Check out Exotic Animals at the Central Florida Zoo Orlando

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Exotic Animals at Zoo Orlando is one of the most popular zoos in the United States. The zoo is home to over 500 animals, including lions, tigers, elephants, and gorillas.

You can see the animals up close and learn about their habitat and behavior, experience Backstage experiences, and learn about endangered species. The zoo also has a conservation program that works to protect endangered species.

There’s also a Native American village nearby. Learn about the history of the area. And if you’re into beer, you can sample brews from a variety of different taps.

However, there’s one major reason not to miss Central Florida Zoo Orlando: the exotic animals.

Backstage experiences

The Walt Disney World Resort boasts a 580-acre zoo in Florida. Animal Kingdom is one of Disney’s most popular theme parks, and a new television series will explore the animals at this magical theme park.

Disney animal kingdom zoo orlando

With more than 5000 animals representing more than 300 different species, the zoo is a big undertaking – and a job for a small army of employees. Recently, the Den of Geek visited the Orlando attraction and spoke to a caregiver for an inside look at the zoo’s operation.

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Endangered Species Day

Celebrated annually on the third Friday of May, Endangered Species Day a lets guests participate in various conservation activities.

You can also purchase Animal Awareness Day tote bags, which they can customize using fabric markers. In addition to learning about the plight of endangered species, the day also teaches visitors about the importance of preserving wildlife habitats.

During Endangered Species Day at Zoo Disney, guests can learn about how endangered animals live in the wild. Whether the species lives in captivity or is extinct, it is important to protect their habitats.

Learn about the importance of preserving these species by taking a turtle walk.

Turtles are one of Florida’s most iconic animals, so it makes sense to learn about their lives and how we can help preserve their habitats.

While on Endangered Species Day, guests can learn about and see some of the endangered animals in the park. The Sumatran rhinoceros is critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. The Amur tiger, meanwhile, arrived at Central Florida Zoo Orlando, bringing the population of this animal to just two.

One species of crocodile that was once abundant in Florida has since declined. Hunting and dam construction have significantly disrupted their habitat.

This species has recovered from its plight in recent years, but the threat continues to linger. While they have rebounded from nearly 400 individuals in Florida in the early 1970s, their numbers have fallen significantly.

In fact, their numbers have risen from seven birds in 1967 to more than four hundred in 2011!

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Brews Around the Zoo

This year, the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is hosting a fun event called Brews Around the Zoo. The event features over thirty craft beers, live music, and food samples from local restaurants. The event is free to attend but requires a subscription to enjoy the best local news.

Those who purchase VIP tickets and Early Access tickets get in an hour early. Tickets for Brews Around the Zoo can be purchased on the Central Florida Zoo’s website.

To purchase tickets for this event, you must have a valid ID. Smoking is prohibited and the event is for adults only. There are no underage admissions, and it is a 21-and-over event.

Brews Around the Zoo is an opportunity to support the Keeper Conference Fund and enjoy a unique evening with animal care specialists. To purchase tickets, click here. You can also buy a souvenir cup from the Wicked Weed Cafe.

The Zoo hosts a beer-tasting event every year. Guests will sample craft beer from local craft breweries. The event is held rain or shine, so dress appropriately!

You should bring an ID if you plan to attend the event. You can also buy a few BrewBucks for friends and family – each is $6. For a full-sized craft beer or a glass of wine, you can purchase a BrewBuck and spend the rest of the evening enjoying the Zoo.

Exotic animals at the Central Florida Zoo Orlando, Florida

Central Florida zoo orlando

If you love to learn about different animals, you’ll enjoy visiting the Exotic Animal Experience at the Orlando zoo. You can learn about all sorts of exotic animals and even hold some.

This Florida attraction has a wide variety of wildlife, including rare alligators and an eight-foot Columbian Red Tail Boa Constrictor.

For a hands-on experience, make an appointment and explore the Exotic Animal Experience’s website.

There are several other opportunities to interact with the animals. The wildlife rehabilitation center offers visitors the chance to see some of the exotic animals up close.

The center aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured animals, and it also offers a home for non-releasable animals. The nonprofit exotic animal rescue center CARE Foundation provides a permanent home for more than 200 animals in need of care.

You can take part in special events like the King of the Jungle Tour and become a CAREtaker for a Day.

The Brevard Zoo features more than 900 animals and is located in a 75-acre park.

It is divided into five main areas. The Expedition Africa area features giraffes and wallabies, the Lands of Change area has crocodiles and American alligators, and the Rainforest area is home to many exotic birds and snakes.

The Brevard Zoo also offers guided kayak tours through its exhibits. It’s located on the eastern coast of Florida, approximately an hour’s drive from downtown Orlando.

The Central Florida Zoo is another great option for those who want to see animals in their natural habitat. This zoo is 30 minutes north of Orlando and offers more than 400 animals, including exotic species.

It has a children’s petting zoo and a tropical splash ground. Whether you want to pet giraffes or see rhinos up close, you’ll love the Central Florida Zoo Orlando.

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Annual pass options

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando with your family, you may want to consider purchasing an Annual Pass for Zoo Orlando. Not only will you enjoy discounted admission to the zoo, but you can also purchase passes to over 150 other zoos across the U.S., allowing you to see even more animals.

Family at Central Florida Zoo Orlando


Annual passes are particularly attractive for families with children, as they are great value for money.

Busch Gardens is also worth considering, as it’s owned by the same company as SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment.

It’s priced similarly to Zoo Orlando but offers a number of unique experiences, such as Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo festivals.

Depending on the length of your visit, you might consider purchasing an annual pass to both parks, which will save you money on entrance fees.

Wrapping Up…

If you’re looking for a unique and educational way to spend some time in Orlando, then visiting one of the area’s many zoos is a great option.

You can learn about different animals, see them up close, and even participate in special events. And if you purchase an annual pass, you can visit multiple zoos for one low price.

So why not add a zoo visit to your Orlando itinerary?

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