Econfina River Florida

The Econfina River is Fishing, Boating, Or Camping Bliss

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  • What county is the Econfina River in?
    • The Econfina River flows through Taylor County, Florida and empties into Apalachee Bay. It rises in San Pedro Bay near the border of Madison and Taylor counties and flows 44 miles north, covering 239 square miles along the way.

The Econfina River is located in the sparsely populated Big Bend area of North Florida.

It travels through upland forests and meanders downstream to the palm-fringed salt marshes of the Gulf of Mexico.

Its water is dark and full of wading birds.

The river is also home to numerous species of wildlife, including many types of trout, catfish, and largemouth bass.

If you love to fish, boat, or camp on the Econfina River, this is the place to go. The park offers two boat ramps.

There is no boat launch fee, but the park’s entry fee will cover the cost of launching a boat.

The park also offers a single picnic table and one standard one. The park does not take reservations for its picnic pavilions.

For your convenience, you can bring your own food or buy some supplies at the park store.

Econfina River Fishing

If you’re interested in fishing the Econfina River, you’ve come to the right place. This beautiful river is home to a wide variety of species, including bass and trout.

But before you head out, it’s important to know the specifics of this unique river.

florida_bay_fishing_Econfina River

The Econfina River provides salt water and fresh water fishing opportunities. It also has a large variety of wildlife. While fishing is permitted only in designated areas, you can catch both saltwater and freshwater species.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your trip.

  • First, be aware of the conditions on the river during nighttime.
  • Since the Econfina River is in the Last Quarter phase of the moon, the nighttime light is not as bright as it is during the daytime.
  • The river’s water is rich in Econfina chert, a type of rock found in the area.
  • Fishing on the Econfina River is possible in both freshwater and saltwater. Local bank fishers and small boat fishermen flock to the upper half of the river.

Paddling downstream requires experience, and the river can be rougher than the upper portion of the Econfina. Wildlife is abundant along the river’s lower half.

Those who wish to powerboat should be skilled and experienced kayakers.

The Econfina River is a popular saltwater fishing spot in the Gulf of Mexico. You can catch gulf flounder, striped bass, spotted seatrout, and gaff-topsail sea catfish.

There are 44 records for catches made in the Econfina River. Fishing on the Econfina River is made easier with a few amenities.

A digital fish-reporting tool called Fishbrain allows you to review fishing hours on the Econfina River, and lets you know how many bites you can expect from a particular species of fish.

This feature makes fishing on the Econfina River easier than ever.

The Econfina River empties into the Gulf of Mexico just 2.2 miles from the park’s boat ramp.

You can also do some bird watching and wildlife watching. In the past, Native Americans and others have visited the area in search of excellent hunting and fishing.

Today, people and wildlife continue to take advantage of this abundant natural resource.

While the Econfina River State Park opened in 1989, the surrounding natural areas have been preserved.

Remember to follow the regulations and get a fishing license before going fishing. You can also take advantage of the 14.8 miles of nature trails that connect the river to the park and its fishing areas.

The park has two picnic tables and a small covered pavilion.

Boating on the River

The Econfina River has abundant wildlife, so it’s recommended that you have some experience in kayaking before you try your hand at this adventure. Located in Taylor County, the Econfina is a less traveled paddling destination but boasts scenic landscape and wildlife.

boating_river_boat_water_Econfina River

While you’re in Florida’s Big Bend region, consider taking a relaxing, peaceful boat ride down the scenic Econfina River.

This 16-mile stretch winds its way through a diverse landscape, including upland forests and oak-palm forests, before descending into the salt marshes of the Gulf of Mexico.

Wildlife viewing is excellent on this river, and quiet observers may even spot a Florida black bear or bobcat. Numerous bird species are also plentiful in this region.

The Econfina River empties into the Gulf of Mexico about 2.2 miles south of the park’s boat ramp.

While there’s a boat ramp, you can also enjoy bird watching and wildlife viewing. This area was a favorite of Native Americans for centuries, and people continue to take advantage of its resources today.

Econfina River State Park opened in 1989 and has maintained its natural areas for recreation.

There are many trails to enjoy!

The Econfina River offers a scenic float for kayakers of all skill levels and is divided into two eight-mile sections.

While the upper section offers easier paddling with multiple access points, the lower section is more rugged and requires more experience.

The Econfina River offers both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The upper section of the river is a favorite among local bank fishermen. Saltwater fish are abundant in the upper half of the river, and there’s even a universally accessible boat ramp here.

