Mexican Restaurants in Quincy Florida

6 Fabulous Mexican Restaurants in Quincy Florida

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Hello Friend, Fajitas, tacos, burritos and so much more: Mexican restaurants in Quincy Florida are full of delicious food. One thing I love about Mexican cuisine is that there are always so many options to try.

My great taste for Mexican food has been taken to a whole new level since moving down to South Florida.

You might not know how to find one of these restaurants but if you did, you’d never want to look for another Mexican food spot in your life because the food is so amazing.

I couldn’t believe how quick you can get some good Mexican food.

When we were kids, my dad always told me that nothing good came fast, but that’s not true!

In this case, especially it is true. Getting Mexican food doesn’t have to take long.

Being a Mexican food enthusiast, I know how hard it is to find a great Mexican restaurant in Quincy Florida.

The best ones are all far away from my home.

Finding that perfect blend of spices and flavors is sometimes difficult to do.

I decided to put this list together of  Mexican Restaurants in Quincy Florida.

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1. Warhorse Whiskey Bar

There is nothing as refreshing as sipping a pickle martini or the tasty Tallahassee version of mint julep in the summer heat in this spacious, informal joint located in Tallahassee, Florida.

The warhorse Whiskey Bar is found between Florida State University and Florida A & M University and serves both the locals and several graduate students within the neighborhood.

Staying true to its name, the restaurant has over 170 varieties of whiskey lining the shelves, plus subsets of bourbon, scotch, and rye to keep the locals flocking.

And if whiskey is not your thing, the bar has a stock of creatively mixed cocktails like Tequila Gimlets.

The bar is connected to Gaines Street Pies, where pizza, calzones, salads and desserts are available to the bar patrons.

Happy hour is every weekday from 4 pm to 7 pm with a menu of drinks between $2 and $5.

Though the atmosphere is usually calm, things heat up on Thursdays with trivia night. The restaurant is open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 2 am.

This spot has been a favorite among locals since its opening in 2015.

2. Las Delicias

Discover a world of flavors at this restaurant that serves classic Mexican dishes with Southern-style hospitality. Las Delicias is situated on 1123 W Jefferson Street in Quincy, Florida.

The restaurant does have parking if you decide to take your car with you. Las Delicias accepts credit cards.

Although the restaurant does not have outdoor seating, it is wheelchair accessible.

Las Delicias
Photo Credit: Geoff Peters

Customers can dine in and enjoy the best Mahi tacos in Florida or order takeaway, although there are no delivery services.

The food is made from fresh ingredients that have been carefully selected.

In addition, they have tacos, nachos, tortillas, steak, guacamole, fish, and soup.

You can share perfectly cooked shrimp tacos with your friends and have a nice time. The restaurant is closed on Monday and Wednesday.

Their menu does not feature alcoholic drinks, but the food is delicious.

3. Taqueria Miranda

This is a hidden gem in the small town of Quincy, barely escaping the bustling racket of the college town, Tallahassee, just 30 minutes away.

Taqueria Miranda is found on 18870 Blue Star Highway in Quincy, Florida.

With great food and service, the restaurant has served locals authentic Mexican food and kept them returning for more.

The parking options include nearby street parking. The restaurant is a good choice for family meals with a variety of options on the menu that will serve even the pickiest of eaters.

Taqueria Miranda is a food truck with a closed-in eating area.

Restaurants in Quincy Florida Taqueria Miranda

The restaurant also has outdoor seating under a tent and is a perfect spot to hang out with friends and family for a meal.

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4. Laredo Grill

Laredo Grill promises great affordable food with large portions.

This restaurant is located in Historic District on 6765 Ben Bostick Road in Quincy, Florida. Laredo is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm and the rest of the days from 11 am to 9 pm.

The nearby attractions are the Gadsen Arts Center and Museum and St Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Laredo Grill
Photo Credit: William Klos

Customers can visit after a day of shooting tee shots at Quincy Golf Club, and showgoers can stop by after a show at the Quincy Musical Theatre.

The restaurant offers dine-in and takeaway services, although there are no delivery services.

This restaurant boasts scrumptious Mexican cuisine like perfectly cooked prawns, fajitas, and Tacos al Pastor that you can wash down with good margaritas or delicious draft beer.

It might be nice to even pop in and enjoy some tea. Laredo does have outdoor seating and is also wheelchair accessible.

Moreover, the restaurant offers parking plus flat-screen TVs strategically placed to offer the best view while you support your favorite teams or catch up with the news.

Credit cards are accepted as means of payment. The staff and ambiance are very good. Happy dining!

5. El Torero Restaurant

El Torero has one simple goal: serving delicious Mexican food while providing exceptional service.

The restaurant is located at 1203 W Crawford Street in Quincy, Florida, and offers dine-in and take-out services.

If you want comfort food or to grab a quick bite, this is the spot for you.

El Torero Restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 8 pm and from 9 am to 8 pm on the weekends. El Torero serves highly rated margaritas if you want a drink to accompany your meal.

There is no need to make a reservation to dine at this restaurant.

The restaurant is wheelchair and heartily welcomes its furry patrons. Credit cards are accepted as means of payment.

6. La Michoacana Tortillaria

If you are hungry for a snack, this is the best spot. La Michoacana tortillaria is a wonderful Mexican-themed restaurant found on 610 W Jefferson Street in Quincy, Florida, just west of Key Street.

Here, customers can pop in for not just ice cream but also tasty plates of nachos.

La Michoacana Tortillaria

The ice cream is homemade and delicious; you can also add toppings.

They also sell large popsicles in flavors like the classic strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate or more unique ones like birthday cake, coconut, and tamarind if you are adventurous.

La Michoacana also has Mexican baked goods perfect for any sweet tooth, plus cups of freshly cut tropical fruit.

Operating hours are on Monday and Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 9:30 pm. However, la Michoacana only offers takeaway services.

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In Conclusion

The Mexican restaurants in Quincy Florida are great for anyone who wants to try Mexican food.

The food is delicious and affordable, whether you’re with a group of friends or by yourself.

These restaurants could probably coach you through how to use chopsticks successfully.

Quenching your thirst here is easy because you can always find soda, beer, wine, or a margarita. It doesn’t matter what you order; the staff always says “thank you” after every meal.

Mexican Restaurants in Quincy Florida have been around since the 1890s.

Some of these local restaurants have been family owned and operated for three or more generations.

You can find some great options to dine at while traveling through the area or living there all year long.

I hope this article has helped you to find the best Mexican restaurant in Quincy Florida.

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