What do I need to know before moving to Florida?

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Before moving to Florida you should be aware of the state’s natural disasters, weather conditions, and inhabitable areas.

You will also need to find out about the state economy and sources of employment. As in most states, vehicle insurance is required for driving on public roads.

Keep in mind that the state of Florida is very large and its climate varies greatly depending on where you plan to live.

The northern parts of the state are much cooler than the southern regions, which are close to the equator.

There are also many more issues that must be considered before moving to Florida if you plan on living outside of a metropolitan area (i.e., any place not listed as an “inhabitable area”).

If you plan on living outside of a metropolitan area (i.e., any place not listed as an “inhabitable area”), keep in mind that there are many more issues that must be considered before moving to Florida.

For example, if you have a felony conviction on your record it may prevent you from being able to get a driver’s license or identification card in this state.

What You Should Know about Florida Weather before Moving to Florida


Extreme weather can potentially cause serious damage or loss of life for those unprepared for it.

If you prepare yourself by learning about what kind of hazards exist in this state you will know how to react when one strikes your area. In hurricane season – from June 1st until November 30th – storms may strike at any time.

These disasters can take many forms, including tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, floods, and tropical storms. For each of these weather events, there are different ways to prepare yourself for their arrival. With the right tools, knowledge is power!

Should I move to Florida without a job?

Moving to a new state is never easy.

With all the worries that come along with picking up and starting over somewhere else, it can be difficult to take even one more step in the right direction until you have carefully thought out where you are going to live, how you are going to support yourself, what kind of recreational opportunities will be available for your kids and so on.

Before making the final decision about whether or not this is really what you need at this point in time it is important for you to consider these questions:

  • “Do I know anyone living in Florida who could help me find a job?”
  • “Can I commute from my current location?”
  • “Is there someone who could lend me some money if it looks like I am going to need some help getting started?”
  • “What are my options if I end up with no place to live?”

If you have friends, family members, or co-workers who are willing to provide valuable advice and support then you will probably be okay.

As long as you never move without having a clear idea of what your plan B is going to be it’s likely you’ll survive the upheaval of moving to Florida.

If you can figure out how to answer all these questions in the positive, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give this state a try.

But before making any rash decisions about leaving behind everyone who knows who you are, where they can find you, and what makes you laugh on the weekends take the time to come up with an actual plan that will allow you to continue living your life without having to rely on others.

What are some good rules for driving in Florida?

driving and moving to florida

If you have moved to Florida from another state, or if you have spent most of your time growing up elsewhere, it is important to take the time necessary to learn about what kinds of laws and regulations apply when operating a vehicle here.

For example, many people who move down south do not realize until after they have been pulled over for speeding that headlights must remain on at all times while it is raining or foggy outside (regardless of whether or not there is someone sitting directly behind you).

This is because older cars with metal-coated headlights become extremely hot due to the intense sunlight they are exposed to.

Making matters worse for these unlucky individuals, when operating a vehicle at night without headlights you will also need to turn on your own fog lights in order to be seen by other drivers.

There may even be certain rules that do not apply where you were living previously but that must be obeyed here such as how close you can legally park next to another car or what side of the road people drives on.

For this reason, it is important to do a little research into the rules and regulations that apply in your specific city and county before getting behind the wheel. After all, what comes naturally back home may get you pulled over here!

If you have moved to Florida from another state, or if you have spent most of your time growing up elsewhere, it is important to take the time necessary to learn about what kinds of laws and regulations apply when operating a vehicle here.

For example, many people who move down south do not realize until after they have been pulled over for speeding that headlights must remain on at all times while it is raining or foggy outside (regardless of whether or not there is someone sitting directly behind you).

What Time of Year Should I Move to Florida?

People joke that Florida has only two seasons – scorchingly hot and warm.

Locals can give you tips to beat the Florida heat. You won’t have to worry about moving in snowstorms or other severe weather. There are also other things to keep in mind when discussing seasons for moving. These are based on how many people are moving that year.

Summer is the best time to relocate. Because the kids are not in school, many people have less to do and more time to dedicate to relocation.

Parents won’t need to worry about their children enrolling in new schools during the semester.

Where Should I Move to Florida?

Florida is the most populous state in the southeastern United States, containing 118 cities and over 2,000 towns, villages, and settlements.

Moving to metropolitan areas in Florida such as Miami or Orlando that have certain types of jobs and entertainment options.

Living in a big city in Florida, such as Jacksonville is not for everyone. It can be great but only if the person is willing to work hard and smart at finding opportunities that will fit their needs.

Otherwise, living in America’s theme park mecca (Orlando) might be the better option for someone who wants to live comfortably without having to worry too much about employment (which should always be considered when planning such a life-changing move).

In addition to the obvious downsides of living anywhere with large numbers of people (hustle and bustle, traffic jams everywhere you go) there are also an abundance of low-paying service jobs if that’s all someone wants to find.

It may be harder to find work without having a college degree or previous professional experience under your belt but this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible!

For example, there are quite a few financial companies based in Jacksonville which often have high jobs available for complete newbies.

For this reason, it is important for people to do their homework and find out what kinds of opportunities are available in their city before deciding where to call home.

Miami, Florida


Everyone in Florida wants to live in Miami.

There is no doubt that the people and culture in this city will fascinate and inspire you to spend as much time as possible exploring everything it has to offer.

If you enjoy traveling, Miami is a perfect spot for someone with an adventurous spirit who wants to be able to kick back at home listening to some of their favorite music or sipping on drinks made by some of the best bartenders in the world!

But what about employment?

