What happened with Margaritaville Key West?

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Margaritaville Key West was recently rebranded and renamed. The changes are still a work in progress as developers work on the final touches to complete the Margaritaville retouch.

According to Margaritaville resorts, the tourist destination will continue to operate as Barbary Beach House until September 2021. At the beginning of October 2021, the rebranded resort will be launched.

Some of the notable changes include the location, and a few services brought on to give the hotel a Margaritaville touch. Owned by Jimmy Buffet, the Margaritaville group of resorts has unique touches that make the restaurant a perfect destination for its lovers.

The property management has promised its clients an authentic Key west experience with the launch just a few days to go.


The new Margaritaville Beach House allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the sun’s rise. Such views offer a perfect opportunity for photography. The reflection of sun rays on pool waters also gives amazing views in the noon and evening as the sunsets.

The rebrand also saw additional recipes for seafood you’ll love to taste. The remotely located getaway gives you a chance to catch a break from the busy lifestyle you’re used to. That makes it a perfect place to go and relax with your family and friends.

The Shipwreck Museum is also close by. That means you can spend a day out and come back to rest in the evening. You’ll be treated to a memorable dinner as you watch the sunset.

The ongoing rebrand and rename will see the clients enjoy fine amenities while at the same time the resort is expected to gain profits. The strategic move to rebrand will surely disrupt the resort business in Key West considering Jimmy Buffet’s influence in the field.

Most resorts rebrand to stay competitive. When it comes to the hotel business, most clients want getaways that offer something new. And that is why they will not hesitate to try the latest hotels in town.

Margaritaville Key West’s move to rebrand was a tactical move to give its clients a new experience among other reasons known to the owner. As things unfold, time will tell whether they will achieve their objective.

Who Owns Margaritaville Key West?

Established in 1985, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is the registered company under which the Margaritaville group of hotels operates. The holding company is owned by Jimmy Buffet and has a 50% shareholding power while the other half is under Restaurants Coral Hospitality LLC.

The resort is one of the many resorts managed under Margaritaville Holdings LLC. The brand is a mixture of franchisees, subsidiaries, and partnerships. This business model ensures the company is a going concern and attracts big shots.

Born in 1946, Jimmy Buffet is a popular singer and actor. His business ideas have also seen him do well in the business world, not forgetting his success in writing. All these wins have seen him attract a fan base who are proudly called ‘parrotheads’.

James sang a popular song decades back titled Margaritaville. The song was so popular and continues to rank high in the list of songs of the century. Thanks to his business mind, he coined the brand name ‘Margaritaville’ from the popular song and is now making millions from the resorts.

The many resorts offering services under the Margaritaville tag have specific features making them unique just like KFC, JAVA, and other popular eateries.

The latest to join the bandwagon was the Barbery beach house. And now, as of October 2021, it will be referred to as the Margaritaville Beach House Key West.

Jimmy Buffet is believed to be worth $550 million. Most of his wealth has come from his great singing, writing, and businesses. He also co-owned the popular Cheeseburger in Paradise group of hotels.

The latter chain would later become defunct. However, Jimmy continued with his Margaritaville brand, and up to date is doing well.

Most of his businesses use the names of his song titles. This is a great move that has seen his businesses easily pick and make profits. What a businessman Jimmy is!

How Many Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville are there?

As I write this, there may be a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville coming up. That shows you how fast the brand is growing in numbers. It is believed there are 30-60 Margaritaville resorts and restaurants at the moment. Jimmy is really cashing out on his brand and that is why his company will not hesitate to start a franchise whenever an opportunity shows up.

Some of the lucky cities with Margaritaville include Atlantic city, Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Chicago, IL, Cleveland in Ohio, Trelawny, Jamaica, and Cozumel, Quintana Roo in Mexico.

That’s not all.

There are more Margaritaville locations. Destin, FL also has this high-end resort and now the popular Margaritaville Key West.
One may wonder why there are so many of these resorts.

Well, Jimmy has many fans the world over who are ready to buy anything from him. The brand is popular and will easily attract clients out to experience fun when out on holiday.

Being an excellent hotelier, the Margaritaville Holding company continues to open branches to meet the growing demand for its services.

You should keep in mind that Margaritaville hotels have unique and special services and amenities that keep their clients coming.

The rate at which Margaritaville resorts are coming up is proof that we will see more coming up soon. But, only time will tell how many more restaurants will come up.

Jimmy and his company insist Margaritaville is a state of mind. For that reason, they are willing to go to any extent just to make their fans enjoy the Margaritaville feeling from anywhere in the world.

According to reports, Jimmy makes about $2 billion yearly from his restaurants. With such an income, you expect him and his team to recreate more resorts as time goes by.

