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Florida Living – Is it All Fluff?

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Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing inherently wrong with Florida living. If a Floridian (like myself) can get her work done, she’s happy.

But for many people, living on the East Coast brings with it its own set of problems.

For example, being from New York City and having access to wonderful weather has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages as well.

Many people enjoy Florida, popularly known as the Sunshine State. The state has much more to offer residents than its tourism attractions. Diverse state with great health benefits.

Living in a coastal city like Florida means you have access to the best of both worlds. With Florida living, you have great places to work and play, and you also have access to some of the most beautiful natural beauty around. The only downside is that most people don’t live this life for very long!

Read on for more information about Florida and its top destinations!

Is Florida a Good Place to Live?

  • Will Florida suit me?
  • Do you like Florida?

Have you asked these questions recently? You are not alone.

Every day, hundreds of people arrive on Florida’s beautiful coasts. It has no state income tax, bright weather, a diversified population, delicious cuisine, and fascinating attractions.

What are the Advantages of Living in Florida?

1. Florida is tax-free

Tax savings? Florida-bound? The state is one of few that doesn’t need income taxes. Your entire state tax burden in Florida will be significantly less than most other states. You’ll save more for leisure, trips, and possessions.

2. There are Fantastic Florida beaches

Fantastic Florida beaches

Florida is paradise. Some of the world’s nicest beaches are outside residents’ homes.

Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota, Clearwater Beach, Pensacola Beach, Delray Beach, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Panama City Public Beach, Grayton Beach, and St. George Island are award-winning beaches in Florida.

You may relax and sunbathe on sugar sand or go for a lovely jog.

You can kayak, SUP, swim, and boat on the water.

3. Locals get discounts on attractions

Living where others vacation is advantageous!

Hundreds of Florida attractions and hotels offer resident-only discounts and deals year-round, from Walt Disney World in Orlando to The Pink Shell Beach Resort in Fort Myers.

Most offers are available in late spring, summer, and early autumn.

4. Outdoor and indoor activities

Florida has many attractions with almost 200 days of sunlight every year; homeowners may enjoy anything from water sports to cultural events. Swimming, boating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and fishing are popular in Florida. Disney World and Universal Studios are also nearby. Miami’s art deco hotels and restaurants, plus Art Basel, give much to do.

Why Shouldn’t I Live in Florida?

Hurricanes, traffic, alligators!

Ask anybody who survived Hurricane Irma. From frightening animals to severe hurricanes, Florida is everything but sunny.

Let’s look at the reasons why:

1. It’s humid

Florida has the hottest year-round temperature, 70.7. Tampa and Miami had typical July temperatures of 82.8 and 84, respectively, according to accuweather.com.

If you want air conditioning and shorts, go to Florida. Florida has many people. High population increases traffic and congestion.

2. Florida is crowded

Florida is crowded

Florida is the third most populated U.S. state.

Seasonal inhabitants contribute to increased traffic and congestion.

In season, more means spending an hour on the interstate on your way home from work, big queues at grocery shops, and missing an appointment because you couldn’t locate a parking place.

3. Hurricanes and other natural catastrophes

Florida’s storms and sinkholes are well-known. Hurricane damage to a house or company may be costly. Hurricanes may damage electrical networks.

Since sewage systems rely on electricity, one must save water while sitting in the dark, without internet or T.V.

4. Dangerous creatures abound with Florida Living!sharks while florida living

You’re certain to encounter an alligator, python, or shark in Florida’s backcountry.

In the state, dangerous animals and insects may ruin outdoor leisure.

Try erecting a tent with a snake or swarm of insects monitoring your every step.

Is It Expensive to Live in Florida?

The cost of living in Florida is comparable to the national average. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average cost of goods and services in the state is just 0.6% more than the national average. \

As a whole, the cost of living in Florida is the 15th highest.

Florida’s MIT says a single individual must earn $30,825 annually before taxes to be considered financially independent.

According to the calculator, the following is the breakdown of the state average: $30,825 for a single individual. Single parent with one child: $64,317.

What County in Florida Has the Lowest Cost of Living?

If you’re wondering, “What county in Florida has the lowest cost of living?” then you’ve come to the right place. In some counties, the cost of living is significantly lower than in others. In some counties, the cost of living is even lower than the national average.

For example, Lafayette County, Florida, is one of the most affordable places to rent an apartment.

