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10 Interesting Things to Come Out of Naples Florida County

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Naples Florida County has more than 20,000 people and is an ideal vacation destination for those who love nature, culture, and history.

There are many beautiful natural beauty spots in this city that you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S.

You will find a balance between urban life and nature at Naples, with plenty of outdoor activities available to everyone who wants to explore their senses.

The weather is generally nice year-round at this coast-facing city, but sometimes there are heavy rains or thunderstorms that can make it challenging for visitors who want to see all they can from one spot.

1. Naples Florida County is full of 55+ communities, Old Money and Gated Communities

This city where your Homeowner’s Association fees cost more than most people’s mortgages. There are also community bingo centers.

All of this is seamlessly integrated with a sub-tropical paradise, which has seen a surge in commercialism in the past 20 years.

Although Naples is still a classy place, it draws a lot of older people. Bars like Yabba’s challenge that, with DJs, laser lights, and an elegant younger crowd.

Naples offers a wealth of activities for everyone, from the downtown bar-hopper to the foodie to the socialite to the boater to the fisherman, the boater to the angler, the bird-hugger, artist, musician, golfer, and the hedonist.

You can live a life full of pleasure when you’re surrounded by palm trees and the perfect weather for six months of the year.

If we take a peek through the social media platforms queries, we will come to know that most people are confused about whether Naples falls in Leo or Collier county.

The answer mentioned above will surely satisfy their cravings for this information. Collier county is situated in southwestern Florida on the Gulf of Mexico at 35 miles from Fort Myers.

2. What county is Naples, Florida in?

Knowing everything, especially about the details of the city you live in or want to travel to or move to, has great importance.

In the modern world, people are so busy that they do not have the time to look into the details that are concerned with their lives.

Such as most people do not even know the names of the counties of the cities they are residing in. This lack of knowledge will surely make you suffer embracement one day.

Thus, if we talk about one of the most beautiful states of the USA, Florida, then many are not acquainted with the county’s name.

So, it might surprise you that Naples, Florida, is categorized in Collier county.

3. What is Naples, Florida, known for?

What is Naples Florida known for
Photo Credit: Ebyabe

Naples is located on the South West tip of Florida. It’s as far South as you can get without being totally inundated by the Everglades.

From the North East, I am constantly impressed by the beauty and grace of the birds and fish that are seen daily.

It’s rare to see an osprey or egret in your backyard. It’s something I have seen so many times that I could write a book about the feeding habits of South West Florida birds.

I was astonished by the beauty of the area and the wildlife that inspired me to move there.

I was able to enjoy it for over a year and realized how unique this place is, even if you are not a typical American. If you the outdoors, there is no better place than Naples. Naples, FL is the place to be.

Here’s why

  • Fishing in Naples

Naples and the surrounding areas are home to some of most impressive and prized fish in the world. You can find everything from snook to redfish to tarpon to bass, redfish, catfish, and even large shark species.

There are many options. You can either sit down on the dock by your home and catch bass (there is always one nearby), or you can take a boat up to Boca Grande to land a 200lb Tarpon.

On Sanibel Island’s sun-kissed evening beaches, you can pull in an 8-foot hammerhead and watch an amazing sunset.

Or, kayak through the 10,000 islands of gator country.

  • Camping

Are you looking to camp in Naples? 

Choose your time wisely. 

Each year thousands of people travel to Florida to camp in this area. Inexperienced campers swear to never camp again every year. 

It is different camping in Naples and the surrounding area, especially during the Florida summer. Understanding why is important. Humans weren’t meant to live in South West Florida.

Naples was a terrible place before civilization.

The region was dominated by mosquitoes the size of your hand, Noseeums, blister beetles, and feral hogs.

There were only swamps, mud, and bugs in the area, as well as animals that would take anything you gave them.

Some visionary developers realized that it could become a paradise with a little bit of building up, cutting back, and spraying bug spray.

Crop-dusting planes now drop thousands of pounds annually of insecticide.

