Tour of Cape Canaveral, FL

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Can you take a tour of Cape Canaveral?
I feel thrilled with the imagination of a tour. Florida has a myriad of tourist destinations and Cape Canaveral is one of them.

Several activities worth your time go on in Cape Canaveral. Here are some of the things you can go to do there.

Walk around the Kennedy Space Center


According to, this is one of the most popular destinations in Cape Canaveral. The moon rocks and Saturn V rocket are some of the beautiful features present you can look at.
There’s more that the eye will capture as you walk around the place. Ensure you do not miss any scenery.

Kennedy Space Center and Everglades Airboat Safari from Orlando

Boat riding is also part of the plan. Be sure to catch the scenic waterways. Let loose and make the ride unforgettable. It will be more fun if you go with your friends or family.

Have a meal with an astronaut

As you enjoy your meals, there’ll be an astronaut in your company. The experience is exciting as well as memorable. Tourists that have been here before claim that this is the apex of the tour. The astronauts share real experience from space.

Other than the famous Kennedy Space center exploits, Cape Canaveral offers a once in a lifetime experience as well as historical centers you will love to tour.

How much does it take to tour Cape Canaveral?

There’s no upper limit as to how much you can spend on your tour to Cape Canaveral. It depends on the activities you want to engage in and other factors.

On the lower side, there’s a limit! For instance, there’s admission fee to the Kennedy Space Center.
According to, adults will be charged $57 for admission per person. The tax exclusive fee is lesser for children between 3 and 11. The young ones pay $47. Military pays $50.

There is another package for annual passes. It ranges between $82 and $146. The highest charge of $146 is for an adult explorer. A child explorer pays $116.

The annual passes have three categories including Multiday, Atlantis, and Explorer. The three are further categorized into two classes, as either adult or child with the latter class paying relatively lower amounts.

The Multiday category is the cheapest pass. Adults in this category pay $82 while children pay $67. The Adult Atlantis pay a little more at $96 with children parting ways with $78. The explorer category is the most expensive.
Bookings can be done through their website at From there, it is up to you. You may spend as much as you can in your quest for a memorable experience. Make it worth it!

Is Cape Canaveral open for tours?

Cape Canaveral is blessed with tour opportunities for you and me. So yes, Cape Canaveral is open for tours. Here are some of the things you could do there.

You could go fishing. Fishing charter companies are available to serve you. You’ll be surprised to catch some of the biggest fish on the sea. Please take photos for show! Such opportunities only come once.
Or you could go for drinks with your friends. The Florida beer company is a popular supplier of brew you could drink from. That offers a great opportunity to have those ‘remember when…’ conversations that bring back nostalgia.

There’s also the Radisson resort at the port which offers a fine swimming venue. The place is beautiful and full of serenity. You will love the scene and enjoy spending time in water.

Additionally, you could hire tour companies like the Time and Tide Tours for a boat tour. The ride is enjoyable especially when the tides behave. You will be thrilled by the scare water posses and that will make this even more interesting. This is true especially if you’re water phobic.

The Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is another beautiful place to go to. There’s a lot to look at and learn about here. You can be sure to take home lessons you will forever be grateful to have acquired.

After the tours, you will surely be exhausted. Perhaps a day or two or even more may not be enough to complete all these tours. You can spend your nights at the Residence Inn Cape Canaveral. The beautiful hotel is just one of the many options you have.

The fact that Cape Canaveral is open for tours means you have plenty of activities to accomplish. Guides are also available to make you feel at home. Their charges are affordable. Therefore, you have everything to make your stay fun and memorable.

How Long does it take to tour Cape Canaveral?


Most visitors go to Cape Canaveral to visit the Kennedy Space Center. That makes sense because it is technically the best place to be in Cape Canaveral.

If that’s your only goal, it may take you 2-3 hours to complete your tour. Others spend about 6 hours and may go up to 9 hours, or even the whole day. You shouldn’t limit yourself at all, unless you have other engagements to attend to.

But again, I’d suggest you finish your engagements firsts and dedicate another full day for this tour alone. There’s so much to see and so many places to go to. That means you will need more time to complete at least most of the tours.

If you live around, you can decide to complete some tours in a day, then, do the others on a separate day. That way, you won’t feel the urge to rush and complete everything in a day.

For those traveling from far and with tight budgets, you may have to choose the best tours to attend to and leave out some. That way, you will get value for your money.

Besides, you should spend as little time as possible on a particular tour. That will spare you time to attend to other tours. Vacations know no limits and that is why you should take as much time as possible to complete your Cape Canaveral tour.

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