The median rent in Layfayette is just $777 per month. In addition, it’s also one of the best counties in Florida to buy a house.

The median home value in this county is only $158,600 (2022).

One of the most affordable counties in Florida is the Panhandle.

florida panhandle florida living

The area is safe and has a smaller, laid-back feel, but it’s still within easy driving distance of major attractions like the beach and the Florida Everglades.

The small town atmosphere and healthy lifestyle of this area also help keep the cost of living low. It’s a great place to raise a family, and there are plenty of opportunities for families.

The county is also home to many colleges, so if you’re looking for an education, it’s a great place to live.

Another affordable area of Florida is Jacksonville.

Jacksonville has one of the lowest costs of living in the state and is located about two hours south of Savannah.

This area has a vibrant nightlife and is easily accessible through Interstate 95. In addition, Jacksonville has a large airport, which is a major hub for flights.

Depending on your needs, Jacksonville may be the right place for you. You’ll also find cheap rental and buying options for your family.

  • Palm Bay, Florida is located on the east coast.

It is a suburban city with many parks and highly rated public schools. Palm Bay also has affordable housing, despite its high population.

While it has high rent, it is still well below the national average. This city also has good health care services and a low crime rate.

You’ll find affordable housing here, but be warned, that prices are rising as more people move to the area.

  • Port Orange is a small town in the south of Florida.

It’s located near Daytona Beach. It has a low cost of living and is a great place to retire.

The median income is less than half of the Florida average. It is home to many small businesses and parks, making it a good place to live for a new family.

  • Pasco County is home to Dade City, which has a population of 7,656.

Housing costs here are 43% less than the national average.

Residents have easy access to the University of South Florida, which is only 40 minutes away.

In addition, there is a medical center for the populace. However, you may want to commute to a larger city if you want a better life.

Is It Healthy to Live in Florida?

housing while florida living

The Sunshine State offers a wide variety of jobs that may be performed outside.

You may enjoy the great outdoors while still getting more than enough exercise by participating in sports such as: Swimming

  • Hiking
  • Bicycling
  • Surfing
  • Walking
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • or even just plain old strolling

Participating in such activities will help you maintain excellent physical health, but it will also protect you against a wide variety of ailments.

This is one of the most soothing things you could ever do, and it is also very beneficial to your health.

The sun is one of the best places to get vitamin D, which the body needs to function properly and is an important nutrient.

Lazing about in the sun has also been found to lower one’s chance of developing various illnesses, most notable malignancies of the breast, colon, ovaries, and kidneys.

basking in the Florida living sun

What Should I Avoid in Florida?

Considering a trip or a permanent move to Florida? It would help if you avoided a few things at all costs, as seen in this list.

  • Hurricanes.
  • Sinkholes and gators.
  • Sharks.
  • Mosquitoes.
  • Cattle Bugs.
  • A parking spot under the sun’s glare.
  • And don’t leave anything in your pockets, either.

What are the Disadvantages of Living in Florida?

Florida is a popular vacation location in the U.S. Many flocks to Disney theme parks, white sand beaches, beautiful oceans, tasty seafood, and paradise escapes. Florida is a great location to live in for many, but there are several disadvantages.

1. Too many tourists

With so many attractions and events, this state will be overrun with visitors during peak season.

2. Humidity

Summer humidity may be terrible. As one of the most humid states, living in Florida during the warmest months might impair your experience and health. You may require a year-round air conditioner.

3. Wildlife and Bugs

Ants, spiders, snakes, mosquitos, lizards, alligators, owls, turtles, etc., are common in tropical climates. Wildlife may be entertaining yet harmful when in your home.

4. Tornadoes


While Florida’s weather is fairly consistent year-round, hurricane season can be brutal with winds and rain that may destroy homes. Most Florida houses are constructed with metal storm screens, yet storms may damage structures and power.

5. No 4 Seasons

Who loves fall and winter?

There is no summer, winter, spring and fall with Florida living.

Florida will disappoint if you like four seasons. No leaves or snow here!

Wrapping Up

Even though there are no 4 Seasons here, living in Florida means you can enjoy the great outdoors year-round!

The weather is also perfect for keeping your family happy and having fun. You’ll be able to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep at night, as well as be close to nature all year round.

There are many reasons why you should consider living in Florida. We hope this guide can help you determine if Florida living is the right decision for you!

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