What is the Blue Grotto Florida?

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The Blue Grotto in Florida is a freshwater spring and cave open to the public near Williston, Florida. This private property charges an admission fee for visitors that are certified scuba divers only!

To dive into this gorgeous site you will require both Open Water Certification as well as Cave Diving Eligibility which can be obtained at any local diver certification center or through your association’s training programs offered online nowadays.

No matter what type of swimmer you are or want [to] Be – there’s something perfect waiting here underwater…it’s is a fascinating place where you can swim under the surface of the crystal clear waters or learn to dive with professionals.

Blue Grotto Florida should not be missing in your excursions!

One of the aspects that make this spot so charming is its 72-degree temperature that attracts tourists. The fresh and clear water welcomes you to this aquatic adventure that you won’t forget. Many websites specializing in tourism include it in their lists of places to visit.

What to see at the Blue Grotto Florida?

This tourist site is a paradise for divers of different levels, who can enjoy a great underwater experience. It offers several areas that are not to be missed during the itinerary. Start your tour in the large open water basin that has a depth of up to 40 feet.

There are also:

The large upper cavern (depth of 50 feet) and the lower cavern (depth of 100 feet). These areas are conditioned for divers of varying degrees of training. They have marine life such as fish or turtles and different attractive landscapes.

The site has a parking area, pavilions with picnic tables, a terrace overlooking the beautiful waters, and bathhouses. The official tourism corporation, VisitFlorida, has shown through audiovisual material how charming Florida’s Blue Grotto is inside.

Where to stay?

It is preferable to arrive a day early and spend the night to start the adventure the next day in the morning. At Blue Grotto Florida you can rent a cabin with double beds, bunk beds, or separate rooms. You are also allowed to camp and it is open every day.

How much does it cost to dive at Blue Grotto Florida?

Visiting this cavern is a good option because the entrance fees are affordable. At a low cost, you will enjoy an incredible day with friends, family, or as an individual. But how much does it cost to dive in this sinkhole full of clear water?

The approximate amounts according to the official website Blue Grotto Dive Resort are:

  • Admission day or night for divers: $48.00
  • Combined admission: $72.00
  • Admission for divers: $16.85
  • Non-Diver Admission: $5.35

Other fees
To dive this spring you will need to rent specialized equipment. According to the Blue Grotto Dive Resort website, mask, fins, mask, and wetsuit rentals range from $5 to $17. Each item is rented separately. In addition, you will need more tools such as:

  • Air tank, nitrox, and regulator system: $14.00 to $22.00.
  • Dive Computer: $22.47
  • Dive light: $9.10
  • Single tank air fill: $9.50
  • EAN32 single tank fill: $12.57
  • Total rental of all equipment: About $60.00
  • Total dive rental, entrance fee, and equipment: Approximately $100.00

What is it like to dive into Florida Blue Grotto?

florida blue grotto diving

Diving in this resort is an unforgettable, fascinating, and great experience. For this, there are expert divers who make a pleasant guide possible. The website My News 13 interviewed two of them, Kevin Tate and Toby Keith. Both have been teaching at this magnificent site for 10 years.

It is important, according to them, to constantly check the equipment so that there are no problems. During exploration, you can dive into an unknown and mind-blowing world.

New divers need help, but experienced divers can go as deep as 100 feet.

When you start, the first thing you should do is to verify the correct functioning of the tools. We advise you to secure the cylinders, the leash, and the tanks.

As you dive, take your time and be prepared to endure the cold water.

Is it possible to snorkel in Blue Grotto Florida?

Blue Grotto Florida is a true diving paradise. This incredible cave is certified by different organizations for divers, among them PADI, RAID, or SDI. But it is also possible to snorkel. In this case, there are options when there are not so many people and there is enough space.

We recommend, if you want to snorkel, to go during the week. This is another alternative for those who want to venture into the depths of these wonderful crystal clear waters. The site is also suitable for freediving, only with certified instructors.

Does the Blue Grotto allow solo diving?

You can dive solo, however, you must be accompanied by a certified diver. This can be your private instructor or one that belongs to the tourist site. As you progress you will see illumination, translucent water, precious stones, and an unforgettable natural environment.

Diving with instructor, family, or student

There are many other ways to dive in the Florida Blue Grotto. You can have fun with other students; spend a nice day with your family members or as an individual accompanied by a professional diver. On the official Facebook of Blue Grotto Dive Resort, they state that this site is safe for everyone equally.

If you want to dive with an instructor you must request it in advance. Then you have to watch a video where they explain different instructions. Then you have to fill out and sign a liability form. In addition, you have to make arrangements to meet the corresponding divers.

The process is similar if you want to go to this cave with students or have fun with family members. In all cases, it is necessary to make the rental and application in advance, which can be done online. We suggest you plan everything correctly so that you have a memorable diving activity.


Many users who have been to this dive center agree that it has excellent facilities. They say that every area is well taken care of with absolute cleanliness and they maintain correct care. They also point out that it is ideal to go with friends, partner, or family and make beautiful memories.

Local newspapers, such as the Orlando Sentinel, describe it as a charming place with deep, clear, and refreshing waters. The grotto also dazzles with its air bell which makes it possible for divers to communicate in the amazing waters.

We recommend you descend slowly down the stairs at the beginning of the route. Concentrate while you are getting ready for the dive. Observe the space and be aware of this pleasant moment. Don’t forget to take a look at Virgil, the turtle that lives in the cave, dive and enjoy every corner of this spring!

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