Best Beaches In Tampa Florida

Best Beaches In Tampa Florida: 7 of Tampa’s Sandy Secrets

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Are you looking for the best beaches in Tampa Florida? Look no further!  Tampa, Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, and if you’re looking for the best of the best, then you’ve come to the right place.

From white sandy beaches to rocky coastlines, there is something for everyone when it comes to exploring all that Tampa has to offer.

With so many options to choose from, you may have a hard time deciding which beach they should visit while in Tampa. 

Whether you’re looking for a day of swimming or just want to relax and take in some sunshine, Tampa’s beaches are sure to please.

To make things easier, this article will provide an overview of the top beaches in Tampa, Florida so that you can make informed decisions about where to go.

1. Ben T. Davis Beach

Davis Beach is the beach for you if you’re on vacation in Tampa and want a nearby beach with soft white sand for relaxing, quiet water for cooling off, and shelters for picnics.

The locals love to tailgate at this beach because it is the nearest one to downtown Tampa.

Travelers who appreciate efficiency will find Davis’ proximity to the airport to be excellent. Local volleyball players can be seen playing on the beach on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

This location, which is close to the four-mile new Courtney Campbell Trail for bicycling and walking, is among the best in town for catching the sunset.

2. Clearwater Beach

No matter the season, Clearwater Beach, one of Florida’s most well-liked family beaches, is a soft, white sand vacation spot perfect for a day trip or weekend break.

Active families that appreciate the outdoors and watersports will love Clearwater Beach. On an average day, you can see beachgoers in the calm waters on jet skis, parasailing, or stand-up paddleboarding.

Clearwater Beach
Photo Credit: rcgtrrz

Along the winding and picturesque beachside promenade, rollerblading and cycling are common pastimes.

The beach itself features lifeguards and public facilities, making it a convenient place to spend the day relaxing with your toes in the sand.

Family-friendly activities abound in Clearwater, Florida, in addition to the beach. Winter the Dolphin, the protagonist of the Dolphin Tale films, resides at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Additionally, there are lots of unpretentious eateries to replenish your energy as well as beach shops to pick up some trinkets.

Pier 60 has a weekly festival with street entertainers and market sellers every evening as the sun sets.

3. Madeira Beach

A 2.5-mile Gulf of Mexico beach town, Madeira Beach is well-known for its nautical John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk. It is a favorite destination for tourists seeking sun and sea.

This seaside community in Pinellas County, just 27 miles from Tampa Bay, is well-known for fishing and for its 1,100-foot boardwalk along the Intracoastal.

Madeira Beach
Photo Credit: Don Amaro

There are plenty of family-friendly activities in the Madeira Beach region, which has some of the nicest beaches in the Tampa area.

In addition to the numerous eateries and shops, there are a variety of enjoyable activities available, such as boating, sea turtle viewing, or visiting one of the many waterfront parks.

Additionally, there are several events that take place, such as sporting events, movies on the beach, and a market featuring live music, food, and local artisan merchants. Additionally, the annual John’s Pass Seafood Festival is held in Madeira Beach.

4. John’s Pass

John’s Pass, the most popular tourist destination in Pinellas County, is situated on the southern end of Madeira Beach.

There are plenty of things to do to make your family happy, including a lovely beach and a charming fishing hamlet with more than 130 distinctive shops and restaurants.

To put it another way, it has unquestionably earned its reputation as one of the top beaches close to Tampa.

John’s Pass
Photo Credit: Richard Mc Neil

Numerous water activities, eco-tours, and deep-sea fishing excursions are available, and there is a waterfront promenade with views of the Gulf of Mexico to keep you occupied.

The availability of cruises for shelling and dolphin viewing makes my son grin broadly.

There are also boat rentals, parasailing, and jet skiing for the crew members who like to be physically active and adventurous.

Adults can choose from a variety of entertaining waterfront pubs, some of which have live music when it’s time to go out and enjoy the evening.

5. Indian Rocks Beach

Indian Rocks Beach, which is only a short drive from Tampa, boasts approximately three miles of stunning, glittering gulf coast beaches.

Visitors from all over the world travel there to enjoy the beaches and marvel at the breathtaking sunsets. Additionally, a fun Oktoberfest celebration is held there annually.

Photo credit: Michelle Maria

Indian Rocks Beach, is one of the top beaches in the Tampa Bay area, with 27 beach access sites within the city. There are calm swimmable waters at this beach that even little children can enjoy.

After spending the day relaxing and wandering the beach, there are a variety of retail stores and eateries for when you become hungry.

6. St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach, a barrier island vacation town in Florida, is well-liked by beachgoers and families. In fact, it isn’t only one of the top beaches around Tampa; in 2021, Tripadvisor ranked it as the best beach in the country.

The huge pink hotel, built in 1928 and located on the beachfront, the Don CeSar, is another distinctive feature of St. Pete Beach.

Families seeking excitement and enjoyment can visit the Rumfish, which has three enormous aquariums, or the Upham State Park, which has a verdant “Secret Garden.” The family’s more daring members can even go snorkeling in one of the aquariums to interact directly with the creatures inside!

St. Pete Beach
Photo Credit: qwesy qwesy

Beach volleyball is fantastic at the adjacent Postcard Inn. Get a day pass at the Tradewinds Island Grand Resort if you’re staying over the weekend to enjoy the water slides, pools, beach cabanas, and mini-golf.

The several beach bars with live music are great for spending a night out on the town, which the adults in the family will love.

However, there are also many things available if all you want to do is unwind.

You can spend the day at one of the white sand beaches while plunging in the warm Gulf of Mexico seas, explore the different parks along the Intracoastal waterfront, or go shopping in the Pass-A-Grille neighborhood.

7. Pass-A-Grille Beach

Pass-A-Grille Beach, a large stretch of white sand surrounded by beach shops, wonderful restaurants, outdoor art markets, and rooftop bars, is situated in St. Pete Beach’s historic center.

It offers more than 350 days of sunshine a year and is the last beach in St. Pete Beach.

Pass-A-Grille Beach
Photo Credit: Grendelkhan

The variety of activities available will persuade you that this beach is among the best ones close to Tampa if the amount of sunshine isn’t enough.

There are tennis courts, fishing piers, and picturesque walks in addition to four miles of powdery white sand for your toes to sink into.

You can take a boat cruise to the remote Shell Key Preserve from the Merry Pier, which is well-known for its fishing, to observe birds, or collect some of the area’s stunning seashells.

The family can visit the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum to learn more about the local history and artifacts whenever they need a break from the sun and sand.

It’s a necessity to view the renowned sunsets after supper.

One of my family’s favorite evening activities is watching the sunset. I can almost picture us stopping at one of the neighborhood stores to get an ice cream cone before going to the Paradise Grille sunset celebration, a popular local tradition that happens every evening.

Tampa Bay is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, and if you’re looking for a fun place to soak up the sun and enjoy a little relaxation, then you need to check out the best beaches in Tampa!

From stunning white sand to crystal-clear waters, it’s easy to find something for everyone.

Whether you’re an experienced beachgoer or a first-timer, you’ll be sure to find your perfect beach experience here.

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