Rosemary Beach Restaurants, FL

5 Magnetic Rosemary Beach Restaurants, FL

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Rosemary Beach Florida Restaurants are a great place to visit if you’re looking for a tasty meal. Many restaurants offer fresh seafood, steaks, and other dishes that are sure to please your taste buds.

The best thing about visiting Rosemary Beach is the fact many of these restaurants are located right on the beach. You can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach by enjoying some of their delicious meals as well as drinks from their bar.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to spend time with family or friends, then it’s not too late to visit this quaint little beach town. They have a wide variety of food options available for you to choose from.

From charming traditional Russian markets to trendy Chinese restaurants with outdoor seating, there are so many great places to eat in Florida’s historic neighborhoods this season—and these unique seafood Restaurants with Piers cover just about every neighborhood and chain name you can think of!

1. La Crema Tapas & Chocolate

Located on Main Street, Rosemary Beach, Florida, this bright, cozy café serves small Spanish plates and chocolate confections, giving friends a great destination to linger, dine and enjoy great flavors.

This restaurant, tucked away on the east end of 30A, provides a dynamic experience for each guest, both casually elegant and fun.

La Crema Tapa & Chocolate Restaurant’s inspiration comes from Barcelona’s incredible tapas and chocolate cafes, as well as the Spaniards’ overall passion for good food and their way of life.

Perhaps this is so because Rosemary Beach and Barcelona share the same climate and strategic location next to the sea, which is essential for fresh seafood.

Whether with friends, family, or date, this location is the perfect spot to savor the simple yet rustic cuisine and delectable wine pairings.

Choose to indulge in the Seafood Paella that features lobster tails, shrimp scallops, mussels, clams, and chorizo, or you can go for the famous Serrano Wrapped Figs marinated in white wine with honey goat cheese.

The restaurant is open seven days a week.

2. Restaurant Paradis, Rosemary Beach

Tucked away in Barrett Square, Rosemary Beach in Florida, Restaurant Paradis features a gorgeous fine dining restaurant characterized by a carefully-sourced, seafood-heavy American menu.

Imagine settling in a paradise near white sands, blue waters, and abundant sunshine.

This small fine restaurant is a hidden gem that loyal customers often call home.

The dining area evokes a warm neighborhood feeling and an understated wine country elegance.

Restaurant Paradis, open to guests for dinner, is committed to serving prime steaks, fine wine, and fresh seasonal ingredients that celebrate local produce and an abundance of fresh Gulf seafood.

Whether it is a rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, or whatever celebration, intimate or large, Paradis has got you.

Celebration at Restaurant Paradis, Rosemary Beach

The restaurant draws from the rich flavors of the coastal area and various other places to create innovative and compelling dishes.

Get to enjoy a menu that, although prepared from ordinary ingredients, come with a unique twist that you are unlikely to experience elsewhere.

Seafood like shrimp, lobster, tartare, and tuna and the gas lanterns lighting the courtyard provides a lovely atmosphere to enjoy your date or celebration.

While Restaurant Paradis is a night-out place, it is well worth changing out of your flip-flops for a visit.

The restaurant is open for reservations and opens from5pm to 10 pm every day.

3. Havana Beach Bar & Grill

Havana Beach Bar & Grill, located at Main Street, Rosemary Beach, is a stylish spot inspired by El Floridita, Hemingway’s favorite haunt in old-town Havana.

The restaurant, the recipient of AAA Four-Diamond and Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellent restaurant, welcomes you to celebrate the joy of living, eating, and drinking well with a menu that is equal parts the Caribbean, equal parts Gulf Coast, all served up in an approachable family-friendly ambiance.

The venue features a rooftop dining experience that offers a stylish yet relaxed outdoor atmosphere with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico and the town’s 30A lifestyle.

The bistro-style seating and communal tables encourage diners to enjoy a shared plate menu inspired by the hotel’s destination restaurant.

There are also two fire pits and four cabanas for lounging under Florida’s signature starry sunshine at the rooftop Lounge.

Rosemary Beach Restaurants, FL luxury fire pit

The beach lounge provides the best spot for meeting with friends with the hand-carved mahogany bar stocked with mixologists’ craft made-to-order cocktails designed to engage all your senses creatively.

Alternatively, you can enjoy your dining experience on the veranda, which also offers views overlooking the Gulf and Main Street.

Be sure to catch a glimpse of stunning sunsets here, literally served daily.

In-room dining in the comfort of luxurious rooms or suites is also available for guests who prefer it.

4. Edward’s Fine Food & Wine

Edward’s Fine Food & Wine Restaurant in Rosemary Beach welcomes you with its vibrant setting where you can enjoy lunch and dinner while truly relaxed.

The restaurant operates on beach time and does not take reservations except for Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

Thus, the tables are seated on a first-come, first-serve basis. What is in a name is just as important as what a place offers, and, in this case, it is the wine.

Edward's Fine Food & Wine

The restaurant features an award-winning wine list, fine food, and professional service and cuisine that exude a fine-dining feel.

There is a selection of over100 wines, some of which you may know and love, and others are boutique wines that you may not have tried anywhere else.

Perhaps the entertaining menu is what keeps loyal guests returning year after year.

The menu is seasonal, with the chef changing it multiple times a year to fully enjoy fresh produce and seafood that may only be available for short windows.

The restaurant is open nightly for dinner starting at 5 pm.

5. Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar

Located in Rosemary Beach, Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar is a rooftop bar destination with fine casual dining, seafood grill, and rooftop bar.

Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, this restaurant opens daily to provide extraordinary service and cuisine to its guests. Built around its view, this rooftop bar overlooking the Gulf is constantly packed during the season.

Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar

The restaurant serves pretty standard upscale seafood grill fare, rounded out by a quality raw bar, excellent paella, puttanesca, and whole Cantonese lobster.

While only adults aged 18 years and above are welcome for dinner, the place is open for all ages for lunch and Sunday brunch.

The restaurant takes reservations 60 days before dining; all reservations are for indoor dining spaces.

Pescado features a courtyard on the ground floor of the ‘Orleans building in Rosemary Beach, designed by Denise Billman with inspiration from Joseph and Jessica Freer.

Basing its architecture on the vibrant feel and musical heritage of the New Orleans, the courtyard allows you to experience a touch of refinement while enjoying handcrafted cocktails and small bites in the luscious garden.

Seating in the courtyard is on a first-come, first serve basis

Wrapping Up

Rosemary Beach Restaurants in Florida are a go-to for all your dining needs.

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Rosemary Beach, Florida then you have come to the right place! We have a huge selection of restaurants in Rosemary Beach that will satisfy your every need.

Whether you want to eat out or just enjoy some good food, you can also find specialty items such as seafood and pasta dishes, as well as other types of foods like burgers and pizza.

If you are looking for something different than what you normally get at your local restaurant then we have a great selection of restaurants in Rosemary Beach that will satisfy your every need.

We hope this guide was helpful!

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