That means more income for his company, and their fans will have a Margaritaville resort close home.

Are dogs allowed at Margaritaville Key West?


Man and dog have a long history dating many years back. That is why most of us insist on carrying our dearest pets with us to all the places we go.

If Margaritaville Key West is your dream destination, and you want to carry your dog with you, do not worry. Because dogs are allowed at Margaritaville Key West.

But do not get overly excited yet.

Only dogs less than 30 lbs are allowed. And, you will have to pay a fee for that. Besides, if your dog is a certified service pet, he/she is allowed at Margaritaville Key West.

Not all dogs misbehave, but some do. That may be the reason you’ll pay the fees just as caution money – though non-refundable. But that should not be a problem.

Some destinations do not allow pets completely and that’s why Margaritaville Key West scores another point better than them.

You also want to tame your dog while here to avoid inconveniencing others. If you could put him/her on a leash, that would be good. Just like you would carry your dog with you, another client too would.

You want to avoid a scenario where your dogs attack or carelessly start barking at each other.

You also cannot bring as many dogs as you wish. There’s a limit! Only two dogs are allowed per room. Your dogs must also be well trained and should always be attended to.

The owner must always be in control of his/her dog.

These dog policies help avoid chaos in the area. Remember dogs can be cheeky sometimes. Therefore, they must be controlled and restricted to avoid any looming danger.

Some people fear dogs and maybe in the resort when you visit with yours. Restricting your pet keeps them relaxed. Besides, you won’t have problems with the management for reports of your dog misbehaving.

Key West Margaritaville Resort


The Key West Margaritaville resort has a lot on offer for its clients. Different room categories are offering amazing secret deals you surely don’t want to miss out on. The queen room caught my attention.

There’s a TV, guest toilet, wake-up service, and beautiful mirrors. One thing I love about mirrors is their ability to create space inside our rooms and make us feel better about ourselves.

Also available in the room is a radio, free toiletries, access by lift, and an electronic key card for your security.

There’s a standard one-bedroom queen suite that also excites. The room offers a safe deposit box, a private entrance, a refrigerator, a flat-screen TV, an iPod docking station, and many more amazing amenities.

The other advantage is the room’s location on the ground floor. That means differently-abled, the young ones, and old ones won’t have a problem accessing the room.

Another positive thing about having a room on the ground floor is the ease with which you move in and out of the room without having to get tired of using the lift. There’s also an alarm clock just in case you need to wake up early. Smoke detectors are also available as well as a fan, iron, pool towels, and the floor is carpeted too.

Or, you may want to check into the two-bedroom oceanfront king suite. This one too is a great place to be. It shares most of the features the standard one-bedroom queen suite has.

Additional features include an oceanfront, extra bedroom, patio, and is generally bigger. Such space is probably what you need if you have a bigger family.

The beautiful rooms are not everything. Additional amenities offered by the Key West Margaritaville resort include lawn games, adult and kid activities, and poolside refreshments that you get daily.

Airport pick-up and drop-off are also on offer. There is a pool bar and restaurant, beach, room service, and watersports. There is just so much on offer at the Key West Margaritaville resort!

I guess you must visit the restaurant to have a total experience.

Westin Key West Resort

According to Trip Advisor, the Westin Key West resort is situated near Duval Street and Mallory Square.

Built-in 1996, the resort has about 178 rooms. The establishment of this hotel happened just 7 years after the Margaritaville maiden hotel was launched in 1987.

The Western Key West resort is a 4-star hotel offering an amazing ocean view. It has a modern design and has been ranked 167 on the list of best Florida hotels by travelusnews.com.

Some of the amenities you’ll benefit from including Wi-Fi accessibility, TV, and coffee makers among others. Most of the online reviews point to one thing- amazing services!

When looking for a vacation destination, you want a place that will take you away from your usual activities. You also want a beautiful place with amazing views and a serene environment, where you and your loved ones will create memories. The Westin Key West Resort is just that place.

Not only will you enjoy the finger-licking meals, but you will also enjoy serenity and picturesque background that will never leave your memory. You can be sure to meet people like you also out to have fun. Expect visitors from all walks and races of life.

If you love making friends, this may be a golden opportunity to do so. You may learn a few foreign words may not have heard of before. The Westin Key West resort is one like no other.

But, in the future, you will be having the same experience, or even better, under a different name. The Margaritaville rebrand means now that Westin will have a new name. The fascinating thing is that the change comes with a better experience and more stunning amenities.

If you are planning to take your friends or family elsewhere for a vacation, think twice. You already know the best place to be in Florida. The Margaritaville Key west has all that you need. Your pet is allowed in, and you can come in as many as you wish.

Plan well for your vacation in Florida. Enjoy!

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