Encore Resort at Reunion: Expectations vs. Decisive Reality

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Everyone wants to have a perfect vacation where they can make memories for life with friends or family. Taking a break and going to spend some quality time with friends is a must, especially in the current fast paced world. Encore Resort at Reunion is the best and fantastic destination to visit, which is one of its kind.

It’s a wonderful private resort community which is located in Orlando near Disney. The world-class resort has the best vacation rental experience as they bridge the gap between 1-2-1 lodging and hotel.

This unique resort provides the best accommodation with guest-oriented services.

These luxury resorts allow you to enjoy your vacation with amazing perks at affordable pricing.

You can check the reviews about Encore Resort at Reunion outstanding services and pricing.

Let’s shed light on frequently asked questions, shall we?

Encore: A Part of Reunion Resort

The Encore Club Resort is surely a part of Reunion and is one of the biggest and famous tourist attractions. You must visit TripAdvisor for more information on which things that you should do when at the reunion resort.

Owners of Encore Resort at Reunion

The owners of Encore Resort at Reunion are Kingwood International Resorts. They own this resort which is located on 2, 300 acres in Florida. They had so many plans for this place to transform it into one of the famous vacation spots, which they did.

Resort to Disney World

Most people also ask whether Disney is close or far from the reunion resort. It is only 6 miles away from Disney. You can reach the resort from Disney with a 10 minutes drive and there are also some amazing universal parks at 15 minutes drive from this place.

More Attractions to Visit when at Reunion Resort, Florida

You come to spend some quality time at Encore Resort at Reunion and you are looking for more and famous attractions that are not far from your place.

Luckily, you can also find beautiful and world-famous attractions in this Orlando area. There is a free shuttle that can get you to the nearest attractions and back to your place.

World-Class Villas


All the villas here come with private pools, a perfect kitchen and amazing living space. And if you want to try some food and change your taste for a while, there are some amazing grill restaurants and bars that you must visit.

The Encore Club is an amazing gate resort with around 850 vacation homes and private pools. Suppose you ever plan to visit a place for a vacation.

In that case, Encore resort in Orlando is the best choice and perfect for your family vacation as you can easily visit famous theme parks, popular attractions, dining, and shopping.

Why should you rent a Villa at Encore Resort at Reunion?

There are so many obvious reasons for you to rent an amazing and beautiful villa when on vacation at Encore Resort at Reunion. Following are some significant reasons for renting a villa.

The Encore Resort at Reunion is located in Kissimmee and there is easy access to Orlando International Airport. You don’t have to travel a lot and find a place when you already have a world-class resort near the airport.

Moreover, Disney World and Universal are also near this resort. So, if you decide to rent a villa at Encore Resort at Reunion, you will have more time to enjoy the vacation.

Encore Club – This place has many things to make your vacation a memorable journey of your life. It has a beautiful water park with slides, amazing lagoon-style pool. You can also enjoy private cabanas and exercise in fitness centres.

The villas have private pools with 4 – 12 bedrooms. A single villa can easily accommodate 30 guests. Rent a villa with these perks; you surely want to take a break from your work and come with your family to spend some quality time with amazing views and services.

You can also rent a villa for special events, including weddings, parties and business retreats. You can have professional gatherings with perfect vacation spots at the same time.

What can I expect when going to Encore Resort at Reunion?

The services are world-class at this place. You don’t need to worry as they take care of your every little thing and make you feel at home. They make your stay one of the best memories of your life.

The resort meets the criteria of any world-class vacation spot with amazing facilities for its customers and a wide range of amenities.



You will receive an amazingly warm welcome upon arrival. The reception doesn’t let you wait and gives a friendly and fast check-in.

The staff then gives you a tour of the resort and lets you know some important things while staying at the resort.

Concierge Services


You don’t need to worry, even if it is your first time staying at Encore Resort. They have an experienced and devoted concierge team who provide you with everything you need.

They will make your vacation comfortable and stress-free. You can call or visit the concierge desk for any information.


Many Encore Resort amenities make your stay worth enjoying. Guests can have access to onsite dining, the amazing water park, different kids activities, recreation facilities, and event spaces.

They provide a whole package that you can’t find easily at other resorts.

Beautiful Residences

All residences at Encore Resort are beautifully curated. Each residence is fully furnished with elegant styles and trends. It will give you the feel of a local Orlando, not just a tourist.

The Encore Resort at Reunion is surely the best vacation place for your family. You can enjoy so many things in one place with amazing customer service.

You can also visit major tourist attractions of Florida while staying at Encore Resort.

If you need more information about Encore Resort at Reunion, visit the encore reunion or get complete information on Kingwood International Resorts.

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