John Pass Florida – One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind Before Visiting

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John’s Pass Florida has become a popular tourist attraction, it retains the feel of a rustic area where visitors can still find modest lodging and enjoy the simple pleasures of Florida: treasure hunting, strolling along the waterfront, dolphin watching, nature cruising, and, of course, catching and eating fish.

A new garage, as well as new stores and entertainment activities, have recently opened, and a rebuilt promenade with more shops will be completed later in 2007.

Levique is also commemorated every year at John’s Pass Village’s famed John Levique Days Festival, which takes place this year on May 14 and 15, 2011.

1. John’s Pass Before John’s Pass Village:

On Florida’s west coast, inlets to the Gulf of Mexico are called passes. John’s Pass separates Treasure Island on the south from Madeira Beach on the north.

The Great Hurricane of 1848 split the barrier island at that location, creating the pass. In 1927, the pass was first crossed. In 1971, that bridge was replaced, and in 2013, that one was replaced.

2. Location of John’s Pass Florida:

St John’s Pass is located in the Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg areas of Florida’s Midwest region. It’s one block from the shore in Madeira on the far west side of Pinellas County.

Passagrille Beach, St. Pete Beach, Upham Beach, Sunset Beach, Treasure Island Beach, Madeira Beach, Reddington Beach, Sand Key Beach, and then the famous Clearwater Beach, which has been voted the #1 beach in the USA for several years over the past decade, are listed in this order from the southern tip of Pinellas County beaches.

John’s Pass and John’s Pass Village are located on the southern end of Madeira Beach, bordering the east side of Gulf Blvd on the northeast side of the John’s Pass Bridge, out of all the beaches listed.

3. Why is it called John’s Pass?

The “Pass,” as locals refer to it, was created by a hurricane on Sept. 27, 1848. Levique was the first to cross through the newly opened passage. As a result, the pass is known as John’s Pass.

The John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk are the most well-known attractions in this Gulf of Mexico beach town west of St. Petersburg.

4. A key reason, John’s Pass was created

When fugitive slaves from the South sought refuge with displaced Native Americans in the South, they founded the Seminoles.

This group intended to retaliate against the South’s attempt to depose them. General Andrew Jackson agreed to expel the Seminoles from the South in exchange for greater territory for planters to farm in Florida.

Joseph Silva and John LeVique, two “pioneers” who took use of the right to cultivate more land, set off on a conquest to discover more land and, after being trapped in a storm, washed ashore an unfamiliar and undisturbed northerly opening.

The two men trekked through this new pass between Treasure Island and Madeira Beach. In honor of the voyage and discovery by LeVique, this little piece of beautiful land was named John’s Pass.

Until the Hubbard Family erected a boardwalk, John’s Pass became a lively fishing village. Soon after, retail businesses were developed, and John’s Pass Community grew from a peaceful west coast Florida fishing village to Pinellas County’s top tourist destination.

Water sports, fishing, apparel, ice cream, dining, sightseeing, and even a store is all available at John’s Pass Village, which is a boardwalk with roughly 150 retail, specialty stores, and restaurants.

Visitors may watch as enormous fishing boats bring in their catch of Snapper, Grouper, and other fish on a daily basis. Dolphins usually pass in front of the beachfront, providing tourists with a thrilling encounter with these playful creatures.

Large Snook, a game fish native to southern Florida and prized for its remarkable fighting abilities and delectable meat, may also be found beneath the boardwalk, alongside the pillars and pilings.

5. Prominent stores situated around John’s Pass:

John’s Pass Village is a shopping venue centered along a boardwalk on John’s Pass. John’s Pass offers several different shops, including Florida souvenirs to crystal glassware, jewelry, and many other specialty shops.

There are various eateries on the boardwalk in John’s Pass, including two excellent seafood restaurants. It’s a little on the pricier side, but the cuisine is delicious, and the fish is certainly fresh.

It’s a nautically themed area with dozens of restaurants, stores, and odd little tourist attractions. There are a plethora of shopping and dining opportunities.

Johns Pass fishing village and boardwalk in Madeira Beach is packed with casual cafes, ice cream shops, beach boutiques, fishing charters, and more the historic village, bounded by Gulf Boulevard, Boardwalk Place, and Village Boulevard, offers dozens of things to do.

Not only is John’s Pass a popular tourist destination for out-of-state visitors, but it’s also a popular location for Floridians.

It’s nearly hard to see John’s Pass in only one day. Shopping, boat tours, boat rentals, fishing, coffee shops, family entertainment, dining, drinking, ice cream parlors, and even the Mad Beach Craft Brewing Co. and the Florida Winery may easily fill two to three days.

World-famous John’s Pass Village is the center of shopping in Madeira Beach. Home to a variety of shops, stores, restaurants, and bars, John’s Pass Village has something for everyone.

Several of the shops and stores found in John’s Pass are listed below.

1. Surf Shops / Clothing Stores

  • Overhead Surf Shop
  • 12991 Village Blvd. John’s Pass
  • Madeira Beach, Florida

2. Surf Style

3. Lori’s Soap and Sponge

  • John’s Pass Village

4. Impressive Designs Art Gallery & Florida Wines

  • 311 1St St.
  • Indian Rocks Beach and 208 John’s Pass Boardwalk
  • Madeira Beach

5. Bronze Lady Home Furnishings

  • 15015 Madeira Way Madeira Beach

6. Zeno’s Boardwalk Sweet Shop

  • 206 St John’s Pass Boardwalk E, Madeira Beach
  • 101 saltwater taffy flavours! You can buy a premixed bag, or choose your own mixture

7. Wind Works Kites

  • 13009 Village Drive John’s Pass Village
  • Madeira Beach, Florida

8. Bronze Lady

  • 12957 Village Blvd Madeira Beach, FL 33708

9. Sign of the Dolphin

  • 652 150th Ave Madeira Beach, FL 33708

10. Forever Florida

  • 12933 Gulf Blvd Madeira Beach, FL 33708


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