The 950,000-acre Big Bend Seagrasses Aquatic Preserve protects these lush seagrass beds, providing habitat for a variety of marine life.

If you have time to spend the day on the water, consider boating along the Econfina River.

This pristine creek is located just south of U.S. 98 in Taylor County. The park is open daily from 8 am to sunset. Admission to the park is free, but boat ramp access costs $5. Fees may change. Be sure to check for updates and other information before taking a trip.


If you want to go camping in Lamont, Florida, you should consider the Econfina River Resort. This campground offers miles of pristine landscapes and great local activities.

You can even bring your big rig!

Camping Resort Econfina River Florida

This campground has 30/50-amp electric service and water hookups for your RV. Despite its remote location, you can still access the water and enjoy a day of paddling.

The Econfina River is similar to the Aucilla River. It is a segment of the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail, which was designated a National Recreation Trail in 2005.

If you’re a sea kayaker, you’ll want to make this river a destination!

This river offers 105 miles of coastal paddling for intermediate to advanced paddlers. You can camp at a primitive campsite just a couple of miles upstream from the Gulf.

A local Eagle Scout built a platform for campers, installed a fire ring and bear bag pulley system.

The Econfina River State Park is a great place to enjoy a day of paddling.

The river is divided into two 8-mile segments, the upper half featuring easy paddling and multiple access points while the lower half features rugged terrain and more challenging conditions.

Although there are a few campsites along the river, kayakers should be experienced to enjoy this river.

The Econfina River is also home to numerous birds, including bobcat, Florida black bear, and a variety of other species.

E Confina State Park offers over four thousand acres of protected wilderness.

This river meanders through a salt marsh, pine flatwoods, and oaks, and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

The park is a great place for equestrians and cyclists. You can enjoy the scenic scenery and enjoy the park’s picnic areas and trails.

Wilderness Retreat at Econfina River Cabins

If you’re seeking a peaceful, wilderness retreat, you’ve come to the right place. Located just 30 feet above the Econfina River, these cabins are surrounded by thousands of acres of wildlife management areas in Florida.

From your private dock, you can enjoy prime flats fishing and explore the wildlife and plants of Econfina State Park. Nearby, you can also take advantage of the kayaking and fishing opportunities at Hickory Mound.

The Econfina River State Park provides camping, picnicking, and lodging in a small private resort on the banks of the river.

With its nearly four-mile network of trails, you can enjoy scenic views, flat fishing, or needle rush navigation.

Three-loop trails provide access for hikers, cyclists, and equestrians. You can even rent a boat and explore the area.

It’s a perfect vacation destination for families, couples, and friends who love the outdoors!

The Econfina River is a great place for kayaking and is part of the Florida Gulf Paddling Trail and the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail.

The water is navigable upstream for eight miles from the US 98 bridge.

You can even paddle upstream from the mouth of the river – limestone outcroppings make it easier for kayakers to paddle!

You’ll also find a state park near the mouth of the river, making it a scenic trip into the heart of Florida wilderness.

Enjoy the Springs

The state park is located at the mouth of the Econfina River on the Gulf of Mexico.

Econfina River State Park is a great place to go camping and enjoy the beautiful Florida springs.

swimming in Econfina River Florida

You can even swim in the springs and enjoy the water all day long.

There are several great swimming beaches in the area.

The spring is located about three feet deep in Econfina Creek. It flows into Econfina Creek on either side of an oval island.

There is a fence that surrounds the spring, but this barrier was initially designed to block access and navigation.

Today, Econfina springs is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. This is one of the few springs located in Florida that is accessible to the public.

The spring is one of the largest in the state and is a very popular tourist attraction.

This popular destination is not far from Panama City, just off State Highway 20. Located north of Panama City, Econfina Creek is not to be confused with the same-named river.

A trip to the spring is a pleasant one, as it spans 7 miles and is accessible by canoe. There are several points to access the creek, but be aware of potential hazards.

Please respect the environment and respect the area by following all safety regulations.

This state park covers almost four thousand acres of marshlands. You’ll find both freshwater and saltwater opportunities.

Local bank fishermen and small boats will enjoy the upper part of the river.

Fishing is another highlight in Econfina, and the park provides a boat ramp for easy access to the river.

Saltwater species also call this area home.

The Gulf of Mexico is located nearby. Its wetlands are home to many marine animals and birds.

Econfina River Kayaking

If you’re looking for a scenic, easy-to-access waterway for kayaking in south Texas, look no further than the Econfina River.

