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Camping Blankets

Get Out Gear Down Camping Blanket Tired of the heavy jackets weighing you down? Not feeling your best while wearing those jackets? Yes? This Camping Blanket is the answer to all your problems. Weighing only just a pound, it is …

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Stone Crabs Miami

Can you catch stone crabs in Miami? Fishers comb Miami’s shoals just below the low tide line for the tiny brown crabs beginning in October. Claws are removed from the crab, which is then released to the sea in the …

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Dixie County, Florida

Where in Florida is Dixie County? Dixie County, Florida’s 59th County established in 1921, was created from Lafayette County. You may have skirted its borders with its location about 50 miles west of Gainesville. Most counties usually have a city …

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Mayo, Florida

What is Mayo Florida known for? Mayo was named after James Mayo, a confederate colonel. Regardless, the laid-back town is popular for being Kerwin Bell’s hometown. Bell defied all odds to become one of the best footballers in the area. …

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