Come see what everyone is talking about in Perdido Key, Florida

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Perdido Key is a self-governing person in Escambia County, Florida, United States. It is in the middle of Pensacola, Florida, and Orange Beach, Alabama. Perdido signifies a loss in the Spanish and Portuguese dialects. It was among the Gulf Coast Native Americas meticulously untold.

This is the reason why the first people to settle in the area in Florida were the Native Americans. In the area, sea boarding, combing, and yachting are the dweller’s way of life. It has very fascinating beaches. When one feels like passing time, the eastern side of the island to the Gulf Islands National Seashore is best for swimming and watching birds.

Dolphin watching tours, moonlight steam, and drifting tours are among the very attractive things to do in Perdido Key. It is where the New Year’s Polar Bear Dip is celebrated like no other.

Beautiful Park

Perdido Key is a nice place to visit with your family for a vacation or through traveling to enjoy nature. The stunning park on the key has a fascinating white sandy beach. It is a few minutes apart from the Flora-Bama state line with proximity from a bridge over to the key from Pensacola.

The areas for shopping have not been left behind as the place is well packed with plenty of parking areas for that shopping. Restaurants are also in plenty both for bed and breakfast. The place is dog friendly and there is an RV part for camping, nature trails and wildlife sites are also available. You can never regret having visited the place.

Perdido Key Water


Perdido Key has amazing water and sand. Many people love to visit the place due to the different colors of the water and the sand. It is neat as a pin and confidential. It is commonly referred to as the Emerald Coast. The name is used since the water has different colors of blue-green.

The water is very clear though it changes with weather conditions such as the storm. The sand in the area is snow white. The area is not noisy in comparison to the neighboring resorts. The government has tried to take control to conserve the beauty of the area. The scenery is unobstructed as are no home contractions or condos. You will enjoy the place that will always be in your memories.

Perdido Key hidden gem

Perdido Key is a modest charming area of sugar-white sand by the side of the Gulf. It is an attractive get-away for both visitors and the dwellers. The most fascinating fact is the beach itself. The fine white sand is very unique. Having a walk in the mornings and the evenings along the beach is the best with a breather, away from your busy schedule during sunsets and sunrises.

The beaches are very clean, and cannot be compared with any other beach in Florida. In comparison with the neighboring places near Emerald coast, the Perdido Key’s beaches are as cool as a cucumber, sizeable and the sand is spackling and squeaks on your feet as you step on it.

The wildlife and nature have not been left behind. The dolphin cruises always attract your eyes as they jig in and out of the water. You will always be able to see them swimming by water when you are on the beach. Get a glance of veracious charm in the cause of Sea Turtle nesting season.

Leaving your footprints on the sand gives the little creatures an easy journey back to the ocean. Manatees are also there at the bay. The Osprey and Great Bald Eagles can be viewed circling and pitching after fish as their delicacy in the Gulf, Pensacola Bay, Santa Rosa Sound, and other secured waters. Squadrons of brown pelicans paddle the shallows for fish, crab, and occasional lizards.

Perdido’s Cost

Pedido Key is home to many. There are attractive homes for vacation and apartments which are pocket-friendly. The most attractive, sizeable with a reasonable price near the Emerald Coast is the Perdido Key Vacation Rentals.

The place is different with apartments and homes directly on the sand while others are away from the coast.

There are no hotels in Perdido Key, therefore, rentals will offer private vacation homes that are fully equipped for a family stay. Some resorts compete with other beach locations in pricing.

How to get to Perdido Key

Pensacola (PNS) Airport is the nearby airport in Perdido Key. It is situated 18.6 miles away. You can fly to Perdido Key with the airline that lands there. Other airports are nearby of the area. These are the Valparaiso (VPS) that is 54. 4 miles away, Mobile (MOB) at 55.6 miles, Panama City (ECP) at 97.7 miles away, and the Gulfport/Biloxi (GPT) at 99 miles away.

In addition, if it is not possible to use any of the above modes of getting there, there are available buses from Pensacola (PNS) to Perdido Key via ECAT Transfer Station, Downtown Transfer Station, and Blue Angel Pkwy @ Walmart for about three hours and six minutes.

Perdido Key security

Perdido Key cities are 82% safer and 18% of cities are the most dangerous. Those who occupy the place consider the northeast part of the area as more secure as compared to other areas.

In the southern neighborhood, the crime ratio is one in nineteen. This means that for every nineteen people, one is not secure. One in twenty-five in the northeastern part of the city is not safe too. Areas with a lot of people are not considered safest.

Alligators in Perdido Key


There are Alligators in Perdido Key. The alligators are some of the inhabits that are found on the barrier island of the city. They are not as many as in central and south Florida. Encounter with this creature is very rare.

They are dangerous animals and their presence in Perdido Key is a nuisance to the homeowners. They can hide in the water while hunting for their prey. They raise their eyes and nostrils above the water so that they can stalk on their prey.

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