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Florida High School Hockey: Another Plane of Existence

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High school ice hockey teams in Florida?! Now that’s a tough sell. I mean, sure, we’ve got the Orlando Magic and the Tampa Bay Lightning, but Florida high school hockey just doesn’t seem like it would fit in with our Sunshine State persona. And yet, there are actually a few high schools in Florida that do have ice hockey teams.

While Florida is known for its giant orange, Disney World, and the beach, it has a rich diversity of sports and cultures. Regardless of which team you support, Florida has something for you.

In a state renowned for its sunny beaches and balmy weather, you might not expect to find ice hockey teams in high schools. But in Florida, there are actually several schools that have competitive hockey teams. 

The only way for players to showcase their skills to scouts is through high schools, prep schools, and travel programs.

Since 1992, hockey has been an integral part of Florida. The Tampa Bay Lightning was made an NHL team. In 1993, the Florida Panthers became an NHL team.

Since then, hockey has been a very well-known sport in Florida, the most southern state in the United States.

The only way for players to showcase their skills to scouts is through high schools, prep schools, and travel programs.

How many high school hockey teams are in Florida?

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In Florida, 18 high schools currently have ice hockey teams.

They are spread across six counties. However, ice hockey is not officially recognized. This means that it is not an official sport for high schools, but it is played in many high schools.


Do High Schools Have Ice Hockey TeamsIn addition to public high schools, there are private boarding schools. This can make the sport more difficult to get, as they cannot play the game on public ice.

One of the most popular high school ice hockey leagues in the state is the Florida Panthers Scholastic Hockey League. Founded in 2013, this league features varsity teams from six counties in Florida and holds playoffs.

The league takes over operations from the Florida High School Hockey Association, which ceded its authority to the Lightning. The teams are usually led by former NHL players. The Lightning will help high school hockey grow throughout the state.

The state has a large amateur hockey league. The South Florida Hockey League (SFHL) has over 500 players on its 40 teams. This league is run by the State Amateur Hockey of Florida (SAHOF).

The University of Florida’s hockey team plays in the American Collegiate Hockey Association and is a member of the SEC Hockey Conference. It is a prestigious sport that attracts many young people.

The state also has an amateur ice hockey league.

The Florida High School Athletic Association was founded in 1920, with the goal of providing high school hockey teams with the best possible opportunities to excel in their sport.

With the SFHL‘s help, student-athletes can access the best college coaches and teams, while increasing their chances of a partially subsidized education.

You can also apply for one of the NCSA Florida Men’s ice hockey athletic scholarships. By doing so, you can become a member of the National Ice Hockey Association, which will help you in your quest for higher education.

The PBSHL is a 10-game season, including a four-team playoff, a season-ending barbecue, and three pre-season practices. The league started with Pearlman mailing flyers to students.

Six families were able to raise enough funds to build an ice rink, and the other rink was flooded so students could practice ice hockey. With this much money, you’d think there would be a team in every Florida high school.

Mitchell High School in Tampa is a good example of a high-level team. The team finished the regular season atop its Lightning High School Hockey League.

It also won the state tournament for the fifth time. In 2016, the team went on to win the national championship. There is a growing interest in high school hockey in Tampa Bay.

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Is There Kids Hockey in Florida?

The state of Florida has a number of programs for kids interested in playing hockey. The  SouthFlorida Hockey Academy is one such program.

It is designed for talented young players from Florida and provides an opportunity to continue their development at the highest levels.

The Youth Program allows kids to play in a fully-organized, competitive team setting while living in the same city as the team. It also provides access to professional coaching and exposure at the highest level.

The Florida Panthers offer a Learn to Play program that includes six weeks of on-ice training and custom-fitted hockey equipment.

It is an age-appropriate program, which utilizes the American Development Model and the Long Term Athlete Development structure.

Is Hockey Popular in Florida?

Hockey is popular in Florida, and most players begin their careers in high school. After graduating from high school, they go on to college and continue their hockey careers. This helps to speed up their growth and maintain the team’s numbers.

The sport’s popularity in Florida has grown considerably over the years.

Although hockey is popular in Florida, the lack of exposure to professional hockey in the state has meant that the players in the state have not had much of a chance to impress scouts and other potential employers.

Fortunately, Florida’s teams have top-notch training facilities and coaches, and this can help them to grow quickly.

Is Hockey Growing in Florida?

College hockey teams in Florida have a growing presence.

Ice Hockey

While there are not many NHL scouts scouring college club rosters, there are a number of junior showcase events held in area schools.

One of these events even attracted an owner of an NHL team who came to watch his son play hockey.

Additionally, Gordie Zimmermann’s facility celebrated the graduation of 15 players from the Global Prospects Academy, a program that combines elite training with an academic curriculum.

In addition to professional teams, Florida has several junior hockey teams that play in the USPHL.

These teams are sending more players to college ranks than ever before. Before, committing to a college hockey program was a rare feat. But now, the junior hockey programs provide players with top-notch facilities and coaching staff.

In addition, women are becoming increasingly interested in the sport.

In 2003, the Florida Women’s Hockey League was formed.

Today, there are more than a dozen women’s hockey teams throughout Florida. The league also hosts tournaments and events for female players. A recent report noted that more women than ever are taking up the game.

While the NHL has 29 ice rinks, Florida has 2 for their professional team.  Despite these problems, the Panthers have made tremendous strides in ticket sales.

Ticket sales increased during the playoffs, despite their struggles to reach the postseason. The playoffs are the gateway to hockey in Florida, which has historically had a difficult time reaching the postseason. This is good news for fans and players alike.

Are Hockey Academies Worth It?

Hockey academies have a variety of advantages. Often, these institutions place an emphasis on hockey and provide players with pristine facilities.

Are Hockey Academies Worth It?

They also give players exposure to other players at the professional level, which can enhance their game.

Whether you are considering joining one of these hockey institutions, there are a few things you should know about them.

  • First, is the cost.

Depending on the program, hockey academies can cost thousands of dollars.

Many lower-income families are unable to afford them.

  • Another drawback is the lack of diversity.

A lack of diversity can be detrimental to a student’s social life, as well as negatively impacting their hockey skills.

In recent years, costs have increased. The average American family spends 693 dollars per year for one child’s participation in one sport, and another 2,583 on hockey equipment.

A year of AAA hockey can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on location. This includes travel costs and ice time.

Hockey academies are known to produce players who are able to compete at the professional level. Some of the most notable players who have attended hockey academies have gone on to play in the NHL.

Their coaches have a proven track record in the sport. They have high standards and will help players develop their hockey skills.

Achieving the NHL dream has never been more expensive or risky.

There is a huge industry behind it, and anyone can market themselves as a “skills coach” or another type of hockey academy.

Parents are willing to spend thousands of dollars to have their kids learn the necessary skills.

Hockey academies help develop players and train trainers.

Some provide on-ice instruction from current and ex-professional players, college junior players, and even coaches.

Some programs offer weekly prize draws and encourage players to keep up with their training. They also have an online tracker and offer training materials.

In addition to being a fun, family-friendly activity, hockey builds important character and skills.

It teaches personal responsibility and encourages teamwork.

In Conclusion

Hockey in Florida is a thing!

And it’s a pretty cool thing, at that!

Florida High School Hockey has shown great resilience and sportsmanship.

The hockey players of Florida have worked hard to get where they are and should be applauded for their efforts.

Despite the challenges they have faced, they have persevered and come out stronger.

They are an inspiration to us all and we wish them continued success in the future.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spend an evening, why not check out a hockey game?

You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

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