The river’s upper portion is a favorite spot for local bank fishermen and small fishing boats.

If you want to see some saltwater fish species, the river’s shallow coast provides a wide array of opportunities.

A 950,000-acre preserve protects lush seagrass beds, which provide habitat for a variety of marine species.

The Econfina River is not only scenic but also home to numerous species of wildlife.

The quiet observer may glimpse a Florida black bear, a gopher tortoise, a swallow-tailed kite, and even a turkey. Other species of birds are commonly seen, including wading birds.

In addition to its wildlife diversity, people have been taking advantage of the abundant resources of the Econfina since prehistoric times. This chert was used to craft stone tools and projectile points.

Econfina River kayaking offers a challenging paddle for all levels of skill.

Kayaking in Econfina River Florida

The river is divided into two eight-mile sections, the upper half providing access points, while the lower half presents more challenging conditions.

It is recommended that you have experience before venturing downstream.

Wildlife viewing on the Econfina River is excellent, and you can expect to see Florida black bears and bobcats.

Many species of birds can be seen during your kayaking adventure, so don’t be alarmed if you see a crow or a sand owl.

A trip to Econfina Creek is a unique experience.

This creek runs through north Florida, where the vegetation is Appalachian, unlike the tropical forest found in much of the southern states.

This means that you’ll see mountain laurels, beech trees, white oak trees, and cypress trees.

The Econfina Creek is also home to a unique species of cave snail.

Located between Panama City and Marianna, the Econfina Creek is a unique experience for kayakers. This creek has long chutes, beautiful springs, and giant tadpoles.

You’ll also get a chance to explore a spring or two on the way.

You’ll find the creek’s upper portion challenging and requires numerous portages. However, if you’re in the mood for a leisurely paddle, it’s an excellent choice.

The upper Econfina Creek offers some of the most scenic river kayaking in the country.

The 7.5-mile section is a popular destination for canoeing or kayaking trips.

The river’s crystal-clear springs are filled with water, and the banks are dotted with honeycomb limestone. The Econfina creek also has six major spring areas.

You can paddle for as long as you’d like on this trip, if you’re in the mood for some sightseeing.

Wildlife Management Area

The Lower Econfina River Wildlife Management Area, which covers 3,004 acres, is located 16 miles west of Perry, Florida.

The area contains several natural habitats, including xeric sandhill uplands, bottomland forest, pine plantations, hammocks, limestone bluffs, and Florida anise.

This wetlands-filled area helps regulate floodwaters and reduces damage to surrounding communities.

The Econfina River offers both saltwater and freshwater opportunities.

Local bank fishermen and small boats enjoy the upper portion of the river, while saltwater fish are abundant along the shallow coastline.

A 950,000-acre seagrass preserve protects this area’s unique habitat and provides habitat for a variety of marine species. While fishing, be sure to bring your camera. The wildlife viewing in this area is phenomenal.

The state park offers camping and picnicking opportunities along the Econfina River.

Alternatively, you can stay in a small private resort and enjoy the river’s wildlife.

A 15-mile network of multi-use trails crisscrosses the area, traversing shady woodlands and skirting salt marshes. Near the boat ramp, rustic fish camps line the riverbank.

Power boats can access the river’s remoter stretches, but are not recommended for first-timers.

For the hunter with a license, you can use the Green Swamp WMA, which spans three counties. There are 200 free daily quota permits issued at a check station.

The area is open on weekends, Wednesdays, and Sundays. If you’re looking for a place for overnight camping, there are a couple of options in Jackson County: Fitzhugh Carter WMA and Econfina Creek WMA.

Wrapping Up

If you love the outdoors and nature, you will love the Econfina river Florida fun. Get out there and enjoy a mini-adventure in Florida that has it all. The Econfina river is one of the best places for freshwater fishing, canoeing, and camping.

The Econfina River is a great place to spend the day!

The river’s rugged upper portion is home to local bank fishermen and small fishing boats. Saltwater fish species are plentiful in the shallow stretches near the state park’s boat ramp.

Power boats are not allowed to go downstream due to rocky shoals. So, you’ll need to find a way to paddle safely. The river also has abundant wildlife.

Spending a weekend getting away from all the insanity of the modern world and winding down on the Econfina River is a lot of people’s idea of fun.

Though not many people know where the Econfina River is, those who do can’t wait to get there again!

Book your stay at Econfina springs lodge and enjoy nature and the rivers of the Panhandle in Florida.

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