Development has driven all those snarky critters from their homes into The Everglades (and select campsites) and made it nearly impossible for them to survive.

All of these things are still possible, provided you choose the right campsite at the right time of the year.

You might be asking yourself why I am telling you this to convince you that Naples is the perfect place for campers.

It is. 

You can find many places for RVers and fair-weather campers all year.

rving and camping in Naples County Florida

There are also campsites available for “Survivorman” and more rugged types.

You can pitch a tent on the beach or bury yourself in The Everglades for a more authentic experience.

Both have been my experiences. I’ve camped in my car next to the water and enjoyed a wonderful “outdoors” experience complete with a warm shower and bathroom.

I have also paddled the 8-mile kayak trip to Cayo Costa against the current and uphill both ways.

This was followed by a weekend of severe sunburn, blood loss due to mosquitoes and skin burning from beetles whose saliva is so toxic that it makes your skin boil.

A late-night rainstorm that chased the no-seems into our tent, along with a snack, made it a “Real Florida” experience.

Ask me which one I prefer.

Hint: I don’t have nicknames such as Bear, Hunter, or Survivorman.

It is important to note that there are many campsites within a short distance of any camper.

  • Golfing

Who doesn’t love golf?


Oh. You would have discovered another paradise if you did.

Naples has some of the most luxurious, expensive, and beautiful golf courses in the nation.

Deep white bunkers, high swaying palms, and expansive water hazards that weave through the course like a spreading epidemic, combined with lush green grass, make it easy to forget about cutting your tee shot off 5 from the roof of a condo.

There are many WCI courses just a two-iron’s distance from Greg Norman, including the Naples Beach Club.

There are hundreds of courses all over the map, from Everglades City and Punta Gorda.

Championship golf is not in short supply.

Are you worried about spending all your savings on just a few rounds? 

You can wait until the summer when everything in South West Florida is much cheaper.

  • Boating

Ah, yes, the floating vehicle in which all your extra income is deposited. Why would you spend that much money elsewhere than here? 

Naples is home to some of the most beautiful waterways in the world.

boating in Naples County Florida

There are plenty of places to explore, as well as open water to cruise.

You can travel north and south on a boat through the calm Gulf of Mexico, and discover some of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches in America.

The Naples area has a wealth of rivers, canals, and estuaries that can be explored with family and friends.

You can combine almost any of these activities with boating.

You can also just go boating because you like it.

Naples has the best boating, no matter what size you are, whether you’re looking for an inflatable dinghy to a luxury yacht of 75 feet.

The best part is, of course, that your boat can be used in Naples throughout the year.

The water is rarely below 65 degrees and the air is always 78°F from October through May.

What about June through September? 

To cool off from the scorching summer heat, you’ll want even more to get on the boat.

You don’t want to be responsible for your boat. You can rent one for a few hours at very affordable prices, or you can join one of the dozen local boat clubs.

You can always find a better way to Naples, provided you are willing to pay.

  • Beaches

Beautiful people, turquoise water and white sand. Or, weekends in SW Florida!

All of this is possible from Naples. The beaches of Southern Naples are touristy and reflect the average age of the residents.

However, North Naples and the surrounding areas offer relief from the crowds.

You can travel north along Hickory Boulevard to find more beautiful gulf beaches.

This will take you to Ft. Myers Beach where younger people gather in the middle of a seafront bar and shops.

Continue north to Sanibel or Captiva. These are world-famous for their shelling, and their white sand beaches.

Everyone can find a beach in Naples or nearby, provided they know where to look.

  • The most important selling point of Naples Florida County

Naples is a fraction of the cost of living in Miami, New York, L.A., or other major coastal cities.

You won’t see your friends getting waxed or botoxed after spending their last paycheck on rent at the bar.

Naples is for people who have decided to get away from the city and live in the country and enjoy the beaches, the weather, and the beauty of Mother Nature.

There are thousands of cities worldwide, and this number may reach millions. Still, if we start categorizing them, people will witness that every city is different from the other one.

