to the spot and make anyone paranoid out of the beauty. People are always devoted and attracted to wonder and hangout in Blue Springs like Madison Blue spring, but they can’t make their trip historic and catchy due to fear of alligators. It iswell-known for alligators found in blue water, so there are signs to beware of alligators in blue spring like Gilchrist blue spring, but there is still no case of alligators found in Madison Blue Spring Fl. So you can make a memorable trip to a beautiful place Madison Blue Spring Fl. If you want to plan for a beautiful place to enjoy without any fear of alligators, then Madison Blue Spring Park is the best choice for you. Our society today, through the wonders of consumer culture and hey-look-my-life-is-cooler-than-yours social media, has bred a whole generation of people who believe having anxiety is not OK.

But I think it’s OK because it’s what life is all about and in that, I’d suggest you go to the Blue Springs and rock there with your friends, girlfriends or family. It’s a piece of heaven on the Earth someone has ever seen, it’s a beautiful piece of art with the width of the spring of 82 feet and 25 feet deep which includes sunfish, catfish, little cute freshwater turtles, and you will get a perfect worth uploading photo for social media with over hundreds of likes and few pretty comments. Amazingly, we could also drink the spring water and be biologically free from harmful chemicals, which make the water not drinkable.

Are there manatees at Madison Blue spring?

Now that’s a multiple asked question over the internet in the comments section usually asked by kids as they are curious to visit this place just because they find manatees a fascinating creature. So yeah! There are more than a few manatees at Madison blue spring, which I believe is an attraction for everybody to visit this Eden now and then. It is mind-blowing news that we can swim with the manatees without getting hurt or eaten by those giant creatures. They look huge and similar to the elephant, but their hearts are as soft and delicate as cotton. Their feed is seaweed, not the human flash.

How long do the manatees stay in blue spring?



Manatees are the cutest friendly creature, I guess. Manatees only appear to the surface in the morning, just before the water gets warm there in the springs. Then they cut and run into the river. Habitually, the giant friendly creature lasts through March. The best time is 8 am when the park opens up. They only appear in the winter season from late November through February. The Blue Spring is at that time reveals the vibes of the “pink world,” which feels so perfect, like; the blue water surrounded by grey rocks and manatees to swim with.

Can you swim at Blue Spring State park?

Of course, swimming is a must-to-do thing when you are surrounded by such a beautiful spring on the Earth. It is an ideal place to swim, so grab your passes to enjoy the beauty of the spring! Manatees never bite a human as they usually feed upon seaweed as they are herbivores, it’s weird, but it’s a fun and exciting thing for swimmers. They love the warmth of the humans. You can walk into the dazzling water through those stairs and get going into the water. This spot is so cool natural-clear space, with having perfect ambiance to swim with manatees because they are warm-blooded, and so are humans. But do remember, NEVER RIDE A MANATEE! As it’s against the law, never harass, molest or disturb the endangered animals else; you’ll end up paying a large amount of penalty or behind bars. So it is entirely safe to swim along with the manatees. It’s a fact usually known to less than female manatees are generally larger than male manatees and get sexually mature when they are approximately about three years of their age.

The Red or green-blue combination is a strange thing for this animal. On the other hand, it can only see blue, green, and grey colors, meaning they are “nearsighted.” They can only breathe through their little lovable enchanting noses. The water is as clear as the crystal, glassy, sleek, and gentle. But remember to clean up the trash and not swim in the restricted areas that are sensitive to protect the environment so that we can preserve the state, “the state of Florida, the real Florida!”

My pro trip to you all is: when having a bad time in relationship, or you heart-broken, failed the exam, or having difficulty moving on, having a stressful time to pick yourself a profession or whatever the problem is just visit this wonderful spot and be at peace so your every bit of body and soul can soothed with clear water and a lot of nature. Just forget everything and visit here and you know what? This is pocket friendly as well.

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