A beautiful day at Blue Water Key Resort RV Park

So You’re Gleeful About Heading to Bluewater Key RV Resort…Now What?

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What Key is Bluewater Resort on?

Bluewater Key RV Resort, a luxury RV ownership Resort, is located at Mile Marker 14.5 at Bluewater Drive near Key West Florida. Key West is the southernmost populated island among the Florida Keys, situated about 159 miles from Miami International Airport. However, Key West lies only 90 miles north of Cuba.

This two-by-four-mile island features the most southernmost point in the continental United States, which promises perfect year-round weather for anyone who desires some enjoyment in the luxury RV resort in the Florida Keys.

Essentially, the Florida Keys refer to the meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This meeting point provides crystal clear water ideal for fishing, boating, diving, snorkeling, and other water sports. So, what makes the Bluewater RV Resort so memorable and prompts visitors to return year after year? Well, even the drive to the resort alone is captivating enough, giving you beautiful views of the Florida Keys. The calming sea breeze and the eye-catching views will blow your mind once you arrive at the sight.


This Waterfront RV resort offers full hookup RV camping on a small peninsula projecting into the water. It features a gated entry which sets off a high-end ambiance to the location.

The Bluewater RV Resort in West Florida has sites accessible for big rigs or larger RVs. This may be a good option if you are looking for an RV park or a campground with sites.

Besides, all the luxury suites at the Bluewater RV Resort have a landscape layered with various tropical plants, trees, and shrubbery.

The Resort welcomes owners with the ownership options available.

Most of the owners distinguish their sites with a personal touch of their tastes and amenities.

The resort sites are large, with an average width of 35 feet and a depth of 80 feet or larger.

Enjoy an even more memorable stay by incorporating a fitness walk around or taking a swim in the temperature-controlled swimming pool.

What are some of the property amenities at Bluewater Key RV Resort?

The Bluewater Key RV Resort offers various amenities that will ensure you keep coming back for more. Some of the Resort Amenities include:

  • People Park
  • Large Laundry facility
  • Outdoor swimming in a temperature-controlled fresh-water pool and indoor activities in the pool house
  • Storage facility for a fee
  • HD Cable
  • Access to private nature trail along the canal
  • Dog Park
  • High-speed WI-FI throughout the Resort
  • Clubhouse
  • Full hookups with 30- & 50-amp service
  • Curbside trash pick-up and recycling
  • Close to Baby’s Coffee and Bay Point Market
  • Boat launch for shallow draft boats (12 to 18 inches)
  • Public showers and restrooms
  • Private docks on Canal and Bay Front Lots
  • Ice for purchase
  • Community Dock w/boat slips for rent
  • Large private lots with tiki huts and lush landscaping

Bluewater Key Resort has you covered if you are interested in an RV park or a campground equipped with toilets, bathrooms, or restrooms.

Or maybe you are seeking a getaway from the worries of the world. This resort is located near the beach, a perfect option for campers looking to camp at the beach.

So, go ahead and pack that bag of yours with a towel and sunscreen, or even a surfboard. You can opt to do boat launching, or if you prefer skiing, paddling, or fishing, there is no cause for alarm.

It does not matter whether you have a boat or you want to watch people boating; Bluewater Key RV Resort is a convenient destination for either. And it’s not just about water, no.

Bluewater Key RV Resort, being an RV park, provides immediate and easy access for cyclists looking to ride bikes. Various trails passing through the park or the surrounding area serve as suitable channels for bike riding.

So, what if you’d rather sit and watch something interesting while chilling?

Again, this resort has just the right stuff for you- find a hammock, sit back, and relax in your Tiki Hut. The sites are equipped with HD Cable and High-Speed Wi-Fi, allowing you to simply sit there and surf all the much you want or watch whatever it is that you’d like.

Which popular attractions are close to Bluewater Key RV Resort?

With its location, just 10 miles from historic Key West, this resort is conveniently situated to ensure you experience paradise and focus on creating memorable memories.

Key West Lighthouse, Florida USA
Lighthouse is a symbol of Key West in Florida which is just 10 miles from Blue Water Key Resort

While it is close enough to Key West, giving you all the excitement, this resort is just far enough, providing you with peace and tranquility in a pristine tropical environment when you need it.

Any outdoor enthusiast visiting this iconic place can revel in a wide range of activities starting from scuba diving to deep-sea fishing.

Nearby attractions that you can visit during your stay at the resort include Sugarloaf Key Bat Tower and Big Coppitt Gun Club. Sugarloaf Key Bat Tower is located 4.1 km away from Bluewater Key RV Resort.

This historic site, also known as Perky’s Bat Tower, has been a site of attraction since 1982. Bi Coppitt Gun Club, on the other hand, gives you a thrilling shooting experience regardless of your expertise.

This place guarantees you endless attractions in and around Freeport. Here is what you can look forward to if you intend to extend your stay at the resort:

  • Brazoria Wildlife Refuge
  • Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary
  • Sea Center and Fish Sanctuary
  • Schlitterbahn Water Park
  • Downtown Galveston and the Strand
  • Seawolf Park
  • The Strand Historic District
  • Saltwater Grill & Restaurant
  • Moody Gardens: Aquarium, Rainforest and Discovery Museum
  • Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant
  • Pleasure Pier Amusement Park
  • Moody Garden Golf Course

Regardless of what you want, you will find it in or around Bluewater RV Resort.

Enjoy various activities in the heart of vibrance with things such as the waterfront offering shopping, accommodations, nightlife, dining, and museum entertainment!

In a nutshell, Bluewater RV Resort allows you to treat yourself to the luxury life that comes with every other thing.

Get to relax, unwind and pamper yourself with the various options available just for you!

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