4. Geography and tourism attraction

If we talk about Naples, then in terms of geography, it is famous for being perched on the famous Gulf of Mexico and being a part of Collier county.

But the specialty of this place is not limited to this factor only.

We are well aware that millions of tourists visit the different attractions in Florida every year.

Therefore, the state also observes some protocols for tourism enhancement.

Geography and tourism attraction
Photo Credit: Ebyabe

5. High-end shopping malls

The details help us in examining that Naples is known for having some of the most high-end shopping malls equipped with the essence of world-class culture and sophisticated dining.

Millions of people visit these malls. Another specialty of Naples is that families worldwide find it the most economical family destination.

Thus, those who feed on the scenic roads and natural sceneries should shoot for Naples.

6. Is Naples expensive?

Many factors and facts are observed once a person has made up his or her mind to visit or move to a particular place.

Among these factors, the most important one is the affordability of that place. People want to know whether the place they are going to offers economical living conditions or not.

Thus, if we talk about our city in question, Naples Florida County, we will come to know that Naples is rather expensive than most cities in the country.

All the American cities have a certain economic impact, and Naples can be ranked among some of the most expensive places in the country.

The expensive Naples

If we talk about the people in love with outdoor activities and want to live in a city full of life and entertainment options, then the only place that can be ranked as perfect for you is Naples.

Because here you will be offered an enjoyable lifestyle.

If we refer to US News and World Report, we will know that due to its quality of life, Naples, Florida County Collier is categorized as one of “10 Pricey cities that pay off”.

7. Are there alligators in Naples, Florida?

We all are well aware of the fact that Florida is a state that is surrounded by water.

Numerous beaches attract millions of tourists from across the globe.

Although living near the waters has its perks, there are some negative impacts too that only a few are aware of.

If we look at the available details, we will come to know that the near water areas are always known to have predators such as snakes and alligators.

8. Alligators in Naples

The alligators in Naples

Many want to know that, like other natural attractions of Florida, the alligators are present in Naples. So, let us tell you that alligators are present in different outdoor places.

If you plan to visit some of these attractions, you will surely come across alligators, especially in southwest Florida’s natural sceneries.

9. Does Naples have hurricanes?

Although living on the watersides have its advantages, on the other hand, there are some negative impacts too.

Thus, it is of the utmost importance that a person is well acquainted with all the details regarding the vulnerabilities of any place.

Thus, if we take a look, we will know that Naples is situated in Southern Florida on the gulf coast.

The vulnerability

Thus, the risks of Naples experiencing hurricanes are extremely higher. The vulnerability of the metro areas regarding flooding is higher than all.

Also, more than 2,00,000 residential properties are at the risk of getting affected by the hurricanes, thus causing a total replacement cost of $44.5 billion.

These numbers are very higher; thus, we can say that Naples can be categorized as one of the most vulnerable cities to hurricanes in the USA.

10. Are there Pythons in Naples?

phython snakes in Naples County Florida

Reptiles have always been the category of animals that have caused fear in the heart of mankind.

Especially if we talk about the snakes, they are the deadliest ones.

Thus, it is of the utmost importance that the general public is made aware that there are pythons present in Naples.

Burmese python event

The Naples, Florida county Collier has some events regarding this fact. Also, according to the available details, it is evident that a 185-pound Burmese python was captured in Naples.

This is proof enough to make the general public believe that pythons have inhabited Naples, which is recorded to be the heaviest one caught in the Naples Florida County Collier.

Areas to find pythons

Now many would like to know more about the fact that in which areas of the state Pythons are resent in an increased number.

So below, we have enlisted the names of all of these places for the enhancement of your knowledge;

In Conclusion

Forget the conventional wisdom you believed you knew about Naples. Naples and SW Florida are a gateway to all that anyone wants.

This small area of the world is home to some amazing activities such as boating, fishing, golf, the great outdoors and more.

Get your slice of paradise before everyone else does!

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