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Is Margaritaville Orlando Cottages The Most Trending Thing Now?

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Is it possible to live in Margaritaville Orlando?

Before answering the question of whether it is possible to live in Margaritaville Orlando, we must clarify what this place is. So, as you can imagine, Margaritaville is a resort located in Orlando Florida.

If you want to spend a movie vacation and enjoy yourself with your friends and family, this is a perfect and unmissable destination.

One of the things that guests enjoy the most about Margaritaville is its Key West theme, and the resort is located in downtown Orlando.

That is, if you want to escape for a while to the Walt Disney Resort, you will only have to drive a few minutes because the latter is about 9 kilometers away.

So, the idea of being able to live in a place like this sounds good, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s answer the million-dollar question, can you live in Margaritaville?

The answer is yes. The upper class of Orlando lives, for the most part, in this magical place.

However, in order to obtain housing, you will have to meet a certain range of requirements that may seem excessive to some.

Think about it, we are talking about a dream place, where you will have everything at your fingertips. Who doesn’t want to live in a place like this? Some say that staying in the cabins offered by the Resort is like a life out of a vacation movie on the beach.

You’ll always have the opportunity for an impromptu vacation if you choose to live in Margaritaville. Some others see this destination as the ideal place to retire and take up a life without a lot of stress.

Also, if you don’t think spending the rest of your days in a place like this is your thing, you can buy a property that will be there for when you want to get away for a while. Or just go and enjoy a few days of vacation.

How much does it cost to stay at Margaritaville Orlando?

If you’re thinking of taking a few days off, a single room for two at Margaritaville Orlando is between $250 and $300 a night. Of course, this is a single room that has wifi and all the security measures required to enjoy your stay.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more complete package in Margaritaville that includes meals, and fun for the little ones such as swimming pools, spas, or others, the cost may go up. There are packages that include meals in some of the three restaurants in the Resort.

The Margaritaville Resort has about 186 rooms that are divided into specific areas.

Some areas have a nearby fitness center and bar, others have a nearby restaurant, spa, and pool.

  • You can make your reservation and see which zone you prefer to stay in.
  • Other facilities include 3 bars or recreation rooms, a poolside bar, and room service. Without a doubt it is a destination that has it all, it is practically impossible to get bored because if you get tired of one activity you can run off to do another.

Something that needs to be clarified is: what is common for a room to have included, whether it is a regular price room or one where other additional things are included for price reasons:

  • A flat-screen TV with several cable channels to watch.
  • Coffee and tea are at your disposal.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Safe box.
  • Bathrooms equipped with bathtub, shower, toiletries, and hairdryer.
  • Free wifi access.
  • Ironing board with iron.
  • Daily maid service.
  • In-room massages (at an additional cost).
  • All security and disinfection are included.

Is the water park included in Margaritaville Orlando?

You should know that the beautiful water park that is on the premises belongs to a different company than Margaritaville. This means that if you want to use its facilities you will have to pay the price separately.

This is something that the company makes very clear to avoid confusion and alterations on the part of the users. However, if you want to enter this water park, you will only have to pay the stipulated price.

Keep in mind that the additional park expense is not much as it is just around the corner from Margaritaville. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like spending too much in Margaritaville you can enjoy a good variety of swimming pools.

You won’t waste your time because there are many who recommend this place.

Is there a beach at Margaritaville Orlando?

margaritaville orlando florida beach resort

In the Margaritaville Orlando facilities, you can enjoy a sandy beach that is for the exclusive use of the guests of the Resort. It is an ideal place and you can rest assured that there is a lifeguard service.

Often the state of hygiene of the beaches, in general, is a concern, that’s why Margaritaville Orlando makes sure that its sandy beach is always in perfect condition. In addition, everyone must follow some standard rules of cleanliness that help to preserve order.

If you are still not convinced, in this Orlando vacation paradise, you can enjoy fully furnished tropical villas with four bedrooms and two floors that can accommodate 6 to 8 people.

In addition, the view from these villas is breathtaking; you will feel like you are in the middle of the sea.

Even if you want the little ones to be in an extra activity while you go to enjoy the bar or the gym, you can leave them under supervision in the video game room.

It also has a nursery that is like a kind of children’s club.

Does Margaritaville have a swimming pool for adults?

There are two types of pools at Margaritaville. One is larger and deeper than the other. The first one is considered an adult pool because at the bottom some children do not reach the floor from the surface.

So yes, there is a pool for adults.

In general, the theme of this resort is very family-oriented but some places like the pools and beach are more focused on the enjoyment of adults.

If you get tired of the same place you can go to SeaWorld Orlando which is 19.8 kilometers away.

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