It’s not easy finding work here but again, it isn’t impossible either. This means you will need to make good use of your network (friends and family) while looking online for openings that may match your skillset.

Failing this, many companies are willing to train new hires so it could be a good option to simply apply and see what happens.

You might need to take baby steps in order to reach the stars.

This may mean taking the first job available, learning as much as you can, and then making plans for how best to progress further down the line.

There is nothing wrong with taking an entry-level position and working hard to prove your value over time (not that this should stop anyone from aiming high!).

If you have the means then Miami probably is a great choice for you but there are still other gems in this state that may be more appealing to certain types of personalities.

You shouldn’t just pick up and move to any place without doing your research first because many parts of Florida are experiencing an economic downturn right now which makes finding a job much harder than it would have been back when they were at their peak.

The weather is always nice, food tastes better with every passing year, people are friendly and bilingual, cultural events are plentiful and well organized – all of these reasons make Miami one of the best places to live in America.

Jacksonville, FL

What-do-I-need-to-know-before-moving-to-Florida-Jacksonville- FL

Jacksonville is a coastal city in the northern part of the state.

The area now occupied by the city was once home to the Timucuan Indians.

Jacksonville has also been host to Spanish explorers, French settlers, and escaped American slaves alike during its long history.

Today, Jacksonville is known as one of the most populated metropolitan areas in all of the southeastern United States (with over 1.4 million residents calling it home).

For this reason, people interested in moving here should expect higher levels of competition for jobs than are found in less urbanized parts of the state with similar climates.

There are almost 300 days of sunshine per year, making it a great place to live if you enjoy hot weather!

The cost of living is low compared to other places in the state, but still high enough that it may not be a good option if you are struggling financially.

Since there are literally hundreds of employment opportunities available throughout Jacksonville (with more being added all the time) finding work shouldn’t be much of an issue for anyone who doesn’t want to settle.

Every town has its issues and this is no exception with Jacksonville even though it is generally considered one of the best places to live in Florida.

The traffic situation isn’t something that everyone will enjoy, regardless of how great their car stereo system might be or how old they are, but it also isn’t as bad as some people think it is outside of rush hour.

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Orlando, Florida


Orlando, for example, still has plenty to offer the new resident.

Although it is not as widely known as Miami or Fort Lauderdale it still offers a Caribbean-like climate that remains warm year-round and allows people the option of going outside every day if they so choose

However, there are also some reasons why you might want to consider living elsewhere in this state before making a final decision.

Orlando, for example, still has plenty to offer the new resident.

Let’s not forget you’ll be super close to all of the theme parks, such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and Legoland, just to name a few!

Gainesville, FL


Before even thinking about moving to Gainesville Florida, make sure you know what it is all about.

Here are a few things that may help you in your decision:

Gainesville is located halfway between Jacksonville and Tallahassee on Interstate 75. It looks out onto Paynes Prairie just west of town.

Because of this location, Gainesville receives relatively mild winters with the occasional bout of cold weather during January and February when Arctic air makes its way southward from Canada.

The University of Florida campus is in Gainesville so there is a population explosion every year when students arrive to take classes at UF or one of the other colleges in the area. The university has over 50,000 students enrolled so there are never too many people in the streets and public areas.

If you’ve never been to Florida before, be sure to read about what kind of weather they have here so you aren’t surprised when things change drastically from what you’re used to!

Answer: Gainesville is a nice place to live with many jobs for those looking for work. It also has schools such as the University of Florida that many people would like to live near them.

If you are someone who doesn’t mind extreme hot or cold weather then this is still an excellent choice. The water isn’t too far away making it easy to take some time out on the weekend or after work to enjoy all that it brings into your life!

Tampa, Florida


Although Tampa is a wonderful spot for those looking to settle down and enjoy the Florida lifestyle, it does not have as many attractions as Miami.

In fact, if you are more interested in partying 24/7 or getting your adrenaline pumping with activities such as scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, spelunking, speed boating, parasailing, and beyond then Miami may be a better option.

That being said there are still some fun things that you can do in this city that will provide you with plenty of entertainment options.

Tampa’s Busch Gardens is a must-see if you’re a theme park lover and its Ybor City district provides an authentic experience for those wishing to sample Cuban cuisine.

If all of that sounds like too much work then check out a Tampa Bay Lightning or Buccaneers game instead!

So what’s the bottom line?

Miami has the greatest number of things to do and places to see.

Tampa may seem a little neglected in comparison but it offers plenty of entertainment options for those who know where to look.

The best part is that no matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed with this state, so yes consider moving to Florida!

In Conclusion…

Moving to Florida may seem like it would be really hard but there are just some little changes that anyone can adjust to. For a first-time visitor to the state of Florida, it may be difficult to decide which part you want to settle down in.

Weather conditions are milder than in other parts of the country so people don’t have to worry about being too hot all the time or too cold either.

Public transportation isn’t as great in most places so having your own vehicle is important to your relocation.

There are many great jobs in Florida especially if you enjoy living by the beach or working with animals like dolphins, manatees, and more!

In Gainesville, there are some nice places to visit such as the University of Florida and Paynes Prairie.

In Tampa, there is Busch Gardens and Ybor City for those who love theme parks or great food.

No matter where you choose between Miami or Tampa, you’ll fall in love with this state!

Miami has more things to do than Tampa but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun if you live here!

There are lots of beaches and theme parks everywhere making this place full of entertainment options and possibilities!

Orlando is known for its many wonderful theme parks.

It doesn’t matter which part of this state you choose because it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed with all the different things to do!

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